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Courteney Cox Was In On Howard Stern Comments

10/13/2010 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Courteney Cox knew exactly what David Arquette was going to say to Howard Stern Tuesday, right down to the comment about having sex with another woman.

David Arquette on Howard Stern.

Sources in a position to know tell TMZ ... David and Courteney talked before David made his appearance on Howard's radio show, and she was "fine" with what David would say.

But here's a twist ... David just tweeted he "shared too much" on the Stern show, adding, "It's alright for me to be honest about my own feelings but in retrospect some of the information I provided involved others and for that I am sorry and humbled."

Life is complicated ...



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Mr Truth in my own mind     

Mark - I just read your comment and I applaud you and the truth - thank you!

1471 days ago


Nothing is sacred anymore. It's a strange world we live in. And that Jasmine chick, her parents must be proud knowing that their daughters claim to fame is sleeping her way thru Hollyweird. And people wonder why STD's are at a all time high. The only victim here is a little girl named Coco. Women...get some self respect already and keep your pants on and just maybe, you will get respect from the people around you. I can see Jasmine already looking up Gloria Allred... "hello Gloria, yea its me Jazzy... I just banged a married man and I need some cash NOW" What a trio of freaks these people are.

1471 days ago


1. Saying this stuff on radio means he doesn't WANT to get back together. It's over. She's OK with it? That's why it's over. She doesn't care. If that didn't get a reaction nothing will.

2. That Cougar Town is the worst written and acted piece of dreck on TV in a long, long time.

3. It's prpbably Micheal Lohan's fault, too......

1471 days ago


Hey TMZ David Schwimmer just announced he got married last June. That announcement was over two and one-half hours ago. Whuzzup with your team?

1471 days ago


Big Yawn here.....its either a PR stunt for the show & Movie they are doing together or David trying to out do Tiger wood!! lolol And what is up with those sunglasses Jasmine. I mean come on now, they look pretty BIG for your face and you!! Another slut comes out of the closet!! hahahaha ok back to sleeping zzzzzzzzzzz

1471 days ago


The more I read, the more I realize that Courtney is the one that really wanted OUT of this marriage and she's letting David take the fall for it. If she quit having sex with her husband then I'm pretty darn sure it's because she's already getting it somewhere else and she's encouraging him to do the same to ease her guilt.

1471 days ago

bring back recent posts    

A GENTLEMAN doesn't kiss and tell, shows me what he is all about, separated or not.

1471 days ago

Mr Truth in my own mind     

Look at all the comments on this page.

the women - jealous, haters. Always have something wrong with somebody. I guess haters, gonna hate.

The men - not hating, just oberserving.

Sorry - The Truth has spoken (kind like "The Situation", but different).

1471 days ago


Can somebody tell the black girl typing up this crap that Courtney is not spelled with 2 "e"s?! Thank you.

1471 days ago


Courtney is just as slimey as her husband. Bunch of LOSERS!

I never watch anything that either one of these weasels are in!

1471 days ago


ya think?? dumb ass.

1471 days ago


Maybe he tweeted those feelings because Jasmine Waltz wasn't in on what he was going to say (like it matters - I think she likes the limelight). Even though Courtney may have known he was going to let stuff out so the tabloids won't go digging and harassing if he's upfront now, he could still look back and feel awkward about it afterwards. He's human!

As far as TMZ's other story a few posts down about Jasmine not knowing what he'd reveal, the world knew they were hooking up anyway. What does it matter?! There were pics of them together on the web and we know they weren't studying for an exam together, but playing doctor instead.

What's coming in the future? This serial celeb dating woman gets a reality show where she's looking for love? Next!!

1471 days ago


i would love to bone her-she has a great bum and i'd bet she like's fast and hard-just the way i like to give it

1471 days ago


@26. Pretty good analysis. Really passive agressive of her. He's smart to get it all out, suffer for a day and avoid the tabloid interest long term.

1471 days ago

Y do he got    

how about some A list nobody cares about boxing gaydars ot these mega losers

1471 days ago
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