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MMA Pro to Gay Kids -- Got a Bully? Let Me at 'Em!

10/8/2010 3:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Undefeated MMA badass Daniel Puder is laying the blueprints for a nationwide gay-bullying crackdown -- here's how it works: 1) send the dude an email, 2) dude flies to your school, 3) no more bully.


The issue of bullying has clearly made an impact on the former WWE star ... who recently blogged, "There is an issue with our society when gay young kids are getting bullied to the point they are killing themselves."

But after scarfing down a burger at Stout in L.A. last night -- protein-style, obviously -- Puder hatched a new plan ... telling us, "Anybody that's getting bullied in the whole U.S. can shoot me an email at dp@knockoutsgym.com."

He adds,"You email me, I'll go fly to your school ... and we'll go talk to the bullies for you."

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you make 500,000 bullies crap their pants at once.

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Hey Daniel, perez hilton and mel gibson are bulling me.

1438 days ago


Walk to school with someone whose family member is in the Family...you will not get bullied! And vote Obama out of office in 2012!

1438 days ago


He should video tape this. He's awesome.

1438 days ago

The Ascension    


SHUT THE HELL UP With that BS you typing

1438 days ago


Its wrong to bully gays, but then again its wrong to tell the world you are gay. not everyone will except it, therefore they should know the consequences of it. The only way this bullying will stop is to keep it in the closet, period

1437 days ago


I hope that if he's saying this, he follows through. But more so, I hope he can help teach kids (gay or straight) how to deal with bullies. Because they'll always be there.

1437 days ago


Word #14! These people are really missing the mark if they single out gay kids as the only victims of bullies. A person's sexual orientation is just one of a multitude of reasons these bullies will find to pick on someone. It can be because you dress differently, you don't hang out with the "right" kids, you don't have much money...anything. It needs to stop for *everyone*, PERIOD.

1437 days ago


I agree with him on the fact that the reasons behind these suicides are despicable. However, this (almost) exact idea already exists in the form of the Mayhem Miller hosted "Bully Beatdown". Perhaps he should just be one of the fighters so that he could kick the **** out of them under more legal cir***stances. That way they get their asses handed to them and he stays out of jail. Everybody wins.

1436 days ago

Sean Robert Meaney    

Yes...escalation of violence is always a good choice. Until it turns nasty and involves kids with guns.

How about this: Every Act of Government, Law, Constitution, and/or Executive requires the direct and regular approval of every citizen. That way No law gets enacted without the approval of every citizen. That way civilization moves forward when every citizen is prepared to move forward...And until then it is OK to shoot and kill and rape and murder each other until you get the hint that you have obligations as citizens - to each other.

1436 days ago


The way human nature works is that the strong get what they want, the weak do not. The clever have a chance to get what they want over the strong by using their brains, the not so smart, don't get anything. This is how nature works. It weeds out weak and non intelligent in favor of strong and smart. If nature were allowed to take it's course then this would continue to work and has worked since the beginning of time.
The Ugly, fat or shy people in the world don't have sex as much and as a result don't propogate their genes as much. Attractive, intelligent, confident people have more sex and spread their genes more often. Natural selection at work.

Someone killing themselves is tragic and is a horrible thing for a parent or any friend to have to deal with. But to blame it soley on bullying is not fair. Being a kid and a teenager is hard. You begin to understand how life is going to be. You get into fights, disagreements, you lose, but you also win, and you begin to learn what you "like" and this sets the stage for your life. You will learn what you like and spend your life trying to do the things you like.

But how you react to not getting what you want, or getting a lot of what you don't is at issue here. If you never learned to deal with adversity, or lose, or sadness, your reaction could be over the top such as a suicide. It is important as parents that you not shield your kids from everything bad. Let them fall down, or fail, let them be sad or understand that they can not get what they want. This allows them to better handle the teenage years.

People have been bullying each other since we all lived in caves. To say we need to stamp out bullying is joke and is used to draw attention to the problem the USA has. It has an entire generation raised on MTV, no accountability, never allowed to make mistakes, never punished, never spanked and socially retarded.
I wonder how many young people committed suicide this past year due to a breakup with a boy/girlfriend? Kids just don't know how to handle life anymore. Parents have failed their children, all in an effort to shield them from getting hurt....

1436 days ago

Osiris Reborn    

Something like one in five hetro teens are bullied versus eight in ten gay teens. So although bullying in general should be an issue that's tackled, it makes sense that some are primarily tackling the bullying of gays.

1436 days ago


Are people even watching the video? He's saying he'd help ANYBODY who's been bullied by going to their school and TALK to kids.

1435 days ago

Phil Ehrlich    

nice coverage of this cool tolerance stance on MSNBC this afternoon

1434 days ago


Great new Reality Show!

1431 days ago

Low Country    

Yeah Baby!!!

1391 days ago
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