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Miley's New Music Video -- To Be Expected

10/8/2010 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After baring her back in Vanity Fair, dancing on a stripper pole at the Teen Choice Awards, grinding on her adult male director, simulating a girl-on-girl kiss on "Britain's Got Talent," and showing up barely dressed to the MuchMusic Video Awards ... 17-year-old Miley Cyrus still managed to shock people with her racy new video, "Who Owns My Heart."

Miley Cyrus New Video.

Why is anyone surprised?


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there is nothing wrong with her video.. im not her fan in anyway . but i do like this song. not bad.. look people she is growing up.. she has made so much money because her father made sure she got the biggest cut of everything she did . she could pay to back what ever she wanted. she dont need to kiss any ones rear end because she has her own money.. of all the things she has done this one is my favorite

1444 days ago


this is no different then what britt or christina did to get people to stop thinking of them as kids. itll go away in a year or so. bet on it

1444 days ago


Boring as hell, what a yawn... So formula that it's like dust in the wind. Next?

1444 days ago


The girl is seventeen years old, and slowly growing up. Lay off and give her some space. I understand she is in the public eye, but seventeen year olds are not innocent now a days.. and that's how it is. And there is a reason she is growing up.. because she is almost an adult!! I didn't even find the video that "sexy" or offensive. Give the girl a break.

1444 days ago

Holly G    

UM first off she's not even old enough to get into a night club that i know of? And second if she was 18 i would be like ok fine what ever she's an "adult" no one can stop her but um she's 17 she's still a minor where the heck are the people looking out for her? And that song lyrics are horrible.

1444 days ago


the only thing offensive about this video is the auto-tune..geez the music industry sucks and whatever talent you think she even has is the only thing being betrayed here...17 huh ? Lol

1444 days ago


this video is nothing compared to the things britney and madonna did at that anything it is much more conservative than the two of them!

1444 days ago


When did Miley become Ke$ha?

Look, I could care less about Miley be oversexed. Hell, we all know it won't be long before she's gettin dogged out by a group of purple crayons and carpet munchers while tryin to support her $3,000 a day Pepsi habit, but SERIOUSLY, chica..... don't try dancing! You look like you're having a seisure or MS or somthing.

BTW #3, I agree TOTALLY!

1444 days ago


I'm not a Miley Cyrus fan, but come on people. She is not Hannah Montana for your children anymore. She has grown up! This video is hardly racy... give me a break.

1444 days ago

J. DEE    

LEAVE HER ALONE!! She is beautiful, sexy, and trying to have a music career. This is what people buy . She is competing with many othe Hot, sexy women in the industry! I bet you won't have a problem with it as soon as she turns 18. Grow up people!!

1444 days ago


Wow, people are seriously overreacting to this.

1444 days ago


Anyone who says that this video is fine, probably has a bottle of lotion and a box of tissue beside their keyboards as they watch it... the only talent she has is when they turn on the autotune... anyone remember the whole Milli Vanilli stuff? They were called out and exposed for lipsynching... if they only waited 15 years...

1444 days ago


Racy? I didn't think it was sexy at all, and what a horrible song!

1444 days ago


So 16-yr old Justin Bieber can run around talking like a horndog and do videos with 29-year old Kim Kardashian, but a GIRL who portrays sexuality at the same age is a whore? Please... I don't condone a lot of Miley's behavior, but i DO resent the double standard that still pervades society.

1444 days ago


I think the video is great! miley is beautiful! NC17 people, k???!!! And Miley is 17. Rated R, under 17 not admitted. Parents do your job!

1444 days ago
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