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Conrad Murray to Joe Jackson: Objection!!!

10/11/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is making it clear -- he will fight Joe Jackson tooth and nail in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

In new legal documents -- obtained by TMZ -- Dr. Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, is asking the judge to throw out statements attributed to Michael Jackson ... that Katherine Jackson was acting as an agent -- a go-between -- in funneling support money to Joe.

Peckham says the claims that Katherine was Michael's agent -- made by Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, and Leonard Rowe, the self-proclaimed former MJ advisor, are nothing but rank hearsay.

For example, Oxman said in legal papers filed last week, "[Michael Jackson] supported his father, Joseph Jackson, by making payments to his mother, Katherine Jackson, on a monthly basis."  Peckham calls Oxman an "incompetent legal expert."

Peckham also claims there is no proof Rowe ever served as Michael's advisor.


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Is it me or do Conrad Murray and Joe kinda resemble?

1472 days ago


Yeah, they are both toilet paper smears

1472 days ago


What a piece of **** is this Murray. But look, MJ is not dead.

1472 days ago


this whole thing is just so sad...i just pray for the well being of michaels children and that michael can finally rest in peace..

1472 days ago


The Jackson family need to get better legal representation. Is Brian Oxman the best they can do?

1472 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Wow. Joe Jackson looks like one of those furry creatures from the movie Critters.

1472 days ago


Ugly Joe needs some of Michaels kids money to support his old FAT vegas $lut and daughter. He is a pig and a joke

1472 days ago


don't get me wrong, Murray's head should have been on a stick in the afternoon of June 25 2009

But fan or no fan, fair is fair.


The lawsuit, If before criminal, violates the constitutional rights of Murray against self incriminating.

I hope judge sees right thru what Oxman and Joe is trying to do and throw this case out. what an emberrasment. Jacksons are putting me in a postion to side with Murray, that taste like s(hit) in my mouth! I pray wholeheartedly that Jacksons get jobs and stop exploiting Michael and his children!


1472 days ago

Y do he got    

hearsay is used all the time in the courts...I would object to the court ruleing that JOE can`t go after voodoo unless he was being payed by MJ WTF that doesn`t matter at all.The lose of a son or loss of a family member is sued ALL THE TIME in court rooms coast to coast without there ever being money being payed...the court room is stacked and on the tilly for SONY viacom the judge is owned and controlled by the hollywood system as they all are.Doc voodoo is just one more hitman with a doctor`s badge to hide behind.

1472 days ago


EXCLUSIVE: 'Puppet' Katherine Jackson Being Controlled By Son Randy & Naked Wrestling Boss
Posted on Oct 11, 2010 @ 01:30PM print it send it

Splash News Online
Katherine Jackson was persuaded by her son, Randy, to file the wrongful death lawsuit against AEG, has exclusively learned.

“Katherine didn't want to sue AEG for Michael's death,” a source with knowledge of the situation tells us.

PHOTOS: Katherine Jackson Holds Memorial For King Of Pop In His Hometown

“Katherine was ultimately swayed by her son Randy to sue AEG.

“Most people assume that the lawsuit was Joe's -- and that Joe controls Katherine, but Randy has much more control of Katherine than Joe does.

COURT DO***ENTS: Katherine Jackson To Debbie Rowe In Court Battle -- You Want Too Much

“Joe spends a majority of his time in Las Vegas.

“Randy lives in Southern California and sees Katherine at least 4-5 times a week."

PHOTOS: Michael Jackson - A Life In Pictures

The wrongful death lawsuit that Katherine filed against AEG stunned even her closest advisers who weren't notified about the action.

“Katherine has a couple of business associates that are independent of any Jackson family control or influence,” said the source.

PHOTOS: Inside Michael Jackson's Mansion

“Those associates weren't told about the lawsuit and were absolutely stunned, as they had advised her in the past not to sue AEG.”

Michael's three children, who live at the Jackson family Encino compound, are going to have to endure their dad's name being dragged through the mud again, the source claimed.

PHOTOS: Stars Gather For We Are The World Remake

“Michael's children are going to suffer the most because of this lawsuit,” added the source.

“It's truly sad that they are going to have to go through this. The kids will hear unflattering things about their dad because of this lawsuit.

PHOTOS: Elizabeth Taylor Takes Michael Jackson's Kids To Universal Studios

“They are the real victims in all of this.”

Randy Jackson is responsible for introducing Howard Mann, the founder of the Naked Women's Wrestling League, to his mom.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Death Threats

Said the source, “It was Howard Mann's idea to have Katherine and Joe appear on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

“Katherine is for all intents and purposes a puppet for Randy and Howard for financial gain for the two of them.

PHOTOS: Joe Jackson Takes The Kids To Las Vegas

"Katherine is biting the hand that feeds her by suing AEG.

“One of the reasons Michael's estate is getting out of the red, and making a profit, is because of the footage AEG shot of Michael during his rehearsals, which ended up being turned into the movie that has made the estate very, very rich.”

1472 days ago


Who will defend Michael and put his murderer in jail for life,so that his poor soul will rest in peace.
The poor children have been through so much since last year but nobody cares for them,they are alone.
I wonder if Michael wanted his children in a house full of aunts,uncles,cousins,even his father.

1472 days ago


Everyone is blaming different people in the circles round Katherine and Joe. Randy is making Katherine sue, Howard Mann came up with the Oprah-idea etc.

Katherine is an adult. She makes her own choices. Noone but herself is responsible for her actions! She has a choice to say "No!"

1472 days ago


I'm sorry, I still don't get why anyone is blaming the dr for Michaels death. Michael willingly took the drugs. He would have taken them no matter which dr gave them to him. Michael is responsible for his own death. I guess waiting for ole Joe to feel some sort of shame for his behavior is just not going to happen. He has no shame.

1472 days ago


nothing is going to happen to murray ,,you need not give it a second thought.. and whats more murray knows it no matter what kind of facial expression he portrays for the internet , tv , and cameras..even though he is lying about everything he is being well you think he made sure he was seen in his mason garb by accident?? no that was deliberate.. its his way off saying back off, i'm protected.. and he dont worry about murray.. besides michael is alive...

1472 days ago

H.Sylvie Girard    

Nous ne sommes pas ici pour juger qui que ce soit, je crois que c'est extrêmement difficile de perdre un enfant et malgré leurs différents la famille Jackson est très solidaire et unie!Je souhaite seulement que ce qu'ils font serve à Michael car il n'aimait ni la chicane ni les profiteurs!!!Je prie pour cette famille que j'aime mais surtout pour Michael.Love you desperately and for eternity Michael J.Jackson with all my soul my sweetheart, you are my first and my last LOVE eternally

1472 days ago
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