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'Dora the Explorer' Actress -- Nickelodeon Lied to Me!

10/12/2010 11:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The little girl who voiced Dora on "Dora the Explorer" says she has audio proof that Nickelodeon bigwigs are lying to the press about why they fired her from the show ... claiming the puberty excuse is pure BS. 


Nickelodeon claims they recently fired Caitlin Sanchez from "Dora" because "Caitlin's voice changed and she was no longer able to portray the Dora character."

But Caitlin's mom Hilda tells TMZ Nickelodeon's Vice President of Communications left her a voicemail in July, 2010 insisting the network wanted to continue using her daughter to voice Dora until 2012 ... and never hinted about a problem with Caitlin's voice.

In fact, in the recording, the exec tells Hilda, "We just wanted to reiterate to you ... that we are very excited about continuing to work with Caitlin."

The message continues, "She’s the face and voice for the next, basically, two years ... we have no plans of making that any different."

After she was let go, Caitlin filed a lawsuit against Nick -- claiming they made her sign a bad deal in 2007, screwing her out of millions of dollars. Caitlin's mom believes Nick concocted the puberty excuse to "discredit" Caitlin's legal claims.

Sources connected to the dispute tell us, "Cailtin was notified on June 30 that she would no longer voice the character."

A rep for Nick tells us, "The conversation in question with the Nickelodeon press department was in specific reference to public and PR appearances. It was clearly not about portraying the voice of the character for the television show."

The rep adds, "The Nickelodeon statement we released last week is unquestionably accurate."

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Millions of dollars for an audio of a kid's cartoon...totally absurd!!!! She should be thanking God everyday she got such a cushy job, especially as a dumbass 12-year-old!!! Total ingrate!!! You deserve nothing more! Per her contract, Caitlin got $5,115 per episode and compensation in residuals and merchandising. Considering nearly ALL kids work for nothing or minimum wage, you are a piece of crap for arguing that you deserve more than what most adults make in a year!!!!!!!!!!!!

1472 days ago


if i was a nic lawyer i would say: "the woman exec thought what she was conveying was correct at the time but she was not yet informed of our decision, there was no deception here." or something like that.

1472 days ago


Women og color are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1472 days ago


Its over, say hello to Eddie Munster's career.

Adios puta. That means whore in spanish, yeah!

1472 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

A lot can happen in a few months.

1472 days ago

Crystal V    

The proof is in the voicemail, period.

1472 days ago


That is a pretty stupid excuse. Hello!! Simpsons, South Park, and a billion other animated shows all have adults doing the voices of children. Just more Hollywood B.S.

1472 days ago

Raw Shoshanna    

This little nobody needs to get a grip. Not only was she herself a replacement, (The show has been around since 2001, she took the role in 2007) but, she did nothing to further the popularity of the show. She's lucky to have gotten the paychecks she did , for as long as she did.

1472 days ago


They don't want her anymore. It's their show, they can do what they want. Dora's voice sucks anyways.

1472 days ago


They didn't save any of the money, so now they want to sue because they don't need her anymore. Oh please, they should have saved or invested some of the money instead of spending it on parties and brand name clothes and trips to the caribbean....

1472 days ago


Ugh. Nickelodeon is obviously spewing out whatever BS they can pull out of their asses. "The conversation in question with the Nickelodeon press department was in specific reference to public and PR appearances. It was clearly not about portraying the voice of the character for the television show."

Um, the lady clearly said "VOICE OF DORA FOR TWO MORE YEARS". Duh.

I don't know why ANYBODY would defend Nickelodeon and turn against the girl - she obviously has a point in her lawsuit if they wanted her to continue to be Dora for two more years and she turned it down. I'm confused about the timeline. They told her she would "no longer be Dora" in June... then the lady says this crap in July... then on Perez I read that Sanchez recorded as Dora last week?! WTF?! This is weird ****...

1472 days ago


Here's the problem for this little girl. Even if she were to win her lawsuit, unless she saves the money and plans on never working again she's done in the business. With claims of being pressured into signing a contract and then wanting more money, why would anyone want to hire her? Too much of a liability. If I were her parents I would have seen the time as Dora as a costly learning experience and then used the Dora connections to get more work. Now she will just be labeled as difficult and kids come a dime a dozen in the business.

1472 days ago


@ Superman - you must have a very very very very very very crappy job/life. looser.
@ Mikey - you are obviously a mo aren't you? lmao - funny how it comes through even in a comment. BIG MO

1472 days ago


does anybody know pam anderson's phone number?

1472 days ago

Brad K    

Regardless of what the executives voice mail stated, plans change. If you are a child actor playing a child character, be prepared to be replaced if the producers require a younger sounding voice.
I know from personal experience.
Unless you have something in writing, it isn't worth squat. Sorry Dora.
That's Hollywood!

1472 days ago
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