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Oksana -- I Didn't Leak the Tapes!

10/11/2010 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva is stating it plain and simple on the subject of the infamous Mel Gibson audio tapes: "I've never given them to media and I've never sold them to anyone."

Oksana tapes.
In an interview with PEOPLE magazine, Oksana likens the verbal abuse she claims to have suffered at the hands of Mel as "verbal rape."

Oksana also talked about what we previously reported -- that her sister did have a copy of the tapes, but she didn't have the tape that included the infamous line, "You look like a f**king pig in heat and if you get raped by a pack of ni**ers it will be your fault."


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LA me    

Maybe Oxy should just tell us all the people that do have a copy. She said it was just her and her sister. She said that her sister deleted them. That would leave who??? Hmmmm.....

1440 days ago


You see what they are doing right? They are trying to make Mel's rants front and center again. That's the point of all of this crap.

People are more concerned with her lies now than the verbal smack down Mel gave her. True what he said would make a sailor blusj, bit what she is doing is worse and majority know that.

Posted at 9:19 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by eek

I agree, Eek. It's her PR people at work. Keep bringing up the tapes and what Mel said, and we'll "forget" that she's a lying, golddigging freak who can't think of her children or anybody other than herself.

1440 days ago


Mel DID take responsibility as a father and even for yo, Ox with a very generous agreement.

1440 days ago


Yawn. Another taped attempt at her most invalid innocence.

She says Mr. Gibson is destroying her name. OMG this is her quest. Her past of older men for money and rich actors to produce her children as well as her climb towards Hollywood and Hollywood anything, plastic surgery galore, PR, nannies, the rights to more money at every turn from Mr. Gibson, simply states what she is about, even though she proclaims that she is an innocent and victimized woman.

Why would this woman, unless she was a sociopath, think that Mr. Gibson, who spent millions on her and her career, now attempt to destroy her? She is doing it all on her own because her lies, even though she doesn't seem to care or notice them do not add up to much more than a pathetic relationship that certainly had to end.

He has a right to a defense as it relates to these most personal conversations, horrid as they were. I will never believe this woman and I doubt much of America will either. Too many of us out here know the real world of domestic violence and it's victims. She says in one breath that she needs more money because she became (in 1 or 2 years) "accustomed to his lavish life style" and then in another breath, she claims HE is the bully when he did give her everything to forward her own career and etc. I'd say she is just angry she didn't continue on in her "gravy train" life style. Perhaps she should get a job and make an attempt to better her life on her own volition and abilities. Then perhaps America might have a small pinch of respect or her. But, as long as she hangs on for more money because of a child, who I am certain Mr. Gibson will support, she is the gold digger that we all absolutely believe she is.

1440 days ago


Gag order? What gag order?

1440 days ago


Kind of funny how the tapes were released after she turned down Mel's $15 milllion dollar settlement. Even if she "dint" do it herself she is still in part reponsible for them being released. She most likely gave them to her sister with a deadline. No money by this date then the tapes become public. This hooker needs to be deported.

1440 days ago

don't make me laugh    

Tony must have took off with the tapes.He was going to extort Mel with them, but the ox beat him to it.Tony is one pizzed off security/driver I bet.

1440 days ago


The only digging she'll be doing next is in prison, while trying to escape from the not so nice girls, there.

1440 days ago


Signs of live in LA. Court hours in progress. Still wishing Judge Gordon will issue bench warrant to stop Horowitz and Oksana.
Maybe Kiley and Trope throwing Oksana under the bus today? In house fighting with Trope, Kiley and Horowitz? Horowitz trying to explain the nightgown?
The day is early in LA, waiting to see.
Monday, Monday, you can't trust that day...

1440 days ago


Absolutly this woman is trying to direct the attention of People readers and etc., back to the tapes! Does she think we are stupid? In the trial she is continuing in the arena of public opinion, she has already lost.

1440 days ago


Right! She is trying to direct the attention back to the tapes! What a media loving skank.

1440 days ago


Domestic abuse is terrible, yes. It happens more often than we can imagine.

The fascinating part is when someone who has led a sheltered, spoiled life encounters a real-world problem such as this. They think they are the only person IN THE WORLD to have such an experience.

Funny part is, celebrities (wannabes) look so naive when they must deal with the real-world. They have no clue how to handle it. So they tweet to their fans "please call 911 for me" (Perez). They sit at their piano, all pretty for their self-promo, then try to cry about someone yelling at them.

Hey, celebs, don't come crying to the public until you've paid some dues like we have...

And Oksana, spreading your legs for a wealthy man is not sufficient dues.

To use an old Phyllis Diller joke... "My friend had a baby. Oh, the screaming, the crying, the complaining. And that was just during conception!"

1440 days ago


I don't know who looks like the biggest loser...People magazine or Oksana? Both. Ack!

1440 days ago


Why is she still on the news when everybody is so sick of her and her ugly face? Liar, liar...

1440 days ago


What a crock of ****.

1440 days ago
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