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David Arquette:

We Haven't Had Sex

in Months

10/12/2010 11:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Arquette just called in to the Howard Stern Show -- explaining EVERYTHING about why he and Courteney Cox agreed to take a "trial separation" ... noting that they haven't had sex in 4 months.

Sex in Months
Arquette explained that he and Courteney stopped having sex around one month before they started shooting "Scream 4"  in Michigan ... and drifted from there.

He also claims Courteney was the one who insisted they try separating right after their 11th wedding anniversary back in June ... after she told David that she was "tired of being your mother."

David claims he still loves Courteney -- and calls her one of the most amazing people on the planet.

David is also adamant that he never cheated on Courteney before the split -- but admits he has had sex with rebound chick Jasmine Waltz ... his "one conquest."

Arquette also said he is hopeful he and Courteney can patch things up and get back together.


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Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

I have never known what she saw in him in the first place. He's a looney, ugly clown. Hasn't she been the Primary Breadwinner? Poor thing! He may have to get a job. Don't pay him any alimony. You can do MUCH better, Courtney.

1470 days ago

One Voice    

#48 #87 Michelle you both are apparently whores. Comparing relationships with new wardrobes? Really? Marriage is not bad. Yes is has it's ups and downs but in the end it's wonderful to have someone who truly knows the real you and will be there for you. Btw the sex life only gets old if you let it. Asking permission? Please it's called being considerate of your spouse opinion. If feel sorry for you because you will end up lonely. You probably only know what f**king is, not making love. The best sex involves love.

1470 days ago


who gives a flying f***???????????????????

1470 days ago


yeah you re all telling him he should have shut up
and you ALL coudnt wait to listen what he said
bla bla

1470 days ago


Everyone thought that she was crazy when she married this child. Maybe she should have listened.

1470 days ago


Smooth move, David. If your wife stops having sex with you and says she's tired of being your mother, that's your cue to start making some big changes, and fast. It is not your cue to have sex with someone else and tell the world about it. What an idiot.

1470 days ago


I agree that it's no one's business why they separated, but obviously he wanted to get in ahead of the tabloids ( and Courteney) by telling the truth. Yeah, he slept with the woman, but with his wife's blessing. Yes, they were still legally married, but most people ( not saying it's right) considers a mutually agreed upon separation ok to test the waters. Seems weird that people in their circle of friends are getting divorced right and left. The women spent too much time with each other complaining rather than trying to communicate with their mates. Jen Aniston is laughing because with them all splitting she won't be the lone single person in the group lmao. These women are toxic for each other. I hope Courteney and Aniston aren't the Caucasian version of Oprah and Gayle; what the hell am I saying, of course I hope they are:-)

1470 days ago


Here's something childish men can never seem to understand: If you put a woman in the position of being your mother, it ends her sexual attraction to you. To attempt to be sexual with someone you are mothering feels, to a woman, perverse. Being childlike totally emasculates you in a woman's eyes. Be a man, not a child. Idiot.

1470 days ago


Now that he has taken the time to blab about their personal relationship he has effectively put the nail in the relationship coffin. He should have given time to working out whatever issues they had instead of talking about it on Howard Stern. That was not a smart move.

1470 days ago



1470 days ago

Tom Liebengood    

TMI We don't need to know the details. When will these celebrities learn to shut their mouths? Who cares why or how often you have sex. It's show business, not personal business. We have our own problems--we don't need to hear about yours.

1470 days ago


Arquette should go to TNA and become TNA Champion.

that'll take his mind off things...

1470 days ago


Very classy comment,David. Weirdo.

1470 days ago


There is only a seven year age difference between the two. I don't think the age difference is an issue or it probably would have been an issue long before now.

He does seem like a wacky guy, and she does seem to be a bit too stiff.

They both have been working quite a bit, so it could be a case where two people have grown apart, it happens.

1470 days ago


Sorry, if you're banging someone else you don't really want to get back together!

1470 days ago
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