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Christina Aguilera

Splits from Husband

10/12/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Something's in the water ... Christina Aguilera has split from her husband, Jordan Bratman ... TMZ has confirmed.

The couple has been separated for a few months -- just like Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

There are no plans for divorce.  But it's yet another 5-year itch.  Ben Harper just filed for divorce from Laura Dern after 5 years.

Aguilera and Bratman have a 2-year-old son, Max.

The Aguilera/Bratman split was first reported by Us Magazine.



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Marriage is NOT a bad thing, it's only in Hollywood that it's a bad thing. Every other day a nother Hollywood supposed Super couple calls is quits. I am waiting to hear the news any day now about Desperate Demi Moore and Ashton calls it quits

1410 days ago


On yahoo, they said it was because they felt more like friends than lovers. I think it is immature to split over that because passion can only last so long. Another hollywood split in the works.

1410 days ago


Who is Christina going to spend her much publisied "Naked Sunday Mornings" with?! Maybe she'll share on it the Playboy Channel. I'ld pay to see that. Wake -up Hef!

1410 days ago


WOW! No one is going to believe me, but I was just thinking the other day that Christina and Jordan had been together for a long time, and I just got the feeling that they were going to split soon. Not saying I'm psychic or anything, but I just knew it was about time.

1410 days ago


everything happens in 3s... geeze can anyone stay married??

1410 days ago


I concure with the folks saying to stop bashing marraige, yes it works and when it does its the best.

I think way too many people throw in atowel to soon. In marraige you get good weeks and then some bad, one has to work at it and not just say, hey who cares, I'll just get a divorce. The kids won't be affected! They will get over it. THEY NEVER DO, these people become adults who are ignorant on how to be a wife or husband. MOST have issues and baggage. Talk to your peers, ask them how they feel today, I have.

I'm thinking we are seeing the affects of divorce on the kids, its 2010, and in my day parents were divorcing left and right. "its MY time now, I got 'em raised up" Too many parents divorce and show their kids to just give up becasue its not going thier way this week. And do so when the kids are at age where they just starting to figure eveything out.

Sorry, but its the truth, kids from a divorced family have zero clue how to be married. Who showed them? Their parents? The ones who thought the world revolved around them now?
All the boyfriends and girlfriends these kids HAVE to put up with thru youth because Mom and Dad said so......a revolving door in some cases.
And the parents tend to make the 'new' boyfriend or girlfriend MORE important than their child.

Now remind me again how we take marraige so seriously that we just could NEVER let the gays get married! The whole sacnitity of the union and all. Not in this country my friend. I would never defend an abuser, a drug addict or alike, but, most marraiges don't end becasue of any of these reasons, more so they end because we are nation of spolied brats who want their way period. The second we don't get it, we move on.

I'm done venting now.

1410 days ago


She has more talent in her little finger than Britney Spears has in her whole body. I love her but if she's always singing around the house like she does in concert she'd have to go!

1410 days ago


Stop saying nasty things about Jordan. I think he's handsome and he seems like a sweet guy. I'm saddened over this. They seemed like a truly happy Hollywood couple. I did wonder however, why Cristina felt like she had to dress so provocatively all the time. She is beautiful without so much makeup and super revealing clothes. Maybe they couldn't agree on whether to have more children?

1410 days ago


That's a given,,,,he's nasty

1410 days ago


TMZ...what I like about you is you got the source from YOUR very accurate sources (Michael Jackson rings a bell. You guys were an hour and a half faster than the..."Pros" and was right about his death) Please find from YOUR sources NOT Us Magazine if it's true.
This hit me like a death. I loved the fact that they weren't like your everyday Hollywood couple and they looked head over heels in love. The only other couple to do that to me was Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe. I'm going to take this as false until you guys find a divorce filing do***ent.

1410 days ago


That's not surprising.. She hasn't been wearing her wedding ring in months..

1410 days ago


Stunning news. Again, this couples love for each other was obvious. All of this divorce news is sad. It is demonstrative of how little we can tolerate from each other in this angry society. No giving, no tolerance and NO KINDNESS of any kind. All of us are far to self absorbed.

1410 days ago

Anon E Mouse    

Who did not see this coming?
She is a hot dirty whore and he is a boring lump on a stump.
Now she can get back to being a slut like she really wants to be.

1410 days ago


This is somewhat surprising because they did seem like a couple really in love. Since so many people have acknowledged that he isn't the greatest looking guy, I assumed that she really loved him when she married him. Then again, it is possible that since she was so young she was in love with the idea of being in love and romantacized the whole marriage and kids thing not being realistic about what being married and having a family really entails (same as Britney Spears).

The sad thing about the Hollywood couples is: once the passion is no longer there (that fresh, scorching passion one feels in a fresh relationship) they just give up. They don't believe in wasting time trying to "fix it." They just say "it's over" and move on to the next guy/gal. In Hollyweird, the grass IS always greener on the other side. In a couple of months (if not already), they will both be seen with different partners, but it probably won't be a lasting relationship...just a hit 'em and quit 'em thing. Sad...

1410 days ago


About time.It was disheartening to think that dorky rich
jewish boy would be hittin'that.

1410 days ago
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