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Miley's New Music Video -- To Be Expected

10/8/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After baring her back in Vanity Fair, dancing on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, grinding on her adult male director, simulating a girl-on-girl kiss on "Britain's Got Talent," and showing up barely dressed to the MuchMusic Video Awards ... 17-year-old Miley Cyrus still managed to shock people with her racy new video, "Who Owns My Heart."

Miley Cyrus New Video.

Why is anyone surprised?


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Pretty said that a girl of 17 needs to further her career by showing off her body, her voice isnt that great, so I guess what ever she and her parents deem necessary in order to sell her to the public, I guess she should be in playboy next.

1425 days ago

Jack Bean    

I think she is trying to either depict being gay/Bisexual or providing a pre-coming out video so that it wont be a shock when she finally announces it or it is eventually discovered. The song is horrible and the video is even more so and very stupid...but if you will note at about 3:08 it looks like she kisses a girl, she may not...but it looks like it and at 3:23 she is dancing extremely close to another girl and it almost looks like they are about to kiss and at about the 3:26 mark while she is singing who owns my heart it over dubs with, "she owns my heart" and you will notice also that she is facing two girls and one is caressing the other while looking at Miley amorously and right at about 3:27 she is basically rear-ending the girl she is dancing with. Needless to say I only see guys do that to girls they either are romanticly involved with or want to be. And she is dancing with these girls like a guy would through out the whole video you only see a couple cameo male appearances and they are short and cut quickly. Not only that the song is basically saying that she is confused about who owns her heart because with the way a body is moving to the music has her confused. Which to me is saying that the chics she is dancing with is getting her heated and she is confused about whether or not if she should get with one of them. Shes Gay.

1419 days ago

Reggie es Me    

Just wait and see how she celebrates her birthday. Can't wait to hear her father's response to that.

"She's just actin' like a young girl should. Takin naked pictures in her room with Perez Hilton and her boyfriend and posting them on the internet while high is just somethin that teenagers do."

1417 days ago

keanu Korkor    


1400 days ago


Just because she's legally an adult now, doesn't mean she should be putting herself out there like this. Plenty of little girls still look up to her since she was Hannah Montana, and she turns into more and more of a skank every day. She can bitch and whine about not having her freedom, or whatever, but she needs to grow a pair and accept that she'll always be "Hannah Montana" to millions of people and that this is the price she's paying for shoving herself in our faces when she honestly has no talent. That's desperation for you.

1375 days ago


miley is one of the biggest whores besides britney think I used to worship her she's a manipulative whore

1371 days ago


i grew up as a Hannah Montana fan but the world cannot expect for Miley to stay that eleven year old girl that she was. She is growing up into a adult, and it is expected for he behavior to get more provacitive, granted that does not mean she should just full out make sex tapes or reveal areas of her body that should be covered. As people grown old their actions become more and more adult like, and behaviors change, every one does it, we could sit here and deny it until our teeth fall out but we do. People just need to except that she is trying to break away from the image as a little girl, she wants people to notice her for her not for what her old show was.

1306 days ago


Heeyy GuSyy I lOvE mIleY tHIss Overr AND stop mIley IS star for me one star FUu Justin gaYY I LOVE MILEY AND CODY SIMSON DAMY LOVATO AND SALLY GOMEZZ

967 days ago


Lesbian, Bi, what, why all the hype over Miley doing a video with extreme bi/les overtones????? billions of people are Gay, Lesbain, Bisexual...why should you treat her any different..oh that's right she is a celeb..GET OVER IT!!!!...SHE IS STILL A REAL PERSON WITH A REAL LIFE AND REAL FEELINGS OUTSIDE THE SPOTLIGHT

905 days ago
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