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Angus T. Jones

$3,000 Playdate

with Miley Cyrus

10/10/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He usually makes $300,000 per episode to appear on TV ... but "Two and Half Men" star Angus T. Jones took a big, fat pay cut to share some screen time with Miley Cyrus a few months ago.

Jones -- who just turned 17-years-old -- guest starred on "Hannah Montana" back in July ... and because he was a minor when he signed his contract, the docs had to be filed with the L.A. County Superior Court.

According to the paperwork, obtained by TMZ, Jones raked in a cool $2,808 -- plus he got his own dressing room -- to play an "obnoxious new kid" named T.J. on the show ...  a one week working commitment.

It's chump change compared to the ridiculous scrilla he makes on "Men" ... but there are plenty of people who would gladly PAY tons money to get that close to Miley for a day.


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Lynn M    

Just read the full People article. A couple of things stood out:

1) She says she not only told her mom, but she do***ented the alleged Jan attack in an email to her attorney (but didn't call the police as she was so afraid of Mel)

2) She was calm on the tapes becasue she was "so exhausted".

3) Mel kept calling to have her come home from the basketball game because Lucia was crying and he didn't like the babysitter.

4)She took the pictures of herself.

5)She feared she would never be able to prove that the tapes were accurate and not doctored.

6)She's going to use the child support to get out of debt.

7)Mel "basically" offered to settle it (the case), and then her attorney found out he wanted to litigate - fight (huh?).

8)Her expanation for the Feb 18th incident is bizarre and makes no sense. It sounds like he was mad because she took Lucia into the house during the tree planting ceremony, which was for Lucia. She says he was yelling because she was talking to the garderner. Her leaving early with the baby makes more sense to me.

9) She falls on the bed on Jan 6th and covers Lucia, not protecting herslf and somehow Mel chokes her with both hands to the point of almost passing out(no marks on neck, however) and manages to hit her twice in the face while she is covering Lucia. She also says he hit Lucia at the end of the swing (What, he was hitting downward?)

10) It is now a cut on Lucia's face, not a bruise. She must have seen the pics of the baby pimple and said, "Opps! Gotta make the story fit!).

11) Says Gibson's claim she was carrying the baby like a ragdoll is a lie but also admits she ran to the pool.

12) Claims he brandished a gun in the kitchen when she returned for her keys.

13) The babysitter was not there during the alleged Jan 6 incident. She left after Oksana arrived.

14) She denied he had ever been like this before (Jan 6)

15) There is no mention of Mel's son being there.

My sense is this article will hurt her in the long run. Too many inconsistancies. She even doubts the authenticity of the tapes enough to worry.

The Jan 6th incident seems to have been set off when Oksana refused to come home to take care of Lucia, who apparently wouldn't stop crying (so Oksana wasn't nursing?).

This "victim" is a piece of work. This article ceratinly seems to provide enough inconsistencies to cuase one to question her motives.

1474 days ago

Lynn M    


FYI - My last posting posted to the wrong article.

1474 days ago


Honestly I don't care how much this kid makes, or any other kid on television. I find it sickening that parents of these kids see nothing wrong with making them work like an adult, think it's fine for them to get tutoring that amounts to basically a level of education below a GED (there are tons of stories about how the top tutors have a waiting list because they do the school work FOR the kids and everyone wants to use them for their kid). It's as though they would gladly hand their child a life like Lindsay Lohan in return for paychecks.

1474 days ago


It doesn't matter how much bread this chunky little yellow-toofed smurf makes, Miley has way more money and is unlikely to look at this troll with a Bieber haircut.

1474 days ago


Why is this fat, ugly little **** so pampered? He will fade away when that vulgar show, "Two and a Half Men", goes off the air.

1473 days ago


This guy is really very famous and totally anonymous, i didn't even know his real name, this is how all actors should be, far far away from being fame ho's, just anonymous great actors!

1473 days ago


Proof that cute kids rarely translate into good looking adults.

1473 days ago


..and in that episode Hanna give him a lap dance! LOL

1473 days ago


Does Disney equal cheapskates?If you look at the list of highest paid child stars, you'll see that Nick pays Miranda Cosgrove $180,000 an episode for iCarly, yet Disney pays Miley Cyrus about $15,000 an episode.

How does that work?Both shows share similar ratings, yet Hannah Montana has been on the air a year and a half longer and Cyrus is without a doubt the bigger star.

1473 days ago


i think the kid is worth every penny, he gets for 2 1/2 men, and so is the lady playing sheens mother on the show. they are a very important part of the shows sucess.

1473 days ago


this kid is worth every penny! i think he and the lady playing sheens mother are very important to the show.

1473 days ago

o rly    

He already stars on a show for idiots called "Two and Half Men" and now he had a guest appearance on a show for children, they probably share the same audience, or at best, the same I.Q. level.

1473 days ago


Id pay doubble that to keep Miley Cyrus AWAY from me.

1473 days ago


Wow, with all that cash from his new contract maybe he could get some plastic surgery to improve his looks. He is uggy.

1473 days ago


Some advice for him. Save your money, your future prospects in Hollywood don't look that favorable. When the shows over get out and live a normal life. If you hadn't been very young when the show started, its not likely you would have that opportunity to make big bucks, so plan accordingly. I doubt if you get that shot again.
Embrace the phrase "'Memba Him?", I think its in your future

1473 days ago
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