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Oprah Ticked -- School Worker Acquitted of Molestation

10/11/2010 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey is lashing out this morning -- after a South African court acquitted the woman accused of molesting little girls at the talk show queen's private leadership academy.

Tiny Virginia Makopo -- a former dorm matron at Oprah's Leadership Academy for Girls -- was found not guilty of trying to kiss and fondle six girls (aged 13-15) at the school back in 2007.

Oprah just released a statement, claiming, "We began this child molestation trial in 2008. More than two years later, I am profoundly disappointed at the outcome of the trial."

O adds, "I will forever be proud of the nine girls who testified with the courage and conviction to be heard."


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Damn shame!!!!

1439 days ago


Yes, the girls were lying. This woman was actually picked personally by Orpah to be the matron of the school, and when she enforced the rules, guess what happened! You don't believe children will gang up and do that - you don't know children today.

A few years later, another group at the same school ganged up on a classmate and accused the fellow classmate of the same thing, and, once, again, they were proven to be lying and expelled.

1439 days ago

Kenneth Hardesty    

SOundS fishy haha probably smells fishy to how the hell does nine girs testify against the woman and she gets acuitted lol come on thats BS

1439 days ago


Well,at least she can't blame Whitey for this injustice.

1439 days ago


Those who say that many children couldn't all be lying must be too young to remember this

Oh, btw, "justice" doesn't always mean that someone was found guilty.

1439 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

How about the possibility the 9 "little girls" are just plain olf bitches trying to screw over their teacher for making them work?

I am profoundly disappointed that orca... er oprah is is acting like her usual self-entitled cow.

1439 days ago


I so agree with those that say they can't wait until this woman is off the air! A jury of her peers found her not guilty. Oprah said she was molested when her ratings started to fail years ago. She will do anything to stay the queen bi*ch she is.

Poor Oprah can't stand to lose & will make sure this woman never works with children again. Oprah should be sued for doing these things to the teacher.

1439 days ago


i kill him dead if he touch me...oprahs line from the color purple just classic..
but yes the kids were lying because they didn't like how strict she shut your fat yap Orca Winfrey

1439 days ago


NONE OF US KNOW THE REAL TRUTH. WE WERE NOT THERE. I realize Ms. Winfrey can do whatever she chooses with her fortune but, we Americans, our country, helped her achieve her enormous success so, what did she do, instead of helping our own kids, especially from poverty stricken areas, she chose to jump the ocean to a country who, to the best of my knowledge, did not contribute to her present status. If our kids wanted "sneakers" perhaps it was because they NEVER had a pair of NEW sneakers. We parents know the heartbreak of not being financially able to give our children just an ordinary pair of "new sneakers" or some other luxury which we take for granted. How sad.

1439 days ago


Oh I so agree with 23! I can't stand that beeeyatch Orpha, Orca. Help out the US and how the hell do you know she was GUILTY??? Were you there? Can't wait till your show is over! Not soon enuf

1439 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I'm sure eventually the Wrath of Oprah will reach that faraway land & this female (for lack of a better word) will be shunned & vilified, as she should be. Her name is mud wherever she goes, & poetic justice will eventually catch up with her. Remember Jeffrey Dahmer?

1439 days ago


Hell, i'd do the same thing! Why give the money to a school in this country, it will only benefit some illegal border jumper anyways, or at best pay for a few more bilingual teachers. Education in this country is suffering because of the crooked politicians, medical insurance is suffering because of greedy corporate loons & illegals mexicans, schools are suffering due to funding and overcrowding. People are sick & tired of paying taxes, especially in California to take care of illegals & welfare rats!!!!!

1439 days ago

youdrink toomuch    

...Oprah powerless to stop something?...Armageddon can't be far behind...

1439 days ago


lol. whats up with the Justin Bieber haircut??!

1439 days ago

rob g    

Certain children have been liars and will always be liars for various reasons. Remember the Salem witch trials? Remember a few years ago, when every kindergarten in the US was run by witches? Miss Winfrey sends her money to Africa because she attended Jeremiah Wright's Black Liberation Theology church. She stopped attending when she feared for her career, as did Obama; however, their belief remained the same. These people call themselves Christians, but they are full of hate, a hate that is directed towards white people. They believe that Jesus was a black man and that Jesus supports them in their holy quest to murder all white people. "Kill the cracka" and "God damn America" is their motto. I cannot wait for Miss Winfrey, who owes her financial success to middle aged white women with a modest IQ, to be fully exposed for the hater she is.

1439 days ago
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