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'Sister Wives' Hubby

Marries Wife #4

10/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown officially has 21 mouths to feed ... TMZ has learned the "Sister Wives" polygamist has married his latest fiancée Robyn Sullivan ... increasing his total number of wives to FOUR.

Sister Wives

Sources close to the "Sister Wives" stars tell us the two were married "a few months ago" at a private religious ceremony in Utah.

Robyn isn't entering the family by herself -- she has three kids from a previous marriage who will join Kody's 13 kids and three other wives.

We're told TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony -- but the reception WILL be featured on the reality show. We're told some of the drama leading up to the wedding will be featured on this Sunday's episode.

With 21 total members, Kody can literally split the family in half and hold a regulation football game ... as long as he plays all-time quarterback. 


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I got the feeling too the the last one just wants help with finances and her kids and is willing to settle and plus she gets to be on tv!
Kody is good looking and does have a nice personality. I love men that make you laugh and he seems to be fun to be with but this is disgusting and they should be in trouble for this.
Also what does he do for a living to support all these wives, not to mention a million kids that all look inbred. Is it because the mothers are sisters?
Isnt that incest?
This whole thing is so wrong on so many levels!

1440 days ago

Cynthia J    

Quite a few of these Polygamists are legally married to one woman and then take on other wives (lovers). And way too many of these cultish people go on the Dole. Accepting welfare for the children not from the legal marriage. That's where I draw the line. Support your own kids. I'm sick of all the people living off the government. Too many people collect unemployment when they are not even looking for a job. I know of too many people who are on disability when they are clearly not disabled. They get better medical coverage than I do. I pay my own way and have always done so. I'm sick of supporting freaking loosers. Between the very rich (crooks) and the government suckers no wonder this Country is so OVER. And, believe me, I believe helping those truly in need. But the abuses I see make me want to vomit.

1440 days ago


"nh" said, "They've raised They are all well loved..."

Says who? The evidence indicates exactly the opposite.

1440 days ago

Y do he got    

So the mormons ALL f like rabbits in utah they give you`all a free place to live there if you`all do.The jews hide thier wifes in the basement and the buddist lov a fat guy.

1440 days ago


Uggg. There is more information about these ppl than I ever want to know. Please TLC stop these crapy shows about these crapy ppl. Click... that's the sound of my tv changing the channel.

1440 days ago



1440 days ago


Where is the outrage from the Mormon Church on these polygamist marriages? Where is the outrage from the Christian Right on these plural marriages? They rail against same-sex but support a man marrying multiple wives? The silence from the Christian Right is deafening.

1440 days ago


man people are sure strange in Utah. The guy just wants to cheat, and has found a way to do it, with the women's consent. Just a different way of sleeping around..these gals must have really low self esteem, or are from the old hippy movement. LOL
wow what a sick bunch ...poor kids

1440 days ago


@JANCIS, completely agree with you!! I know he's not married to all of them (not by watching that show cause I'd NEVER give TLC my viewership) BUT, they DO live as if they are and that's what those kids see!!! That's what they're being taught, etc.

With all of her "family value" talk, where in the hell is PALIN when you need her?!?! And what about the mother and daughter lawyer duo,, Gloria and Lisa. Where are they? I thought all 3 thrived off of situations like this?! Hmmm? There must not be any money to be made for them to come forth!!

TLC has proven yet AGAIN, that they're NOT what their inits. stand for!! At one time, I did consider it "The Learning Channel" and I actually enjoyed many of their shows but now, they're just....
*T... The
*C... Channel
A Channel of Losers on both sides. Those who run it and those who appear on it!! Of course, this is just my opinion. ;) Nuff said....

1440 days ago


Actually the man isnt bad looking. I would date him if wasnt married and a mormon. Posted at 7:21 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by Linda

actually that should have said MORON LOL.

1440 days ago


Dont judge these people until you walked a mile in their shoes.

Posted at 9:15 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by Melissa

these gals wont have any shoes , he will keep them barefoot and pregnant...LOL

1440 days ago


From a purely practical point of view, you can almost see this working for some people. My issue is with them putting God's name on it and making it sound as if this is something he has blessed. He's pretty clear in the Bible about how marriage is supposed to look and it only includes a man and a woman.

In addition, I cannot imagine those women are being completely honest about how they feel about all this "sharing".

1440 days ago


@ YO MAMA... didn't YOU just do what you've claimed others have done by BASHING their church of choice??? YUP, YOU DID!! LOL

If you're going to try to make your point "valid", again, bashing will not work for ya. Secondly, putting a list up of the many LDS members DOESN'T work in your favor nor does it make your "opinion" any more "valid" than those you're posting to because I could care less who's a LSD member and who isn't! Shocking, I know but hey, just pointing out the obvious dude/dudette. :D

And before you say it, I'm not bashing you in this post. What I'm trying to do is point out your contradictions. You can't have it both ways..... :D

1440 days ago


#41 Linda, Good Looking, you'd date him, You're kidding right. He's a mess. As for the the "new" one ; she's thin; as soon as she gets as fat as the other three, trust me there will be a #5. Why women would have so little self respect is beyond me. As for TLC airing this; Why did they spend all those years airing the Kate & eight. Can't remember the guys name. They aired it because just as this site proves, people were watching it, and this. I watched it myself to see what kind of women would have so little self respect for themselves. As soon as I saw it I knew. Maria

1440 days ago


Eric, I hope you seek help. You are not in a good, sane place right now.
Good luck and take care,

1440 days ago
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