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'Sister Wives' Wedding -- Guests Hide from Cameras

10/11/2010 7:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has every aspect of his life filmed for a reality show -- but TMZ has learned when he got hitched to wife #4, a number of his polygamist guests were not nearly as camera-ready.

Sister Wives.

As TMZ first reported, Brown married Robyn Sullivan a few months back. TLC's cameras were not allowed in the actual religious ceremony, but they did film the reception.   But here's the problem ...  About half the polygamist guests did not want their faces on camera because of the legal issues in which Kody now finds himself embroiled.

So Kody made accommodations by creating "camera-free zones" -- where lots of publicity-shy well-wishers hung out.  As one person said, "The reality is that bigamy is still a felony and the mainstream still doesn't accept it."

As for the particulars of the reception, sources tell us there were about 200 guests ... mostly other polygamists. They served finger foods, open faced sandwiches, relish trays, and lots of varieties of cheesecake.

One of the plural family guests had their son and daughter sing a song for everyone -- "We Are Families," perhaps?


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you have to watch this's like slowing down to check out a car accident!!! Last nights show was a bombshell! Meri(wife 1) laid it all on the would Kody feel if she was giving her time to another guy....he said the thought just "repulsed" him. How can that be?? As well, I agree with the earlier post reminding us, wife 4 was FORCING her kids into calling Kody Dad and the other wives Mom....They've admitted their courtship was only 4 months...these kids don't even know these people that are now Mommy and Daddy.....Loved the part last night when Kody said to Meri, "you're making me feel like I"m doing something wrong (with Robin)"......Ummm ya think? I like the first three wives and I think they are going to get what they really want in the much as everyone thinks they are 'wallflowers'....I don't think we've seen the best of them yet....they're going to come to their senses and Kody will be the one who loses....big time.

1475 days ago


the show and comments bring a good point - why is this so bad when we have unwed uncommitted people out there creating children and leaving them unsupported all over the place? is a man who has 10 children from 10 different "baby mammas" not supporting one of them better? only one marriage is really legal in kody's family so what's the difference between kody and a man who chooses to have many different kids with different women? i think both situations are disturbing and i also think chasing kody down on tax payers money prosecuting him and his family legally is a waste of time and our money.

1475 days ago


THIS SHOW SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TV??? ha ha ha, SERIOUSLY!? I have to watch ***gots on every other channel, and hear about 16 year old lesbians ruining proms for an entire school, and know that SOME states LEGALLY ALLOW *** MARRIAGES- AND THIS SHOW SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TV!?!? and as for one of the comments closer to the top, about "WHERE'S THE 2 Children's bio-dad and why would he let her do this with his kids" HE'S A PLIG TOO YA DUMB BROAD! AND SHE HAS 3 KIDS, not 2, get your facts straight! And, I don't agree with wife 2 having her window taped shut and him rollin' a benz, but, does wife two work?? NO SHE DOESN'T! When ya don't work, you get wha tyou can get... I'd NEVER expect MY husband to just cough a SWEET RIDE up and hand it over to me... you guys spewig your retardedness all over this story just shows how bored people are, go DO THE WORLD SOME GOOD AND SPEW ALL YOUR JUDGMENTS IN PLACES WHERE IT'S NEEDED! LIKE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT RALLIES AND GAY PRIDE MARCHES!

1475 days ago


This guy is legally married to the first woman he married. This so called marriages is a sham. What is with these women any way?

1475 days ago


Some have asked where Robyn's ex is. he's a polygamist also so her entering into this life style i don't think is an issue. I think this is a hard lifestyle to judge. First they believe that they are living God's Law and even though it is not culturally acceptable there are places in the Bible where it was lived. Also how do you judge a whole cultural based on one family. Should we judge catholics based on sexually abusive preists? No. be secure in what you believe and allow others the freedom to have theirs. Does the 1st ammendment ring a bell?

1475 days ago

Kevin Lacy    

I'm mormon and I live in Utah and I've NEVER in my life met someone with more than one wife. Let it be known that Mormons are not polygamists. These are just weirdos living in the past! So tired of the bad publicity from shows like this and HBO's Big Love.

1475 days ago


So what, if this is call bigamy why are we not protesting these men and women who have all these damn kids by different people. The only difference is that this family live together and are taking care and raising they children together. How many children grow up not knowing who their sisters and brothers are. They have more sense than most people do.

1475 days ago


To commenter #21... Wife #2 does work. If you watched the 1st episode you will see that she gets up early for work every morning and works late hours. her oldest son gets up and fixes breakfast for of HIS brothers and sisters. The only wife that doesnt work is #3, she watches all the other kids.

1475 days ago


There is something very appalling about this show. I find his hubris unbearable-Drives a sports Lexus! The women are all sad-no self esteem. and the need to reproduce is just sickening-even the offer of invitro to the first wife was so insulting to her..I can not watch this show-It is counter intuitive to human behavior. A sad desperation, and that damn need to be on TV...Wow!

1475 days ago


This guy(?) IS a *****!! he/SHE wants to be a woman!! he/SHE IS a BITCH!!!! he/SHE pees sittin' down!!!!

1475 days ago


How many of you are tired of these crappy reality shows that expose children and freaks? Come on TLC...we want to learn something! Between sister wives and the Dugars (nineteen and counting) this programming should go off the air. I was appalled to learn of this show. I don't know who wants to watch this crap.

1475 days ago


Well, it would only take a few families to get 200 guests, considering their.

1475 days ago


I'm not one to judge people for living a different lifestyle. If this is what works for them then ok. However, I do think it's a little unfair that he is allowed to have as many wives as he wants but if any of his wives decided they wanted another husband, something tells me he wouldn't be ok with that. If you want to have an open relationship great, but it should go both ways.

1475 days ago


The Mormon church does not condone polygamy. So lets not judge THEM!! The Mormon's were against polygamy and drove these people out of their church. Read your facts and history. I'm not a my comments are not biased. Just facts!

1475 days ago


I don't understand what all the fuss is about. Would I want to be in a polygamist marriage? No. Do I care if someone else wants to be? No. As long as they're all consenting adults who cares how many wives they want to add to their family?

As for the children, they appear to be loved, well fed, and provided for. I may not agree with all of their parenting choices but that's true for 90% of "traditional" families I've seen as well. Live and let live I say.

1475 days ago
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