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Oksana Names Key Witness in Domestic Violence Case

10/10/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva told Sheriff's deputies there was another person present the night Mel Gibson allegedly assaulted her -- and if true -- he could be the key witness in a possible domestic violence case.

Sources close to Oksana tell TMZ she told cops a man named Tony was in the house the night of the alleged assault.  She claims Tony is a security guard and driver for Mel.

But here's the rub.  We can't find anyone named Tony who worked for Mel at the time.

Nonetheless ... Oksana told investigators she's positive Tony was at Mel's Malibu home that night and she believes he saw at least part of the altercation -- though she's unsure how much he actually witnessed.

Obviously, any witness to the alleged incident would be huge if domestic violence charges are filed  against Mel ... but as of now that's a big "if."


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Damn Tony, Mel couldn't find him either when he needed him.

1483 days ago


We should give Oksana a one way ticket to Mars.

Posted at 2:08 AM on Oct 10, 2010 by KoalaBabe

How about Pluto? Mars is a little to close. she might find her way back.

1483 days ago


Tony the Tiger?

What next Mickey Mouse.

Back to bed I just got up to feed the cats.

Posted at 2:37 AM on Oct 10, 2010 by Kilmerfan

Kermit the Frog waiting for Miss Oinky in the Jacuzzi. Or perhaps ET hiding in the closet waiting til the coast was clear so he could phone home.

1483 days ago


Oh so now we have a "Tony" for the investigators to chase - a fictious Tony likely - Just slows up the investigations is all it does - This woman is a "piece of work"!
Oksana - give it up - you boxed yourself into this corner - Okay - Mel likely yelled at you - I think from what you are showing us he had his reasons - you would drive any sane person into "nutso ville" - Gosh I don't know you and I'd like to send you into the "Rose Garden" for a psych evalutation"
Honey - you are driving more nails into your coffin as you keep speaking - You trapped him with an anchor child - okay - so now you get 18 years of child support - Give it up now dear - you are NOT nor will ever be admired - respected - thought well of - you just don't get it do you? You're a womb for the last of 8 children - not a famous pianist - not a celebrity - not a wife - just a womb - a baby mama - Please for your sake - not for Mel's who will survive this - but for yours - STFU! You just dig a deeper hole for yourself with all these fabrications and media blitz's - IT'S NOT WORKING FOR YOU!!!! No one will ever believe you - No matter how long or hard you cry "wolf" it's not going to work - You're toast honey so get on with life and leave this behind you - I am truly ashamed of your actions - let's do better from here on forward-

1483 days ago

Lynn M    

I ran across the reference to the lawyer email while looking for the answer to the mytery man. Oksana's got a problem keeping the lie, ah, er, "story" straight.

“He hit me in the face with a fist and broke two of my front teeth, as well as he was choking me with his elbow and squishing my face down with the palm of his hand,” Oksana wrote her lawyer shortly after midnight January 7.

“He even hit Lucia.”

“He went completely violent while I was holding our two month old baby crying in my arms,” she wrote to the lawyer.

Oksana wrote that after Mel hit her: “He yelled so loudly in my face for 15 minutes at least. I was trying to run away outside, begging him to stop.”

(Per ROL story)

Unfortunately, it conflicts with the People story:

Example "Then he just hit me twice with the fist. Boom, boom, boom, to my head and my mouth. I fell on top of the bed. I'm just covering the baby and not protecting myself. He proceeds to choke me with both his hands (I thought it was his arm?). He was screaming in my face. Everything was happening very fast. At that point I'm blacking out but I'm holding the baby, and I see a little blood on her chin."

As for Lucia's injury:
"He punched me in the mouth, and the end of the blow brushed her chin' (Where was Lucia? Above Oks head?) Then she said they ran to the pool, barefoot but she had to go back into the kitchen to get her keys and this is where he brandished the gun.

She says she has no idea why he was angry and he gets angry for no specific reason.(Mel calling her throughout the game saying, " Where are you? I hate this babysitter! The baby's crying!" isn't a clue?!!!!)

Great mom, isn't she?

1483 days ago


What's next Oksana? It was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick?

1483 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Tony, Ok$ana's little imaginary friend.LOL

"They are coming to take me away ha ha
they are coming to take me away ho ho hee hee ha ha
to the funny farm
where life is beautiful all the time
and I'll be happy to see
those nice, young men
in their clean, white coats
and they are coming to take me away, ha-haaa!"

1483 days ago

little aussie reader    

What's next Oksana? It was Professor Plum in the library with the candlestick?

Posted at 3:30 AM on Oct 10, 2010 by Bubba

Haven't you been paying attention? It was Oksana in her nightgown and barefeet with the baby, Alexander, the babysitter, Jimmy the sound guy and Tony under the bed and Mr Gibson with the frothing mouth, the saliva, the gun and the chokey-chokey hands in the bedroom. Geez, she's telling it straight - keep up Bubba - ROFL

1483 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Mishie,

are you still leafing through the phone book looking for Tony?

You will not find him, KoalaBabe said he went snorkeling and got eaten by the shark. Poor Tony...

1483 days ago


Am not sure if TMZ is doing maintenance here tonight but its been almost impossible to call up specific topic pages but especially the comments. Have tried for over a half hour just to read comments here. The main title came up, clicked on comments and the only thing on the page that would show was the black and red TMZ banner at the top of the page. Tried reading comments from page to page, nothing would come up except TMZ banner. Then all of a sudden as I was giving up, first and last pages showed up after several more tried. Hope this interuption is technical difficulties only, as other earlier in the evening on the OG video topic page were concerned with hackers or interlopers. Am sure if the site was being worked on TMZ would have posted a message to that effect. Not sure if this will get through.

1483 days ago

Lynn M    

Here's the story on the "fourth" witness but I can't find the one that talked about it possibly being Oksana's sound guy. I know I read it somewhere.

1483 days ago


Oksana does have difficulty with her witnesses. The time she really had them, they disagreed with her version of events. That was when she said Mel hit her son in front of witnesses. The witnesses all reported Mel and Alexander were horsing around at the time.

It is no wonder she prefers the more "light and airy" variety.

1483 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Cat #111

I had the same problem, had to go back and forth and out of the site. The "wonders" of technology, makes me want to throw my laptop out of the window, lol.

1483 days ago

Fidel's niece    

@ Mishie,
maybe Tony DID find Hoffa,
and now Tony is sleeping with the fishes.

You crack me up, "back in 80 years"lol

1483 days ago


I know who Tony is !!! It's Tony Danza she was watching Reruns of Who's the Boss!!
Because the telly was on she must think he saw it all!!

1483 days ago
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