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Signing Her

Community Service Away

10/11/2010 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Snooki intends to finally complete her court-ordered community service for that whole drunken arrest thing ... and part of her contribution to society will be a 3-hour autograph session ... TMZ has learned.

According to Snooki's lawyer, Ray Raya, the "Jersey Shore" star will hit the Seaside Heights Community Center this weekend to sign autographs at a fund-raising event for an animal charity ... and the event will count toward her required two days of service. 

We're told Snooks -- who was arrested  after a drunken bender in Seaside Heights back in July -- will also be making a "personal donation of an undisclosed amount."

But before Snooki gets all Hancocky, we're told she'll be participating in a private community service activity that will take a few hours of her time ... but her people are keeping that info under wraps.


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fat , drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life .

1416 days ago


Omg that is such bull****! Any ******* who goes and gets her autograph and (you know there will be tons) are morons that need to be thinned from the herd!

1416 days ago


@Sonja apparently you know nothing about this pig and her mother who are MURDERS! Go do your homework and then come back and see why everyone hates this nasty sow!

1416 days ago


Yeah 16yr old Snookie was accused of selling booze to 18 yr old Mike.. funny huh. I wonder how many of us went to parties at 18yrs old and drank...illegally. Probably plenty of us. Oddly enough you hold her responsible as if she poured it down this 18yr olds' throat.. he was so innocent in it all... give me a break and stop being stupid.. kid would have got booze from somewhere I know.. and you know this was NOT this kids first time drinking.. stop looking for excuses to hate.. plenty of real MURDERS out there ..

1416 days ago


by the way Pammie she was never convicted, so no trial.. no conviction (not that that matters to you of course)... so... was her mother wrong?.. probably .. were the other adults there wrong .. sure.. Snookie.. sorry girl was 16, Mike was 18 one of them was a legal adult...but hey haters don't really need a reason to hate right?

1416 days ago


Yeah Ugh I read Radar.. and other sites.. Mike was 18, snookie was 16 blame her mom all you want Snookie was a MINOR! She was never convicted and Mike was just as guilty as anyone for drinking and driving.. Sorry 18 is old enough to drive, vote and join the military so don't tell me he was murdered. No one was ever convicted. Why should she have remorse for something someone else did.. Mike chose to drink, and he chose to drive ..sorry big mistake and he paid the worst price. Maybe Mikes parents should have taught him better, maybe Mikes parents should have known he was going drinking, maybe Mikes parents should have been more responsible ... kind of like Hulk Hogan's kid ... however you look at it, there were adults at the party, Snookie's Mom as well as others .. 16yr old Snookie was a minor and not responsible for the actions of others.. especially other adults who made bad choices at a party.

1416 days ago


59 , 57 sonja . i do not understand why you defend the actions of this little troll, she gives nothing to society and is the worst of the worst role models , if your going to put yourself in the spotlight then dont act like a total looser , people see fat , drunk and stupid . its not about hating , doctors , nurses and fireman are role models . the other cast . wow . they lift up there shirt . come on wake up . where are these clowns going to be when there 50 ? people get upset because they get paid big money for being dumbass .

1416 days ago


48 sonja , 59 sonja . wake up , this looser gives nothing to society and gets paid big money . she is role model of what not to be , fat , drunk and stupid . this is why people do not like her . real role models are nurses , fireman , doctors . ect she gives nothing back and acts like a whore . yes we did party , but we also did not put it out there for all to see . so if you want to be ion the spotlight , how you act is how you are treated , thats not a hater , just a fact , she has 0 class and what is the rest , lifting up there shirts . wow . such a contribution , can not wait to see where they are in life when they are 50 .

1416 days ago


See Bill you are why I choose to defend this girl. I don't particularly like her, but when I look at the situation (pun not intended...ok maybe a little inteded) the reality is she actually HAS given to society.. community service and unlike most trolls she served it willingly and without attitude. Who are you to judge her 'fat, stupid and drunk' .. I'm willing to bet you have some friends or family who are fat, stupid and drink as well.... at least others might think so. She isn't out there trying to be a role model.. get over that nonsense! We didn't put it out there for others to see because no one offered to PAY US!! I never said she had 'class', but I do see someone who took responsibility for her actions, paid the price and did her service. Who are you to judge her beyond that? Why pick her as your focus? I can't wait to see where they are in 50yrs myself. I guess if I saw some anger directed in a way that didn't have to rely on her skin color, hair , weight ect I wouldn't care much... but you have to wonder about shallow people with shallow comments... I know I know.. it's TMZ ... but that doesn't' mean we have to toss all sanity out the window.. does it??? LOL

1416 days ago

Moe Green    

oompa loompa

1416 days ago


hey-has anyone noticed how close snookie and miley cyrus look-
two fat slobbs in the making-all the fake tans,fake eyelashes,hair extentions,fake fingernails-will never put these 2 humpty's together again! HAHAHAHA
only other big joke of the century is the lindsey and her clan!

1416 days ago


ugly ugly ugly

1416 days ago



1416 days ago


greasy ugly brown skank..............she looks like a ****roach

1416 days ago


What kind of community service is that? Sitting and doing nothing? Really, do nothing, because I can't really see anyone who would be an idiot enough to want her autograph. What has she done to deserve fame? Has she discovered a cure for a disease, uh no, all she discovered is how to make her self orange.

1415 days ago
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