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Miley Cyrus --

Guilt-Tripped Over Sexy New Video

10/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The backlash over Miley Cyrus' new body-grinding, panty-sporting, sexed up music video has already begun -- with a powerful parents organization ripping Miley for turning her back on young fans.

The video in question is "Who Owns My Heart" -- in which a blindfolded Miley (who's still 17 years old BTW) can be seen writhing around on a bed in her underwear ... before entering some other sexually charged situations. 

Now, Tim Winter -- President of the Parents Television Council -- tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one."

Winter continues, "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."


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i get it because she cant sing she's doing what Britney did one video innocent one video dressed like a slut,next video singing about butterflies next video being screw in bed and seeing butterflies. what ashame cus Miley is pretty tall could be a model and she's going the way that almost all this girl end up, calling their lawyers because their drug sack feel in the toilet

1289 days ago


What is wrong with a 17 year-old young lady being curious about her sexuality? I'd find it odd if she weren't. I recall being a 17 year-old young man who was interested only in girls who were mature enough to explore their sexuality at that age. Not only will her teen-girl fanbase expand, so will (in a big way!) her teen-boy fanbase. Lighten up people, she's not a nun!

1289 days ago

Cheryl Rose    

It's to bad she seems to be going the way of Brittany, Lindsey and the rest. Sex DOES sell, but she's a little young to be doing this. I think the parents of younger kids should boycott her records. Why do her parents allow this?

1289 days ago


Screwed up kid, screwed up parents....reminds me of the Lohan clan of idiots.

1289 days ago


OMG get ova it. she can't be Hannah Montana all her damn live. She is growing up bout to be 18. She is doing normally 17 year old things. She ain't doing drugs or knocked up. Everybody so use to seeing her on Disney. Miley do yo thang poot on these Hater's.

1289 days ago

Another Story    

Please almost every 17 yrs old do what Miley does kisses another girls ect.. At least she not pregnant.
Let's put a PTC on every video today Lady Gaga is a lot worst. People she wanted attention and you are given it to her.For me it's another video with sexuality in it nothing new there.

1289 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

What is going on here? She does not look like a woman, she looks like a child. This is the crap that sexual predators love. It is about as creepy as three year olds on Toddlers and Tiaras with their flipper teeth and bouffant hair-dos. All of this is nothing more than the sexualization of children. It is just wrong on so many levels.

1289 days ago


Why do young girls who have been actors in their childhood think they invented sex and want to show us what they can do? Makes no sense to me. Her fans are young kids, not adult men. Hope she saved her money - she's not a good actress and her singing isn't that good. If she goes the way of Britney Spears, she won't have much career for long. Britney at least can sing.

1289 days ago



You were a great children's star, but no one but pedophiles want to see you in anything sexually provocative. I am sorry, but you have yet to develop physically and your behavior seems like a desperate cry for attention.

I wish someone would have told you this before, you don't have a career w/o your young fans. It seems you have become delusional to think otherwise at this point.

Very Sorry :(,


1289 days ago


17 is not a minor, in fact she will be 18 very soon. Miley is a beautiful YOUNG WOMAN and she is expressing herself as an adult would. You people need to grow up. My daughter is a fan and I have explained that Miley is older and trying to express herself as an adult (my daughter is 11). It is up to parents to talk to their children, Brit(I m a Slave for you), Christina (Dirrty) and Madonna (pick on but most fitting is Human Nature) are all talented, sexy women. You guys need to leave Miley alone.

1289 days ago


Cyrus at best can hold a tune. She can't sing. Thank God for all the PR and hype and most of all the "ELECTRONICS" that make her sound better then she really is.

1289 days ago


I don't find anything wrong with this video. She's not grinding sexually. she's dancing. What do you think 17 year olds are doing nowadays? PLaying barbies while they have their music blasting in their room. They are trying to be sexy, dancing around their rooms with friends. Newsflash Miley is 17. Not 12 anymore. She's not Hannah Montana anymore. If you don't want your 5 year old kids idolizing a 17 year old then don't let them watch them. You're the parents. I can't wait til your kids hit 17 and you see how they act and I promise you it's not because of Miley Cyrus dancing in a MUSIC VIDEO which happens to be an expression of art. You complaining about her image and her over sexed videos are making her sell the music. She's a young adult who if wasn't in the spot would be doing the same thing and nobody would care. IT just so happens that she's making millions off your complaints. Keep on the keepin on.

1289 days ago


If she dressed like a little girl, acted like one and sang little girl songs they would have accused her of cultivating a Lolita-like image and pandering to pedophiles.
PTC has long been a homophobic, misogynistic institution that is absolutely terrified and hateful of any sexuality that doesn't belong to a straight white male. They're pathetic, hateful losers with questionable morals and even more questionable ethics.

1289 days ago

Shaye Borealis     

I am so thankful that I taught my daughter not to like Hannah Montana. Stupid, Kitchy, Marketing crap. Wal-mart clearance

1289 days ago


Generic clip for a generic pop singer.

1289 days ago
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