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'Joanie' Doesn't Love Foreclosure

10/9/2010 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Erin Moran's had some happier days ... TMZ has learned the former "Joanie Loves Chachi" actress lost her home after the bank foreclosed.

Seems Erin -- who now goes by the name Erin Fleischmann -- was in arrears to the tune of $315k and didn't fork over the cash.

So, the house -- located in Palmdale, CA just north of L.A. -- went into foreclosure, according to documents obtained by TMZ, and was sold at public auction back in July for $291k.

But the not-so-happy-days plot thickens ... seems Erin kept living in the house and refused to leave. So the L.A. County Sheriff's Dept. served her last Monday with eviction papers.

When called for comment, Erin's rep said our facts were inaccurate ... but would not say why.


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I remember when she was on "Celebrity Fit Club". She started out well but then stopped losing weight. You could tell she really wasn't into it and, at one point, one of the panel (maybe Harvey) asked why she was even there since she obviously didn't want to follow the program. She said it was so she wouldn't lose her house.

I guess she lost it anyway. How sad.

1483 days ago


Since when is Palmdale "just North of LA"?
I'm just askin'.

1483 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

I'm surprised we haven't heard from those imbeciles at Vivid offering to "Help" her out.

1483 days ago


she was on a hit show 30+ years ago. why are people surprised that she is now losing her house? she's not ron howard nor was she as big a star as scott baio (for a short time) was. for parents wanting to shove their kids into show biz, please continue to school them so that they have something to fall back on...

1483 days ago

Slutty Whores Rock    

Yeah boo hoo, she betrayed her faith and married a jew so tough bananas.
She could always do porn for Vivid, I'd buy the DVD of Joanie getting nasty with a bunch of guys at Arnold's.

1483 days ago


Didn't she used to have a major drug problem and become a prostitute?
Why the sanitized version of her bio? She owned up to her past, at one point, anyway.

1482 days ago

My New Name    

My comment here is in response to a few comments I read. First, to:

9. It makes you wonder through the years what did these people do with the tons of money they made??? Sad state of affairs to lose your home. Feel bad for her. Posted at 7:52 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by always

I'm always surprised when I read people who write comments like this; people who think that television=money tree. Just because someone is on television DOES NOT mean they make "tons of money." What a ridiculous notion. Sure, there are people who DO make huge amounts of money - the kind that sets them up for life. But those people are not the normal stories. Most working actors make about as much as a high-level executive does at a corporation. As long as they are employed by the company earning that salary, they have a good life. But, if the company folds or fires them and they no longer have that job, then the executive and his/her family will run through that money pretty quickly and that makes life very difficult if they have created a lifestyle based upon the high salary. The difference is, a high-level executive - in most economies - are very marketable and can find another job. They have skills and they can support themselves in other jobs, if required. In acting, that job may have been your last. And, if that is what you devoted your life to, you have no real other marketable skills.

Sure, there are people who plan ahead and make wise investments and plan for that "rainy day." But, there are those who don't, just like in any other profession. They don't have the type of benefits most executives gets - they don't need a telethon for them and violins whining for them, but there is no bottomless pit of money.

And then to:

13. @12 Church stuff?? Well that's surprising, I saw her on Celebrity Fit Club a few years ago and she didn't seem to be very religious, but I shouldn't judge I guess. Posted at 10:26 AM on Oct 9, 2010 by Holly Golightly

You are right. You shouldn't judge.

1482 days ago

Steve Roberts    

She was $315,000 behind in PAYMENTS and the home SOLD for $291,000? That doesn't make sense unless she missed a balloon payment or something.

1481 days ago


Erin Moran and Carrot Top are secretly the same person.

1481 days ago


Bummer that she ended up in Palmdale anyway,
time for a fresh start, Erin, I wish you the best, PS get out of LA, you will be alot happier

1480 days ago


when she was on Celebrity fit Club, she really hit the booze and talked like a truck driver. Not at all what you would have expected. She came across as a total skank. very sad to see

1376 days ago

Lisa Weiner    

I feel that Erin Moran didn't really deserve to lose her house. I wiah that these people would just leave Erin Moran the **** alone. Let the lady have her house to live in I mean after all she's entitled to it. Lisa Weiner

1273 days ago


Erin was in the Tustin Tiller Days Parade riding in the back of a classic convertable. She seemed really cool, waving at the crowd. I am glad she is getting (probably just some) of the money owed to her by CBS. Maybe she should move to Tustin.

844 days ago


Erin we love you i love watching rerun of happy Day son and I just discovered J Loves C on youtube and it is awesome you are so wonderul you are very talented and so CUTE and i Just know you will revive yhour career and when you do I will laugh at all these pple on here . You are so beautiful inside AND out and you have so much spirit you are a precious wonderful child of God and I am praying for you Erin. Stay strong every thing happens for a reason and if it doesn't kill you it makes you stronger. You are a blessed child of God and I know you will get through this and be bigger than ever. Love you Erin!!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

806 days ago
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