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Miley's New Music Video -- To Be Expected

10/8/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After baring her back in Vanity Fair, dancing on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, grinding on her adult male director, simulating a girl-on-girl kiss on "Britain's Got Talent," and showing up barely dressed to the MuchMusic Video Awards ... 17-year-old Miley Cyrus still managed to shock people with her racy new video, "Who Owns My Heart."

Miley Cyrus New Video.

Why is anyone surprised?


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She really has sank to a new low. This girl is such a skank. It really is disappointing. Why are her parents letting her act like this??? She is not even 18. She is the worst role model ever

1441 days ago


Big whoop, this is nothing, just a young pretty girl dancing around, with a couple of clips of her in her underwear. I see less clothing at the beach. I just want to know why all the young women singers feel the need to writhe around on the dance floor and pretend to dance sexy to get attention. Madonna did it first, but with style. This looks like a bunch of kids faking sexy, where are the good music video producers?

1441 days ago


That is music, singing ? Was more like musics version of photo shop. Audio shop, maybe ? She really cant sing all that well. Terrible stuff : (

1441 days ago


You people are rediculous. That video was amazing. She's an extremely talented girl. Go put your flannel nighties on and grab your bible it's past your bed time.

1441 days ago


Im so glad my 6 yr old is not into the hannah montana crap. How dissapointing. There is a way to look sexy but classy... that was just trash... not to mention the song blew!

1441 days ago


She's trying way too hard to "prove" she's an adult, which is a sure sign of immaturity. Too bad, she has some real talent and doesn't need to veer toward porn to use it. Public ultrasexual behavior doesn't make a person an "adult" anyway. Would make more sense to focus on maturing in her craft and to keep her clothes on. Once upon a time, she knew that was a better idea, and she mentioned her mother advising her to dress "modestly" (although she didn't use that word) in an interview a couple of years ago, and that this wasn't a real constraint on looking good. And she was following that advice at the time, and looked more interesting as a result. Clothing provides much more room for creativity, when you think about it. There's only one way to show a body part, but many different ways to cover it up.

At the same time, Miley seems genuinely concerned about the creepiness of having paps following her around all the time - strange men that she doesn't know, as she herself put it recently. Apparently she hasn't figured out that there may be a connection. Men can be creepy strange no matter how you dress while walking down the street, as most women can testify from personal experience, but certainly this kind of very public thing is going to cause more such problems for her. She may be enlarging her adult audience in the wrong direction.... just more guys in raincoats. You would think at least her dad would recognize that this would be a problem, since he's the target gender for such manipulation.

It's especially dumb to do this kind of thing while the Hannah Montana show is still running new episodes on Disney Channel. Usually Disney only does 3 years, they allowed a 4th year (although it's not all that great, the best years were the first one or two). Obviously it would cut into tie-in sales and the audience for that show - parents do have veto power, and if they decide she's too much of a problem, they will turn off the tv and stop buying all the related stuff. It will be interesting to see if there is an impact on such sales for this Christmas season in particular. Does she have any advisers at all?

1441 days ago


I think she has a lot more to worry about... She looks outta place and like everything she is doing is off. She doesn't seem to flow. plus some of the stuff she did wear was a mess. what was that thing on her head?

1441 days ago

Julie B    

First of all, Shes a teenager who is trying new things. Don't act like none of you people have been there! Britney spears and Christina Aguilera were in the same situation. If anything, Blame the parents. Why would you want your kids to look up to someone on tv? They should look up to the parents, isn't that their job? I mean don't blame miley cyrus for changing, we all have to grow up sometimes. this isn't a disney story like Peter Pan. She will be 18 next year and what? leave the girl alone, blame the parents. they are really stupid. If you think shes bad, ask what teenagers in middle school and high school are doing, i bet you will keep your mouth shut after that. even better, ask your kids.

1441 days ago


I didn't really think the video was that bad. She can't sing worth a lick and she's not even that pretty, but she's trying to do what every other "pop goddess" has done in the passed 10 years. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera did the exact same thing whenever they were her age and people are acting like it's never been done before. Remember that Britney and Christina were both on The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? This was a kid's show. Why is Hannah Montana any different? Is it sad?...absolutely. Does the fact that the vast majority of people think this actually matter?...of course not. Bad publicity is still publicity and therefore she will still (somehow) sell records and make money. I'm just glad that I don't have daughters...

1441 days ago


I don't understand why people are getting so upset over this. Miley is 17 and soon to be 18. She is growing up. She has fulfilled her contract to the Disney Channel. True, there are new episodes being run, but as I understand it, they were something like a year ago and Hannah Montana IS in fact ending. I control what my daughter watches on TV, and I explain to her why I won't allow her to watch some shows or why I refuse to buy her certain products. I explained to her that Hannah Montana is not a real person, but Miley Cyrus is a real person. Hannah Montana is a character in a TV show and that TV show is coming to an end. I also explained to her that Miley is growing up and maybe not making choices that most of us want to see her making, but they are HER choices to make. I look at this as a teaching moment for my little girl. I will still allow her to watch Hannah Montana if she chooses to, because Hannah Montana has nothing to do with Miley Cyrus the person. Just because Miley is playing the character does not mean that she has to be just like Hannah Montana in real life and that is what I have explained to my daughter. I have also shown her other girls on TV shows who have not yet made the same choices Miley did. Girls like iCarly's Miranda Cosgrove and other Disney girls such as Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez...but remember is our job as parents to point our children in the right direction and to teach them what is bad or good about this situation. All of the personal attacks on Miley and her family are unwarranted. They are just cyber-bullying.

1441 days ago


If my 17 year old daughter left the house dressed like that and grinding up on a bunch of strangers and called it "dancing", she'd be 35 before she ever left the house again.

1441 days ago


Well, the song sucks so how else is Miely going to sell herself?

1441 days ago

Ha ha ha    

I think she looks like a child trying to act sexy... I find it rather amusing..

1441 days ago


Oh, please. Nobody remembers what Brittany Spears looked like in her videos when she was underage? This barely even borders on provocative. Of course, I grew up with Madonna and her cone boobs and riding whips and such... but really, this is nothing. I've seen seventeen-year-olds dressed far worse than this walking around at the mall.

1441 days ago


Is everybody retarded.....She is getting older and exploring her, music, and her sexuality....we all do it..she was on the disney channel and now she is older...get over and stop judging her just bc she is in the lime light.

1441 days ago
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