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Miley Cyrus --

Guilt-Tripped Over Sexy New Video

10/9/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The backlash over Miley Cyrus' new body-grinding, panty-sporting, sexed up music video has already begun -- with a powerful parents organization ripping Miley for turning her back on young fans.

The video in question is "Who Owns My Heart" -- in which a blindfolded Miley (who's still 17 years old BTW) can be seen writhing around on a bed in her underwear ... before entering some other sexually charged situations. 

Now, Tim Winter -- President of the Parents Television Council -- tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that she would participate in such a sexualized video like this one."

Winter continues, "It sends messages to her fan base that are diametrically opposed to everything she has done up to this point.  Miley built her fame and fortune entirely on the backs of young girls, and it saddens us that she seems so eager to distance herself from that fan base so rapidly."


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Bet she has quite a party planned for her 18th birthday, assuming she waits that long.

1475 days ago


That is the problem. She launched into fame as Hannah Montana/Disney star and now she trying to be a sexy and edgy adult. She dosen't have that much credibility as that type of artist because people don't believe her. It was embarrassing seeing her try to be all rockerish singing that Mountain song on American Idol. It dosen't look original or that she is being herself. She needs to come back when she finds herself. Her new music geared towards the older crowd was not even that good to begin with.

1475 days ago


Is this the generation of skanks and drugs?

1475 days ago


Nobody Hates..Well I hate to see a Young woman act like a whore at 17.She does not need to show us her smellie bottom and flat titties..Or did she get implants at 17?? A very sick, pathetic world with sex crazed- meaningless idiots..NO Breaks 4 her..I will not watch her crap..IM guessing

1475 days ago


I find her music disturbing, I do not care for her music nor her acting, I beleive that she has no talanet what so ever, but after reviewing this video, I do not find anything wrong with the way she is dressed nor the video in general. I have seen girls dressed worse than that on Fri night at the mall, so the way she is portrayed in the video is no different than that of regular teenagers. Again I am no way any fan of hers, but there is nothing wrong with this video, I think the problem is her tv show is still showed on the Disney Channel, so everyone feels that she needs to act the way as eveyone else who is on that channel as well

1475 days ago


@100, there were plenty of outrage parents during Christina and Britney wild years. Difference is they broke into the music scene with that sweet girl who happens to be really hot image whereas Miley was a famous kiddie star.

1475 days ago


i cant believe you guys are saying shes just a "minor" child. seriously. 12 year olds act worse than this. i thought the song was good and she did her best to sex it up. so what i hear here is that she is ugly, toothy, awkward, horsey,but then you turn around and say shes sexy. people just gripe to gripe i see. she is fine with what she does. 17 isnt that young. and there is no nudity or sex in it, just a girl playing sexpot. get over it and eat a twinkie while you smoke your cig and judge others more beautiful than you.

1475 days ago


I think the reason some parents are freaking out is because there was no gradual slide into this. It was like one day their kid could watch Miley's videos......and then the next day they couldn't. It was as quick as flipping a light switch.

My niece is 11 and noticed the drastic difference and asked why Miley is the way she is now, so the younger ones WILL notice. Mind you, the final Hannah Montana season is still on tv and in their young hearts. It's not like Hannah went off the air long ago, it's still fresh on their minds. The 14-15+ year olds will love the change.

On top of that, she had the other controversies like the pictures in undies leaked from a cell phone way back when she was like 15 or something. Normal teen behavior, yes, but when you present yourself as a Disney kid, that's a different story. I think it's all the past stuff plus the new stuff that's angering parents.

I think Miley will be fine. She's good at the catchy tunes and she can perform on stage pretty damn good.

People don't like change and our society is hyper sexual. No one can deny that fact. The younger kids are not like we were in the 80s and early 90s.

On another note, her parents do seem off. More like pals than parents.

1475 days ago


Now playing....BRITNEY 2, THE MOVIE She had better not say she is a Christian again or I am going to throw up.

1475 days ago


These "parents" need to relise Miley isn't a 12 yr old anymore, You know she's just like everyone else,,, she has to grow up so get over it already. Its not Hanna Montana's job to raise your children, So how about you all teach your kids right & wrong , as you see it. And leave Miley Cyrus the hell alone.

No wonder kids are so screw'd up these days with parents like these. I raised my kid by my self. her big kick was Barney, now she is the same age as Miley, and she is a well adjusted young lady, Now if she steps out side the so called right & wrong rule book, I don't go screaming for the head of Barney. I take care of my child my self.

Next year she will be 18 just like Miley, and she will be her own person & she will make many mistakes just as we all have done when we reached the age of freedom. But as long as you stand by your child when they make those mistakes then they will be fine.

So you take care of yours & leave everyone else alone

1475 days ago


When was she "writhing" in that? I think that was much tamer than most the videos I see. I think people just like to pick on successful young people. Unfortunate as is to succeed in music she will have to distance herself from the disney girl image and sex it up a little. Any teen star that doesn't eventually falls by the wayside. Sorry America. Stop complaining, we made it that way. Lady Gaga never wears pants and she is the most popular person in music. The public creates famous people. Stop eating up sexy videos and song and this will go away.

1475 days ago


Did they really think she was going to be singing for 8 year olds for the rest of her life? The girl gots to be older. Maybe for the general population she may be seen as "too sexy". However, if you travel around your local high schools she is a care bear compared to what you will see sadly. There are new child stars out there right now that their kids can look up to. They cannot guilt trip her into singing for their chidren. She has moved on and so should they. She is trying to reach a new audience. Plus, I have seen far worse from other celebs who were not that far in age that she is now.

1475 days ago


This doesn't upset or surprise me in any way. Come on! She's not Hannah Montana! She's a real person, a child growing up, but so much more. I think mentally she's ahead of the game. She's obviously smart at marketing herself. I think she's very talented. Although, I would not take my 11 year old to her next concert. I did take her to the last one, which was really borderline too old for her, but we didn't know it at the time. At this point, I think my kid needs to be a couple years older before she will be watching this.

1475 days ago


What's the prob? She is following a well established career path. Her talent (?) has a certain shelf life,and must be managed to maximize income. She has outlived her "cute" phase and fan base of little girls. Now she enters her new phase of appealing to horny young men,and empty headed bimbos.

All according plan, and right on schedule. What did you expect?

1475 days ago


America needs to seriously LIGHTEN UP already if they take offense to stuff like this. This is a 17 yr old girl , not some 10 year old . At that age she is past the "reading comic books and playing with dolls " stage. If parents don't grasp that then something is seriously wrong with the general knowledge of American citizens .

By the way ( totally unrelated ): R.I.P. John're still sorely missed.

1475 days ago
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