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Ben Harper Blindsides Laura Dern with Divorce

10/10/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ben Harper stunned Laura Dern by filing for divorce late Friday afternoon … TMZ has learned.

Laura Dern divorce.
Harper, a two-time Grammy winner, filed legal docs citing irreconcilable differences and is asking the judge to deny Dern spousal support.

And here's what's interesting … according to the papers, Harper claims he and Dern separated back in January. But people connected with the couple, who married back in 2005, tell TMZ they have been living and traveling together throughout the year and were even intimate as recently as last week.

Harper is asking for joint legal and physical custody of the couple's two kids: Ellery, 9, and Jaya, 5.


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This is conjecture, on my part, but I have a good idea about what happened. Laura was a huge star when she met Ben...but she has pulled-away from fame to be a mom and a house wife--all wonderful things, BTW--however, Ben seems to have only been interested in her fame--and use her to promote his career, and had the bragging rights of sleeping with Hollywood royalty? Yes, he got the famous hot star, but now that she gave her career up, Ben is no longer interested in her--especially since he has been hanging-out with Ringo Star--his own sense of stardom is going to his head. Laura needs to return to film--and be glad this individual exposed himself for being less than worthy of her. Her star will rise again, as she has fans worldwide, but Ben, he has never really had a major hit--he isn't even in her league--and I am a black guy saying this. This isn't about color with me, it is about talent vesus talent, and she out-classes him all the way.

1410 days ago


He better watch his backside, Bruce is one mean SOB ;)

1410 days ago




1410 days ago


These posters who call Dern ugly or call anyone else ugly for that matter, are probably overweight 20-something year old girls who are out of shape and angry.

1410 days ago


#107, becca. Those facts are pretty true. Dern openly chased after BBT while he was with his 4th wife Pietra while she was still living with Jeff Goldblum, Dern and BBT were observed at the Oscars when he won fooling around with his wife present, the wife who had just found out she had Lupus, the wife BBT had 2 little boys with. Dern then lived with BBT but they were never engaged, they broke up before she went on location, and she is a major liar. She lied on Jolie, who was a convenient target for her anger at BBT. Dern forgot in her lying that she also said she had not spoken to BBT for 2+ months, what engaged couple does not speak for 2+ months?

Harper and Dern were both dogs for getting together while his then wife was pregnant with their 2nd child and Dern getting pregnant at the same time. They moved in together when Harper's wife was 7 months pregnant, and Harper and Dern's oldest is just 2 months younger than Harper's youngest child with his ex wife.

Dern is no sweetie that is always done wrong by bad people. Maybe she should have concentrated on her own relationship instead of going to couples therapy with CCox (this told by CCox herself last month in interviews). You may not like the truth about Dern but it is what it is.

1410 days ago


Who's sorry for Laura Dern? She's broken up enough relationships in her time. These women aren't caught by surprised when their husbands leave them, they're just in denial or outright lying to save face. NEXT!

1410 days ago


I like her. She deserved at least a heads up. What an *******. Ben,your music sucks buckets of duckets in lawyers fees!!

1410 days ago



Wow, I didn't know that about Harper and Dern, however I did know about Billy Bob and forgot? These are some really nasty people. Still, Harper only wanted Dern for her fame, and now she knows it. I always had a big crush on her, but she is living her life in a meanspirited way, and her relationship, which was built on cheating, sex, and lies, ended the same way it began. Evil and wrong doing, breeds more evil and wrong doing.

And now that I think about this, Harper picked a date early this year for the end of his relationship with Dern, according to the divorce papers? Could he be indicating that he learned of her cheating on him...beginning with that date? It is something to really think about? I mean, why did he specifically select that date? Maybe he is the one that is the victim here. Still, based upon their collectively poor behavior, they deserve each other, whatever may have happened!!!

1410 days ago


I can't wait to find out whom the woman he is cheating on Laura with! Sad!

1410 days ago

Jeanie Terrill    

Laura Dern was blind-sided by divorce papers? I doubt that. It seems weird this is the second time she loses her man and somehow didn't know what was going on. Either she is oblivious in relationships which could be the reason men leave her or she is really stupid. The kids aren't losing their Dad and I am sure they will be fine. Perhaps, Ms. Dern needs to take a look at herself befor she is "stunned" by another man walking out on her.

1410 days ago


I love Laura Dern. Saw an interview once with Steven Spielberg about why he chose her for "Jurassic Park"...He said she was an "honest actress", and I agree. She is incredibly talented and will be just fine.

I actually didn't even know she and Ben Harper were married until I read this.

1410 days ago

Brigham Young    

Seems nobody is loyal or faithful anymore. Like kids in a candy store, they want to "taste it all".

She can do better than fugly Ben Whoever.

1410 days ago


Never even heard of him.

1410 days ago


well - never heard of her, but she is surely the ugliest thing i have seen on the internet all day. Ben Harper - sorry for you too bro. she probably was much prettier when you fell for her, but some women just turn to crap after a while, and that bag-o-crap you ended up with just took it hard on the chin and face. i bet the rest is also saggin. maybe she will do a video with justin bieber and reinvigorate her career or whatever, but you, my friend, should look harder for the next one. check the mom - and get a prenup!

1410 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Well, let's just say, the years have not been kind to Laura Dern! But her husband is still an ass! She was smoking hot in the Jurassik Park, but why the hell didn't she get some cosmetic facial work done? She has the perfekt kind of face that benefits from a little nips and tucks here and there!

1410 days ago
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