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'Sister Wife' #4 -- Smells Like Polygamy

10/10/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown spent some quality time with his newest bride, Robyn Sullivan, by going perfume shopping at a mall in Utah in yesterday.

Scent of a sister wife.


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Jancis M. Andrews    

Why do people refer to these immature women as "wives?" They're not, since multiple marriage is illegal. They're concubines in Kody the Copulator's harem. Why any self-respecting woman would allow herself to be degraded in this way beats me -- unless they feel they can't handle washing a dish on their own, but need other women to help them. What's the bet Kody the Copulator never washes a dish? He's got it made!

1473 days ago


This is so messed up why is TLC promoting this nonsense. The new wives will be coming just to get on TV. This whole situation is soo very sickening what ever happen to love and devotion.

1473 days ago

Sad and Sick    

I really hate when this show is on. It is a sick show and it SHOULD BE TAKEN OFF THE AIR. Why would people want to watch a man that has more than one woman? There is to many people that cheat on their spouse as it is. The stupid people that put this show together need to think about the children that cast in it. Why would you let them think that this kind of lifestyle is good or approved?

1473 days ago


I'll watch when it's a lifestyle of one woman/wife and severasl men/husbands. It takes more than one man to really take care of a household anyway because most of them have to be poked and prodded to do their own fair share of the load. As well as the ones who are "60... second men" maybe being a wife with several husbands a woman could finally get some sexual satisfaction and not have to rely on her own talents or toys. With competitors the guys might step up to the plate and put a little effort in it!

1473 days ago

lex77's Jeff Bridges and Caroline Kennedy!!!

1473 days ago


They are all making a lot of $$$$ by acting like common trash, and letting the world watch them do it.These women are nothing but trailer trash.

1473 days ago


Interesting... Utah law recognizes Common Law Marriage. If they co-habitate, and or Have a reputation of being husband and wife, and are capable of giving consent and getting married - they are married. So having one legal wife with three sister wives (having had a commitment ceremony that allows them to co-habitate as dictated by their religion) makes them felons. The State of Utah needs to get busy!

1473 days ago


This man has three wives and eleven children at home who are all depending upon him as a husband and father. As ridiculous as that is to begin with, that *IS* the situation. He has fourteen people in his wagon.

And here he is, like some 14-year-old on Saturday afternoon at the mall, shopping perfume with his latest girlfriend (wife/whatever).

You just have to shake your head at the lack of marbles in some people.

1473 days ago


i am so tired and concerned about these sick and abnormal alternative behaviors and lifestyles. The deviantes want the majority of us to ok their perverse ways??? i think not!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1473 days ago

bella bell    

I do not understand why we are having an issue with this guy having 4 wives. Where is OUR understanding? We are forced to accept gay rights lifestyle, why not a polygamist lifestyle?

If our society can tolerate gay pride then I see nothing different with polygamy!

I do not chose a gay or polygamy lifestyle BUT if you demand I be tolerant of one then show the same tolerance of the other!

1473 days ago

Ur Gay    

#24 Corky-

I'm glad we can all agree to disagree!

I disagree with you- He would be cute if he could stay at home or take out a wife -say the first wife, he married and stay faithful to her.
I bet if you were in this equation you would not think of him as "cute" or "it is what it is"?
"Open Minds" is one thing but the kids, if not home schooled will be mocked in the community; and he has already said (Jealousy) is an issue!
I agree let's keep an "open mind" like you would have us to-
when does he have time to meet other women, is he eyeing #5? Are we paying for that families upkeep, if so, is he no better than Octomom!
HIV_AIDS-STDS-of all kinds; what does he expose these women to-is he caught up in the tv moment and marrying yet again-and why are people putting the other wives down, why call them names according to you "it is what it is"?
This I will say-he will have no accountability-to the wives or to the kids, and in the end-this family will fall apart and the kids will be emotional wrecks as well as their mothers.
Who will pick up the financial and emotional tab?
There's my "open mindedness"!
Good luck to you in life Corky-I imagine it will be carefree and sad!
Still we can agree to disagree!
For that I am glad.

1473 days ago


What a sick group of people....I would never let a man use my body simply for his pleasures while making out with other women. This whole thing makes me sick! And it makes those women look desperate and dumb! Poor kids!

1473 days ago



1473 days ago


I love this guy he has a great set-up! Tell me what man would not like his arrangement! You know those women aren't going to skip a night when it is their turn. This guy is on call 365 nights a year. The man just works his scheduled rotation and if one of his gals acts up he cuts her off for a couple turns cause he knows his action isn't going away. The man has it made.

However, I think he should work a two a week roation with the new wife and tell his big gals they need to shed some weight. Use that jealousy to motivated their backsides.

So, I ran the idea of adding a sister wife by my wife just to see how that might go. Unfortunately, she told that when number two moves in, number one moves out. Dang! Some guys get all the breaks.

I hope Cody finds number five before the season ends. He is the man.

1473 days ago

Ur Gay    

#46 John
Are you for real?
Sounds like your wife is a smart lady except for marrying you?!

1473 days ago
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