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'Sister Wife' #4 -- Smells Like Polygamy

10/10/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown spent some quality time with his newest bride, Robyn Sullivan, by going perfume shopping at a mall in Utah in yesterday.

Scent of a sister wife.


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that dude has a real busy bed or beds lucky f*cker .

1471 days ago


These two will FOREVER smell like pigs.H.i*t as far as i'm concerned!

POS x 2!!!

1471 days ago


MMMMMMM! Smells like teen spirit! YEEEE Hawwww!

1471 days ago

South Beach    

My money is on the fact that not a single one of these "marriages" is legally recorded with their county or state. Doesn't matter unless charges are brought against the guy, then they don't apply, or anyone files for compensation from Social Security. Then it matters.

If LEO cannot produce multiple marriage certificates, they got nada. If it's not filed, it doesn't count LEGALLY.

1471 days ago


i bet this wife gets more action if ya know what i mean than the other blond pigs does just look at her she is gonna be very busy... making baby ..what...30 i don't know the number but i know its up there. oh and by the way her other kids from her prev marraige can screw the other kids caz they are no BLOOD relation just keeping it in the family

1471 days ago


i bet she gets more action than the rest of his "women" just look at her and the rest of the blond hogs.....

1471 days ago


This guy needs help. What man wants to be married to 4 women. Being married to 1 is bad enough!

1471 days ago


Yeah, she's really cute, the rest not so much. Still, he's nuts for marring 4 women. ONE is too much.

1471 days ago


Just give it some time....after she's had 5 or 6 kids with him like his second and third wives...she'll look the same as they do!

1471 days ago


this dude is just trying to justify his screwing around in the name of religion. what bs and how disgusting. why does the dude get all the variety yet the women can only have him? the 3 he isn't legally married to pregnant each with a bunch of kids and they collect welfare to support them since there isn't really a way for someone to support all those chirruns. he is a pos and the women are stupid for putting up with his bull**** and the poor kids are just caught in between their parents' sick sick lives. mormon freaks!!

1471 days ago


Actually, according to news reports, Utah is a common law marriage state. He doesn't have to have a marriage license and legally marry any of them to be considered married to them. If he shares a home, finances, etc and they conduct themselves as married people, the state can consider him married. He is legally married on paper to one of the woman and certainly seems to fit the criteria of common law with the others.

1471 days ago


Utah is for freaks!

1471 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

What kind of racket is this guy into that he can support all of these wives and kids.

1471 days ago


Lucky dude, unlucky women, unlucky children.

Research has proven that men benefit the most from marriage, contrary to popular belief that it's women who trick men into marriage. Women don't benefit at all...quality life of a single woman and a married woman is the same.

I guess this guy figured, well if I do it 4x, my happiness will be quadrupled! Oh you fool, good luck.

1471 days ago


Yuck!! These women are so pathetic. Why cater to this guy. Dare I suggest he is running his personal brothel!!!!

1471 days ago
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