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Conrad Murray to Joe Jackson: Objection!!!

10/11/2010 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Conrad Murray is making it clear -- he will fight Joe Jackson tooth and nail in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit.

In new legal documents -- obtained by TMZ -- Dr. Murray's lawyer, Charles Peckham, is asking the judge to throw out statements attributed to Michael Jackson ... that Katherine Jackson was acting as an agent -- a go-between -- in funneling support money to Joe.

Peckham says the claims that Katherine was Michael's agent -- made by Joe's lawyer, Brian Oxman, and Leonard Rowe, the self-proclaimed former MJ advisor, are nothing but rank hearsay.

For example, Oxman said in legal papers filed last week, "[Michael Jackson] supported his father, Joseph Jackson, by making payments to his mother, Katherine Jackson, on a monthly basis."  Peckham calls Oxman an "incompetent legal expert."

Peckham also claims there is no proof Rowe ever served as Michael's advisor.


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#15 I totally disagree with you and its sad that you think that way,Murray had the responsibility
as Doctor to protect his patient and practice medicine only thinking on the patient's wellbeing.Dr.Murray did not do that, he was aware that administrating this drug to Mj without the necessary equipments to act if something went wrong was beyond reckless,he knew it could kill Michael but he did not care,I'm just asking where is the ethic,Where is the love and respect for the life of another human-being.Michael is NOT responsible for his own death Dr.Murray is.

P.s forget is Michael Jackson, think is your dad,you brother,your best-friend,your mom or your sister...Wouldn't you want the person that took away his\her life, and did not care ,to go behind bars? ..

1452 days ago


I agree with Willo take it all the way are certainly entitled to!!

Of course Mr. Jackson has standing to file a wrongful death lawsuit for the murder of his son Michael.

I am praying for your success Mr. Jackson.

Thank goodness he has the energy to keep these matters before the Courts especially before the trial of Conrad Murray otherwise all interest will disappear. Mr. Jackson is the singularly most important cog in this whole scenario.

Requiscant in pace Michael.


1452 days ago


michael is soon to return, so prepare yourselves.. he'll have a good explanation...and he'll be just as sweet and kind as he was before these dramatic events had to take geek your self up to be kind to everyone ,, thats what we all need ,, positive behavior,, positive thinking, and just plain kindness for a change.. try it ,, it will be fun,, it'll make you feel good,, and it'll make michael proud!!!!

1452 days ago


I am sorry to say that Oxman is incompetent.The Jacksons really need better legal advisers.

1452 days ago


Posted at 4:33 PM on Oct 11, 2010 by OhWell

Old stuff OhWell, same old s***

How is Deb?

1452 days ago



This is for you (and your kitty)


1452 days ago


Greedy Dr. Murray ignored patient safety for money, killed Michael Jackson, and deserves to be in Prison and financially suffer and given Joe Jackson’s age it is legitimate that Michael Jackson despite early life differences with his father - contributed money to his senior citizen father and would have continued had Dr. Murray not murdered Michael Jackson.

Joe Jackson is doing legal and ethical things to punish Dr. Murray through being at the criminal hearings and filing lawsuits and had Dr. Murray done the same ethical things Michael Jackson would still be alive and with his children and family.

1452 days ago


One day, Michael Jackson's children will read all the backstabbing & bloodsucking this family has put their father through...and you know what?

They will resent these forkers and distance themselves from the rest of the Jacksons...the same way Michael distanced himself from that pitiful family after 2005.

I pray that day comes soon for Michael Jr, Paris & Prince. They deserve a lot better...their father taught them better.

I hope someone like Elizabeth Taylor, who never backstabbed MJ unlike his bloodsucking parents, will still be around to guide them to understand their horrible family.

Sadly, they nor MJ chose the Jacksons...but God put him in the middle of these uneducated savages..and he handled it the best he having his bodyguard pulled a gun on keeping Joe away, by ignoring Jermaine & his deadbeat ass, by not picking up the phone when Janet can probably add another dozen.

All these Michael Jackson fans supporting the are hypocritical. If you think MJ is not turning in his grave at the moment you are delusional & need your head examined.

Michael is probably cursing the day he was born ...into that family right about now.

Prince is already year, he should go to a judge and request emancipation. The estate won't have to provide Katherine and her deadbeat spawn with anything other than her 26 000$ a month. She will continue worshipping HER God, Money, until she expires.

I know this all sounds crazy...but believe me, in the Jacksons (except for Michael's 3 kids) all makes sense.

1452 days ago


I hope Joe is going to fight tooth and nails also, and it should be for the loss of his son, who was a beautiful person. Joe Jackson remember that Dr Quack (Murray) took Michael out of this world. R.I.P michael My love!

1452 days ago


@47 Elizabeth Taylor would not have looked Michaels way if he was a regular person..Michael would not appreciate you downing his parents. He knows what his parents are going through and all of the abuse they are taking because of people like you that tore him up when he was alive. If you were a true fan you would never down the woman he loved most in the world HIS MOTHER!

1452 days ago


Peckham calls Oxman an "incompetent legal expert."



1452 days ago


Thank God HumanNature you're here please read post #47 and respond. Thanks. (thosewhoknowdonttalk)

1452 days ago
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