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'Sister Wife' #4 -- Smells Like Polygamy

10/10/2010 9:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown spent some quality time with his newest bride, Robyn Sullivan, by going perfume shopping at a mall in Utah in yesterday.

Scent of a sister wife.


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The muslim culture allows you multiple wives... The more you have shows your standing in the culture.... here they just have multiple mistresses.....and wives don't know it.... Tiger Woods Sandra Bullock to name just two.... who cares anyway....

1473 days ago


As I mentioned before, I just feel bad for the kids. Growing up in a freak house with an overly horny father and 4 obnoxiously desperate mothers must be no easy feat.

1473 days ago


Geez....I wonder who is favorite is. Maybe the young, skinny one????

1473 days ago


I believe that one of the premises of the Morman religion is to populate the earth with more Mormans in order to carry on the religion, which is why polygamy was started in the first place by the original leaders of the church. More wives, more children. Due to a comprimise between the leaders of the church and the government, the Mormans in the late 1800's or early 1900's, wrote an amendment to their church's policy denying their belief in polygamy. It doesn't mean that some still don't live by the original doctrine.

1473 days ago


@commenter #4: you have to read the by-laws of that state. Doesn't matter if he's actually married to all of them or not. According to the law there if you're even living like a polygamist, it is against the laws of that state.

1473 days ago


How the hell can he afford this?

1473 days ago


"How the hell can he afford this?"

I'll tell ya how - he's on telebision!

1473 days ago


G.Blank, close. Mormons believe in a pre-existence and that there are lots of spirits that have been waiting there eons to be born. They even believe they were all friends and they chose who would be each other's parents/children on earth.

Anyhow, they believe the world can't end until all these children are born and get a human body. So they want to have as many as possible (that they can financially and emotionally support, anyway) born to Mormon families otherwise they will go to bad families (i.e. non-Mormon.)

I was born fifth generation Mormon, ugh.

1473 days ago


And the reason they started the polygamy was that in pioneer times when they were traveling to Utah with carts and wagons, many of the men died, and that left a lot of widows and their kids alone. So they'd have the men take other wives so they'd be taken care of.

Or you could go with J. Smith being a pervert and wanting to justify his grabbing up all the young girls (which is my personal belief in what started it.)

1473 days ago


I can't believe this guy and his wives. This is just strange.

1473 days ago


How does a he find time to take appropriate care of his family and court a new wife? Who covers for him time wise?

1472 days ago


This whole situation is just strange. The only wife that is legally married to him is the first one. And their kid is the only legitimate one. The rest are illegitimate. I have only seen one episode and that was enough for me. The one woman just seems to like the fact that she goes to work and one of the other "wives" takes care of her kids. She even stated that she would rather be at work than home with her kids. I guess this is one way to get free childcare. These women must have really low self esteem if they think it is ok to live in this man's house as his whores. I can't wait for the tell all book that at least one of the kids will be writing in the future.

1472 days ago

too weird    

I just get sick of paying the tab for them to live this way. The majority of polygamous families live off our dime not their own. I would love to not work and be a stay at home mom. Unfortunately the gov won't support me.
Its just too weird. Can you imagine being ok that your husband is out on a date with someone else?

1472 days ago


Certain commentators have referred to these people as Mormons... this is not true. The Mormon church does not practice polygamy and looks down on those that do as apostate and not part of their faith.

1472 days ago


I can't believe TLC gave this perv a show! He is going bald,he's a social moron and he seems not to be sympethic to his wives or kids. He appears to be very cold whe kissing them. According to the other wives, they are not happy with the new one. Who does he think he is? Not in anyway a hot property, he shows no feelings, acts like a d--k. These poor women are pathetic, fat, and unintelligent, and are loosers. That's why he picks them, they have nowhere to go. He's arrogent, thinks he's hot, Not! In the real world who would give him a second look? I think TLC has lost their minds on this one. This is a disgusting show.

1472 days ago
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