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Scott Weiland

Dazed and Confused on Live Radio

10/8/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Scott Weiland did a bizarre interview (even by his standards) you gotta hear ... because the Stone Temple Pilots frontman sounded so bewildered the DJ asked, "Are we drinking today?"

Scott Weiland
Scott was supposed to be promoting tonight's STP show in Tampa during an interview yesterday on 102.5 The Bone.

Instead, it turned into a strange exchange filled with long pauses -- and Scott forgetting he had skipped out on STP's last Tampa concert. All of this prompted the DJ to consider betting Scott $10,000 he would miss tonight's show too.

For the record, Scott said he was totally sober. A source close to Scott claims the DJ ambushed him with a bunch of questions that had not been discussed in a pre-interview.


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Cowhead rocks this"ROCK STAR" is in a soma coma, and was not ambushed in the interview because Cowhead does not do pre- interview questions!

1479 days ago


This DJ is a complete jerk. Show some respect!

1479 days ago

Pound Sand    

That is just painful to listen to.

1479 days ago


This dj is a dbag. Seriously, this is what small market radio gives you. Scott W. may have issues, be on drugs, etc... but at the same time he also does a ton of shows a year and why would he remember each and every show he does. It's a shame that Scott has had so many issues and I hope he finds the path back up to healthiness. I also hope these djs get some talent -- and this "talent" has made it now apparent why I left corporate los angeles radio after ten years of service in an industry I "used" to love.

1479 days ago


To all the haters.. its obvious you have never listened to the #1 rated afternoon drive program in Tampa.. aka.. The Cowhead Show. If you did.. you would know that Cowhead NEVER does pre-interviews with guests. He NEVER lets a PR company dictate what he can and cannot ask an interview. Tom Green ring any bells? Green's people said that asking about Drew Barrymore was off limits... so he said "suck it" and cancelled the interview.

If you listen to the interview, Weiland was clearly impaired. To say otherwise is to insult Cowhead and the audience's intelligence. If anything it should be on the Weiland's people who let him on the interview knowing he was as impaired as he was. THEY screwed up.. not the man asking the questions. If Weiland was of sound mind, he could have answered the question succinctly one way or the other.. All the question was is "What REALLY happened in 2008 when you failed to show at the concert in Tampa?"

I love hearing from all the retards out there who think that Cowhead ambushed Scott Weiland. And to #51.. a 100,000 Watt station in market #14 is not "small market radio".. I'm glad there is one less corporate radio "talent" not in the business.. leads to new ideas and better shows than all the cookie cutter crap that's out there now.

1478 days ago


the interviewer was so rude, damn just do your job and ask the questions why you trynna jump on someones sh*t like that, loosen the f*ck up. yeah cuz its real funny to mock to someone that has known drug issues...nice

1478 days ago


Number one the DJ needs to know what the definition of eclectic is, because he obviously didn't know. Number two, the DJ said "the record company is telling me to wrap it up." Why in the hell didn't the record company rep stop the effing interview? What an effing clusterF***!!!!

1478 days ago


Sad to see people ruined by alcohol. He was good-looking at once...and had at least some talent.

1478 days ago


I love how cowhead says "I work 5 shows a week I show up" as if his job is the same as Scotts!!! As wish cowbell cowhead or whatever the **** your name is.

1478 days ago


SOMA COMA. he's hooked on prescription pills now. if he doesn't find a way to get clean - from everything - we will bury him too...

1477 days ago


lol he always sounds like this now. if you go to youtube....and listen to interviews he always says "um" and sounds spaced out. I think I even heard him sound like this sober. I think he just sounds like this because hes done drugs for a long time. Doesnt mean hes on drugs now..but then again who knows

1477 days ago

kelly c    

I have been an STP/Weiland fan from the beginning! He is an amazing talent. Sure he has his problems, but even f####'d up, he sounds better than that halfwit DJ he has to try and talk to. WTF, did he have a cheeseburger shoved in his face or something? Mushmouth needs to get off of the air!

1477 days ago


Jeeeeez..this COULD have been radio gold but the hosts are such effin HACKS its unbelievable. dude who was interviewing....your "radio voice" sucks sweaty hairy balls. You're a f*ckin HACK.
Opie and Anthony would have made this a classic hilarious interview. But, no. We get some local yocal wannabe "shock jocks" who obviously gargle on the balls, that must be next to the mic, before they talk. gtfo. The hosts sounded worse than the stoned drunk artist.

1476 days ago
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