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Oksana Grigorieva and the Gloria Allred Connection

10/12/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva made a beeline for attorney Gloria Allred after secretly recording Mel Gibson ... sources tell TMZ.

We've learned ... days after recording Mel's crazy rants on February 18, Oksana met separately several times with Gloria and attorney Eric George.  Oksana went back and forth before finally deciding to hire George.

Our sources say Gloria had advised Oksana to go to the cops immediately and file a domestic violence complaint.  Gloria also told Oksana she should hold a news conference where she would play the secret tapes.  It's important to note ... just two months before, Gloria scored a $10 million settlement for Rachel Uchitel and then canceled her news conference just hours before it was supposed to go down.

George engineered a $15 million package for Oksana and Lucia in May.  Sources say during the mediation ... Oksana was back on the phone talking to Gloria.  After signing the mediation docs, Oksana disavowed the deal and began lawyer shopping again.  We do not know if Oksana continued talking to Gloria.

We asked Gloria about the meetings and whether she had anything to do with the possible sale of the tapes.  Gloria said, "No comment.  It is the policy of our law firm never to discuss who does or does not contact us and for those who do contact us we never disclose what is discussed."  



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little aussie reader    

Most mothers would be thrilled to have a baby daddy do what Mel's doing.

Posted at 5:04 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by WhoKnows

.....Most mothers with their childs best interests at heart.

1480 days ago


Shell...most have and I loved

1480 days ago


Hi everybody!!
Mr.Horowitz, please ask your client to change decibels next time, when she'll interview, her yelp beats ears. You may also hire a dramatic art teacher for her, she's looking and sounding unnatural.Perfect make up and rose blouse don't fit to "victim" of DV and a female suffered of "beatten wife" syndrome. Where are a lost expression look with dripping tears?

1480 days ago


KM, I may be a bit jaded after reading all of Oinky's antics, but I believe that she didn't sign the Dalton prenup because she thought she could do better elsewhere. She hit the motherlode when she hooked up with Mel. The only glitch is that he wouldn't marry her either. Her clock is ticking. She'll get $30K in child support from Dalton. She's got 17 years of child support on Lucia, which could add up nicely. But in Michigan (I'm from MI, too) if there is 50/50 physical custody, there is no child support. I'd love to see that happen. Mel gets his daughter and he doesn't have to pay. Oinky will have to provide for her when she has her 50% of the time. That would be ideal.

1480 days ago


Gloria Allred seems like she's trying to make extortion legal.

Posted at 1:09 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by Stacy

It is becoming more and more apparent 'legal' extortion is big bucks in California. These lawyers have learned how to dance right up to the edge of it and back off without loosing their licence. Now that there is a glaring bull's eye painted on this loophole in the law, it should be fixed.

I must say I've lost a lot of respect for Gloria Allred over the past few months. I don't like Tiger Woods, but legal leaching is not something I cherish either.

As the pieces of this puzzle come together, the picture gets uglier.

It is a shame that our justice system has become a play ground for opportunistic fultures, both with a law degree, and those
talentless excuses for a human being that wait to pull down the prey that has the guts to go out and make an honest living.

Mel Gibson had has the deck stacked against him. He is a lone stallone with a pack of wolves at his heals.

1480 days ago


WhoKnows.....I am near Detroit...where you?

1480 days ago


Hi everybody!!
Mr.Horowitz, please ask your client to change decibels next time, when she'll interview, her yelp beats ears. You may also hire a dramatic art teacher for her, she's looking and sounding unnatural.Perfect make up and rose blouse don't fit to "victim" of DV and a female suffered of "beatten wife" syndrome. Where are a lost expression look with dripping tears?

Posted at 5:18 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by misssahara

These tips will be implemented next time. Count on it.

1480 days ago


KM, da U.P. :)

1480 days ago


WhoKnows... I have 50/50 custody he pays til my son is 18 and and he pays spousal support...that I am taxed on, the child support I am not.

1480 days ago


Ah, KM, maybe it's my county then. Here if physical custody is split 50/50, each parent provides for the time they have the child and no child support is ordered.

1480 days ago


No matter what Mel offers it's never going to be enough.
If she gets 20 million she will be back for more in a flash.

Exactly it is like the drug addicts who beg for meds early and then tell the next nurse it was given to me 1 hour early - and it has been 4 hours and I want more. You can't deal with them they are alway's thinking of the next way to get more.

Posted at 2:36 AM on Oct 12, 2010 by hellnurse

I'm really disgusted with the judge for letting this feeding frenzy go on.

Something else that has been lost in all this is Lucia again. I believe when Oki didn't get what she wanted that night, "she WAS SHAKING LUCIA LIKE A RAG DOLL". Her meal ticket didn't pay off and she was 'shaking it'. I think this won't be the last time either.

1480 days ago


WhoKnows....A have snow yet? lol .... Love the UP... I did not fight for full custody of my 15 year old becasue I didnt want him to have to take the witness stand and hoose a parent so I said 50/50 ..... that slashed my child support in half but I saved my child from being dragged in the mess...

1480 days ago


Two things came to mind as I read this article.


Does People normally video their interviews? Could the video footage airing via People actually have been done by Oprah Winfrey. Did the two work in concert? Remember how Oksana supposedly had ALREADY completed the People Interview BEFORE the Oprah 'appearance' was cancelled? Why would Oprah was to FOLLOW People? Did Oksana lead Oprah to believe she had an EXCLUSIVE? What was Oprah going to do with her video footage? Is that why there is no REPORTER in the footage? Only Oksana's clipped together answers? The material was heavily edited wasn't it?

Didn't this People interview sould remarkably similar to a GLORIA ALRED press conference move?

I think there are some attorneys in CA who are in business to use the media as a means to threaten to enrich themselves and their clients without having to bother to file papers or present evidence.


1480 days ago


Gonesi, I agree. I always believed she shook her like a rag doll. We know Mel called her to come home because the baby wouldn't stop crying. I think she shook her because she was pissed she had to come home and because the baby wouldn't stop crying. I think it all escalated from there.

1480 days ago


choose.....sorry not hoose a parent....although I would like to hose the

1480 days ago
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