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Mark Zuckerberg -- What, Me Worry?

10/11/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Facebook co-founder/ alleged rip-off artist/ movie villain/ movie hero Mark Zuckerberg went on a walk with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan in Palo Alto yesterday like he didn't have a care in the world.

Meanwhile, the movie about his life -- "The Social Network" -- was #1 again at the box office ... despite the fact that Mark's people insist it's pure "fiction."

You know what's cooler than this photo? A billion dollars.


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It does not matter that she is unattractive, but she looks like she stinks. She looks dirty..she probably smells like sushi.

1418 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

Wow, his girlfriend is really ugly, and fat. She is seriously Fugly. I don't remember reading it anywhere, but, is he blind? He's looking pretty bad himself. Are you sure that wasn't his maid?

1418 days ago


They dress like they both bought their wardrobes at the Salvation Army thrift store.

Money really can't buy class...or better clothing.

1418 days ago



Just because she's Asian-looking and not white she's already a suspect to you as being illegal here in the US? So if she's white (or black) for sure you wouldn't even think and will not question whether she's here illegally or not, right?

And by the way I do agree with #3.

1418 days ago

george fudge!    

Maybe A&E should get him on an episode of Millionaire MatchMaker, though they would have to change it to Billionaire MM for his appearance!

1418 days ago


3 reasons why this Facebook Billionaire is with a plain-looking Asian:

1. The girl obviously is VERY LOW MAINTENANCE and Mark is obviously a Jew so he prefers a girl who hates shopping and abhores expensive clothes, signature shoes and bags.

2. He met this girl when he was still penniless so he knows she's with him NOT BECAUSE OF HIS MONEY

3. He's a nerd totally and nerds even if they become rich and successful still doesn't have clear comprehension of the power of money.....unless a super hot material girl will aggressively rub her boobs on his face (sorry), then that would only be the time for the nerd to find out he actually has sex appeal to hot chicks. (glaring example is Howard Stern who scored a hot second wife)

1418 days ago


Judging by his sweet tan, this is definitely the first time that dude has seen the sun in 2010.

1418 days ago


"2. He met this girl when he was still penniless so he knows she's with him NOT BECAUSE OF HIS MONEY"

WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? HE WAS NEVER PENNILESS. He grew up in Westchester County to a very wealthy family.

1418 days ago


His GF is wearing her pants or shorts... whatever those are... in a most unflattering way. It's the skirt that makes her look awkward. These two are the snap shot of America. They look like 99.9 % of us!

1418 days ago


Ha, I thought that was his maid or assitant! She is ugly! Is that a skirt or skorts what the hell is she wearing????

1418 days ago


Gee, one would think that with billions, that Zuckerberg could find himself a decently attractive woman. I wouldn't be caught dead with anything like that.

1418 days ago


If any of you would read more than TMZ and Perez Hilton you might know more. Mark and his gf have been dating since university. Before he was a billionaire and she helped him with Facebook before it was "Facebook". Mark worked his ass off getting Facebook to what it is now and some a**holes who think they created it deserve more money.

1418 days ago


Pantsline at the chest... not a good look.

1418 days ago


Yeah, Well hes laughing all the way to the bank!!!!

1418 days ago


I think its funny about tone of the comments saying that "money can't buy class-or good clothes for that matter." On the contrary, for this guy to be with the same girlfriend before he got rich means he must have a lot of class. Though I'm sure most of you would probably prefer it that he were to become a joe francis type, with girlfriends made up with more silicone than water. Funny thing is you girls in particular are probably berating him for having a hot model, when your fugly jealous ass is in no position to make grudge.

1418 days ago
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