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Ex-USC Football Star: I Want Nothing to do With Them

10/11/2010 9:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no secret that NFL rookie Taylor Mays harbors some bitterness toward his former USC coach Pete Carroll -- but during last night's Sunday Night Football game, dude took a shot at the whole school.

During player intros -- where players typically name the school where they played college ball -- Mays didn't say USC ... and instead mentioned O'Dea High School.

As you may know, Mays blamed Pete Carroll when he fell to the second round in the NFL draft -- claiming Carroll misled him about his draft-ability.

Now, with all the other drama surrounding the school -- seems Mays would rather not have anything to do with it.

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you losers at tmz need to keep up with sports. a lot of people say their high school. some dudes even say their grade school. just blowing something up out of nothing.

1475 days ago


Desean Jackson always mentions "Long Beach Poly," leading many to believe that he was shunning Cal.

He was just at Cal this weekend on the team's sideline, and gave a shoutout to the student section. So much for that.

1475 days ago


Great Job Einstein!!!

If a player has not graduated from the university that they attended while playing college football they give out the name of their high school. It happens several times during the introductions on both Sunday and Monday Night Football.

So nobody at TMZ watches football on a regular basis?

1475 days ago


I usually don't bother to comment on such silly things, but you guys are idiots. Like all the others have said, guys do this every week. You look really stupid turning this into a story.

1475 days ago


I just wish Reggie Bush would name his old high school team instead of USC... it just pisses me off how USC used him (and all thier players) and then turned thier backs on him when he was no longer useful to the program. USC KNEW, Pete Carroll KNEW.. they ALL knew what they were doing was against the rules and choose to ignore it.

1475 days ago


Would that explain why he was at the USC pep really in San Francisco on Friday before the USC-Stanford game???

TMZ sports, shoots and misses!

1475 days ago


Uh... TMZ... was this the first time you have ever watched a Football game? It isn't a new trend for players to say where they went to HS instead of college. No Story here guys. C'mom guys!

1475 days ago


Good for him. He has way to much class for that classless school.

1475 days ago

Bill Will    

You guys need to watch more football. He's not the first player to do that. How many times have we heard Carlos Dansby, say he is from Woodlawn High School, when in fact he went to college at Auburn.

1475 days ago


I'm going to jump on this one too. TMZ get your heads out of your asses.

I understand that you are a factless tabloid site, but seriously, you're now just making stuff up...or are just completely stupid.

Don't you have a "celebrity" sex tape to promote somewhere?

1475 days ago


Stick to hollywood gossip... I dont even live in the US enough to watch NFL football games... But the last game I watched I remember one player calling Le Cord Den Blue cooking school... It's not that serious... Maybe if he said F Pete Carrol and USC they you could make a story about that...

1475 days ago


This is not news. Football players do this all the time.

1475 days ago


Yeah...a bunch have people have already said it. Ton of players give a shoutout to their high school during these. Doesn't mean they hate their college. Jared Allen when he was with the Chiefs even said his preschool during an intro one time.

1475 days ago

Trojan Princess    

What a joke...Taylor showed up at the USC rally the night before...talking his Trojan love. TMZ sells nothing but sensationalizm, lol. Oh, and he recently visited campus to stop by and see friends and coaches, I have to let him know about this.


1475 days ago

Trojan Princess    

"I'm lonely and bored...." About the pros.. "It's a lot more about business, competition "the same, about like SC...going against great ahtletes" "I watch SC as much as I can....." "I'm trying to keep up with what's going on...I care"

This was a week ago on Taylor's visit to the USC campus, lol.


1475 days ago
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