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'Sister Wives' Hubby

Marries Wife #4

10/9/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kody Brown officially has 21 mouths to feed ... TMZ has learned the "Sister Wives" polygamist has married his latest fiancée Robyn Sullivan ... increasing his total number of wives to FOUR.

Sister Wives

Sources close to the "Sister Wives" stars tell us the two were married "a few months ago" at a private religious ceremony in Utah.

Robyn isn't entering the family by herself -- she has three kids from a previous marriage who will join Kody's 13 kids and three other wives.

We're told TLC cameras were not allowed to capture the actual ceremony -- but the reception WILL be featured on the reality show. We're told some of the drama leading up to the wedding will be featured on this Sunday's episode.

With 21 total members, Kody can literally split the family in half and hold a regulation football game ... as long as he plays all-time quarterback. 


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Totally didn't see that coming.

1484 days ago


how is he legally marrying these women..rather its right or wrong or not isnt what im questioning i dont believe in it.but law states you can only have one spouse.i think alot of this is publicity just like TMZ who had a big ad as their background on here is now all of a sudden coming out of the wood work giving them free press.

1484 days ago


If I were the father of those 3 kids by her previous marriage, I'd haul her sorry azz back into court and ask the judge to declare her unfit. This is illegal and immoral. It's sick and it's teaching these children just that. WTF could TLC be thinking here?

1484 days ago


This is news why?

1484 days ago


next time this guy finds a lady send her my way im also in utah ive spent 10000.00 to find a gal here & this guy just pulls them out of thin air how does this work i cant even get a bbw gal to look at me im 125 #s red hair green eyes im ok looking but not some hunk

1484 days ago


When will these silly women realize they don't really matter to men like him? There are 3, 4 or 5 others that can take her place at any given time. Have they ever heard of a harem? Silly cows. This selfish t*at will continue to suck in as many stupid women as he can to cater to his "needs". Whatever floats their boat, I guess. I really do try to be tolerant of other people's lifestyles, but that stops when it involves kids. They have no say in the matter. Some parents are too quick to satisfy their own wants in complete disregard to those they've brought into this world. If nothing else (and there is a whole lotta "else"), they must be seen as "weirdos" in the neighborhood and in school. That sucks, selfish a-holes.

I cannot help but is he supporting all of these women and children?? I don't have a left nut (or a right one, for that matter), but if I did, I'd bet it on us taxpayers supporting their "lifestyle". Too many of us are struggling with ONE spouse and ONE or TWO kids. How is he supporting what most of us would call a neighborhood?

1484 days ago


If any of you had watched the show, you'd know that at least one of the wives works, if not two of them. They brought up the financial issues, and it's not only the husband working. I don't really care if this man wants four wives, why should you? His family seems happy, children included. If they are all happy, cared for, and treated well, I say leave them be.

1484 days ago


It takes a woman to be this stupid and gullible. If a woman tells one of these guys that she'd like to have four husbands they'd probably shoot her, because no guy is going to pull that crap. But they know it dosen't take much to talk a woman into it. How do I know? Take a trip to Utah.

1484 days ago

Sad sad    

I want 7 husband. One for each day of the week. :)Seriously, 1 is too many.

1484 days ago


He is not LEGALLY married to four, but to only the first.

1484 days ago


And yes only emotionally insecure women would agree to this.

1484 days ago

Jancis M. Andrews    

You have to question the maturity level (or lack of it) of these women who accept the crap doled out by Kody the Copulator. What's the matter -- are they afraid they can't run a household by themselves, but need other women to help them? And they are not "wives" since multiple marriage is against the law. What Kody the Copulator has is one legal wife and three concubines he's collected for his harem. These ultra-strange people have stepped back into the dark ages when women had no rights and were treated as sexual collectibles. Someone should tell them the year is 2010 AD, not 2010 BC. Oh, and just for a laugh, why don't the concubines ask Kody if they can have four "husbands" each, and then they can have as big a sex-fest as he has? After all, he believes in equality, doesn't he? Doesn't he?

1484 days ago


You don't have to look outside of the U.S. to see women being manipulated in the name of religion. What a joke.

1484 days ago


she looks like shes employed at a diner.

1484 days ago


I think he's a giant pervert. He just wanted to get his groove on with her and pretends to "marry in the name of God" sure pal. ain't nothing like a perver

1484 days ago
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