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Oksana Grigorieva and the Gloria Allred Connection

10/12/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for attorney Gloria Allred after secretly recording Mel Gibson ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... days after recording Mel's crazy rants on February 18, Oksana met separately several times with Gloria and attorney Eric George.  Oksana went back and forth before finally deciding to hire George.

Our sources say Gloria had advised Oksana to go to the cops immediately and file a domestic violence complaint.  Gloria also told Oksana she should hold a news conference where she would play the secret tapes.  It's important to note ... just two months before, Gloria scored a $10 million settlement for Rachel Uchitel and then canceled her news conference just hours before it was supposed to go down.

George engineered a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia in May.  Sources say during the mediation ... Oksana was back on the phone talking to Gloria.  After signing the mediation docs, Oksana disavowed the deal and began lawyer shopping again.  We do not know if Oksana continued talking to Gloria.

We asked Gloria about the meetings and whether she had anything to do with the possible sale of the tapes.  Gloria said, "No comment.  It is the policy of our law firm never to discuss who does or does not contact us and for those who do contact us we never disclose what is discussed."  



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Just one more name for the list of OG's ex-lawyers.

1480 days ago


Interesting how greed played out...

Does anyone remember who and why the news conference was cancelled?

It's important to note ... just two months before, Gloria scored a $10 million settlement for Rachel Uchitel and then canceled her news conference just hours before it was supposed to go down.

1480 days ago


She should've stuck w/gloria, lol

1480 days ago


Gloria Allred seems like she's trying to make extortion legal.

1480 days ago


You that one right Kooky!!

1480 days ago


One more time, This poem by "FAN" never gets old.

Oksana's prayer:

Now I lay me down to sleep,
A bag of Mel's money at my feet.
If I should die before I wake,
Keep suing Mel, for goodness sake!

Send my money to Satan,
He'll know what to do...
He'll share it with me,
'Cause I'm boinking him too!


Oksana's advice:

If the pursuit of riches
Is your evil desire,
Just spread 'em, bitches,
Let that rich dude sire!

Just make him a baby,
All cute and pristine.
Just make him a baby,
It's a money machine!

Posted at 9:09 AM on Oct 11, 2010 by Fan

1480 days ago


Oh, greed, your name is Oksana.

1480 days ago


Oh great, she didn´t run and hide from the man that threatened and hit her. She didn´t keep her children safe by moving to a secret place. She didn´t even tell the police....

Instead she stayed in the abuser´s house, lawyershopping.

The facade is crackling, Oksana, and right now it´s not much left of the paint. Each and everyone can see what the interior looks like. And it is NOT pretty!

1480 days ago


This is a quote from the "Daily Beast",

"However, the would-be interview with Oprah Winfrey was the most prominent—and puzzling— example of mixed messages from Grigorieva. After all, a sit-down with the talk-show queen is the ultimate platform for a wronged woman to air her story. The producers had gone as far as taping the at-home segments of the show, designed to demonstrate, according to a source at a competing network, that Grigorieva is “a musician and a mother, not a gold-digger.” (Hence, lots of shots of Grigorieva at the piano.)

But in a slightly unbelievable development last week, considering Oprah’s clout, TMZ reported that Grigorieva had canceled the interview, on the advice of her press-shy family lawyers. (The source says it was actually Winfrey who pulled the plug, though it’s unclear as to why.)"

Posted at 10:33 PM on Oct 11, 2010 by Stacy

1480 days ago


Somehow this doesn't surprise me.

1480 days ago


She was advised to go to the police but chose not to. This does not give me the impression that Ms. Oksana was frightened for her life. Another interesting tidbit is it only took days for her to go lawyer shopping. Women who have been battered and are in fear do not go lawyer shopping.

1480 days ago


I'm not a fan of GA and am shocked she gave her common sense advice....GOING TO THE POLICE!

1480 days ago


Right after she tapes Mel she run to GA who is a known whore attorney. She was given legal advice to go to the police.
She didn't because you can't get rich if you go to the police and they take your extortion packet.

1480 days ago


How come little man didn't tell us about this

1480 days ago


Sometimes I wondered if she ever went to school. She is emotionally unable and often crazy thinking. What country she thinks she is living in? She has no common sense.

1480 days ago
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