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'Sister Wives' Hubby

Marries Wife #4

10/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown officially has 21 mouths to feed ... TMZ has learned the "Sister Wives" polygamist has married his latest fiancée Robyn Sullivan ... increasing his total number of wives to FOUR.

Sister Wives

Sources close to the "Sister Wives" stars tell us the two were married "a few months ago" at a private religious ceremony in Utah.

Robyn isn't entering the family by herself -- she has three kids from a previous marriage who will join Kody's 13 kids and three other wives.

We're told TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony -- but the reception WILL be featured on the reality show. We're told some of the drama leading up to the wedding will be featured on this Sunday's episode.

With 21 total members, Kody can literally split the family in half and hold a regulation football game ... as long as he plays all-time quarterback. 


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this guy's a creep

1451 days ago


Any of these kids that aren't his, should be taken away, far away from these sicko's!!! It does take pathetic, insecure, self loathing and co dependent women, to tolerate this!!! And I'd bet that they'd acknowledge that, to themselves! They're all just, nasty!!!

1451 days ago


These members of the mormon cult have the nerve to judge others? Yes, they are mormons. I don't care what you say.

1451 days ago


Kody Brown looks like a poster boy for mid life crisis.

A Lexus sports car with 13 kids? I think someone said that here somewhere. Where's the van? Oh, that's probably for one of those homely wives not the trophy one.

I'd like to see him with a Kardashian. He's already got the K thing going.

1451 days ago


Do I think that the women are silly yea, but not because of their lifestyle, its because they are obviously uncomfortable with it. You can hear the jealousy and hurt in their voices..They are angry and they admit that so my question is why do it? I love Big Love and I actually think the show is interesting...I don't have to agree with something to see it's value. Its a great teaching tool. It teaches you how to the end of the day Kody is a master manipulator..there is a lot to be learned from this man.

1451 days ago


Read Carolyn Jessup's book Escape. Their lives suck. The kids have no insurance or medical care. Either do the women. This show is b.s.

1451 days ago



If queers can get married what is wrong with what these people are doing?

Posted at 5:32 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by Bill"

Because gay and lesbians can get married, and in this situation only a man can marry multiple woman. That's sexist.

And you are a pig if you really think forcing these children to share a father who has no respect for woman, is moral,

while two consenting adults legally being able to express their love by being able to visit each other in the hospital and being able to make other important decisions together for them and their children, is immoral. Gay marriage insures that people have the same rights that straight couples are able to have. It's about equality. And don't think gay people are immoral just because of the sexual acts they may do for each other, because straight people do them too. If a man can do his wife in the butt or a man can finger his wife, they are doing the same things gay people do.
Polygamy, on the other hand, is about keeping women down. No recognized religion allows or suggests woman to have multiple husbands, and that's the difference. We outlawed polygamy to protect these woman, and TLC is glorifying it. Sickos.

1451 days ago


If you watch this show you will see that the wives are NOT really happy that cunning Kody is seeking a new wife. He had the nerve to say he was crying his heart out to a wife because he wanted so much to be with Robyn. What the &%%$ is wrong with these women to put up with that crap. One wife is preggers and Kody goes on a date taking his children to babysit. They are f***** sick.
Kody is happy cause he's getting some new p***** and Robyn is happy because she ain't had no d*** in awhile and now she can get some while she gets free babysitting services.

1451 days ago


I Feel Bad For the wifes They have to watch as this guy gets marryed Wife after Wife.This Guy needs a Real hobby.

1451 days ago


All of these women must be extremly hard up because he is so disgusting I want to hurl!!!!!!! I would rather f..k a pig

1451 days ago

joseph west    

Okay, all the people against gay marriage and the mockery it would pose should really stand up and challeage this! I am gay and have no desire to marry but this is bull****. Where is the bitching and complaining about this man and his four wives and why isnt he being brought up on charges Utah? This is just a good example of a marrage dont and are thease people getting any kind of assistance from the state of Utah and on his tax return how does he file it? Okay all you Bible belters wheres horror and discust now? ****in hypocrites Thease women are driving cars on donuts and taped up windows and look @ his car he really has a high opinion of himself if you ask me.I could be wrong but I certainly wouldnt want his sloppy secounds!This is why I get pissed off the complainers are taking this and letting it go so if you think that gays have no rights and this
man can get away with this.Really,Really?TMZ you are inablers
how much are you paying them for this show anyway?Way to go mormons he is representing himself as mormon and you are letting him do that I have heard no formal disclaimer? I have a nephew that he and his wife are mormons and the best people in the world but Im sure he wouldnt want this clown representing him or his church so Mormons get him before he has so many kids he has to become catholic!

1451 days ago


Watch the interaction between the husband and his first wife. He speaks negatively to her, especially when she was the one that did most of the packing of the fourth wife's belongings when they were moving her. She is an idiot for staying with him once he took the second wife. All of the wives cry often which shows, immaturity, emotionally unstable, and they are completely stupid for marrying that guy. I hope that the law in Utah puts that guy in jail for 20 years.

1450 days ago


I thinks he is a pig! & they are stupid for doing this there is no way in hell they are all happy. I think this is absolutely sickening.The poor kids growing up thinking this is ok what a sad story. I'm sure God is not happy with the way they are living. I will pray for their salvation.

1450 days ago


I seriously want to know how much income this guy and the family brings in, if they pay taxes and if this family receives any type of public assistance i.e: food stamps, medicaid, section 8 etc. I'm sure many law abiding tax payers here want to know. How does he support such a huge family? In other countries where this practice is valid, accepted and a law, men must be able to demonstrate income and means to provide for his wives and family. This guy hides behinds the premise of polygamy to cheat openly. DISGUSTING! And these women, where are their self respect?

1450 days ago


Well of course he is only legally married to the first one. The other three marriages are not legal marriages and he could probably be charged with bigamy if it is an offence in the state where all this is happening.

1450 days ago
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