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'Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Who'd You Rather?

10/12/2010 4:33 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

All the members of the middle-aged Barbie doll convention known as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" (Camille, Adrienne, Kyle, Kim, Lisa, Taylor) put their best faces forward at the premiere of their reality show in West Hollywood on Monday.

The question is...



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Quincing Snuff funny reading you hear. :p

I thought your stupidity ended when the man behind the strings went on his public embarrassment tour? Only a true moron wouldn't realize how bad he made himself look. Karma played its hand to end that. What happened? Your first post wasn't mean enough so you were told to do another? You really are obsessed with a certain cast member, I wonder why?

This show should be juicy! I hope we get some insight into the well known but never talked about strange and bizarre cross-dressing gender crisis that one of the Real Husbands hides from the public so well. By the way,who uses the word gross outside of grammar school?

1450 days ago


I can't pick one. There's $1 million in bad plastic surgery up there. I guess it would the one with false teeth & the tightest ya ya.

1450 days ago


I sure hope their money is buying them happiness cuz they sure didn't buy good surgeons. Their fakeness is nasty!!!

1450 days ago

Quincing Snuff    


Hey Kate. It's even funnier reading how you read through 90 posts to get to mine and then make a comment defending Camille. You're more than little obvious Camille, don't you think?

I was actually controlled and didn't single Camille's "GROSSNESS" out any more than I commented on the others. Funny how you only take offense to comments relating to her alone. That's because you have followed every Camille Grammer post for the last few months, and have defended her as if you're either her mother, her agent or her herself (I'm going with the latter). If anyone is obsessed with Camille Grammer's skeletal azzzz, it's you.

And while I did enjoy your first post a few months back, (ya' know, the one when you changed all the true and vicious things I said about Camille being a prostitute in NY) and you tried to imply that Kelsey is a cross dresser. it's getting really obvious on your part.

Why a "MERE FAN" would go to the lengths to discredit what I said about Camille being the whore that she is, is beyond belief. You are obviously very emotionally vested in their divorce in some way. Hence why we know you're really Camille and not "Kate" as you say.

Anyway, whether Kelsey is a drag queen or not means nothing to me as I have only met him twice and he was polite and courteous each time.

On the other hand as far as Camille goes, I have the following insight to provide: (and btw, I was not going to address this in my posts about The Housewives show, but you restarted it so here ya effin go).

I used to live in Riverbank West, 560... West 43rd Str NY, NY 10036.
Camille Donatacci (now Grammer) and Jay Mohr lived in the building as well. This was from 1995 to 1998.
It was a well known fact to all of the doormen that Camille was an Escort aka Prostitute aka Call Girl. She had done playboy, and was constantly having men come to her apmt for an hour and then go. Many men, and 'til all hours. It was a running joke with the doorman. She had a guy, who also lived in the building, named Angelo, who used to arrange "Dates" for her and act as her protection. She was an escort that a drunken alcoholic (at the time) Kelsey Grammer called for a date and she sunk her teeth into him and hit addict needy paydirt. She did help him to sober up, he was grateful and fell in love and the Whore from NYC moved to Beverly Hills and the rest is history.
Sorry but it is what it is.

KATE, you can go skrew urself. It's the truth and you know it. I DO NOT WORK FOR THAT IDIOT KELSEY GRAMMER> I just know what Camille was, and sorry but face facts: once a hooker, always a hooker. Maybe being a whore is why she's barren.

And BTW, read all the other posts on here about these women. And take note as to how many others think Camille is disgusting and looks like a skeleton with horrible implants.


1450 days ago


Who are you? What you're saying is pure hate driven nonsense about Camille. When I came from Chicago to NYC in 94 I leased a unit at Riverbank West until 2000. Camille and her then live in boyfriend Chris were some of the first people I became friends with there. Camille is a sweetheart and through her and Chris I've met and made friends with some awesome people who I'm still friends with today. If you knew her, you know who I am. A bunch of us from there hung out together all the time. It was a fun building and even the celebrities you didn't mention where great to hang out with. Camille got along great with every one there. I find it hard to believe someone who lived there would take the time to post such evil libelous nonsense about her anywhere. If you did actually live there why don't you get over your hatred for her. It's 2010, she moved away in 1996 pretty creepy carrying around that kind of ill will for 14 years. She's a great person and I was truly sad when she moved away in 96. Coming from me a person who really lived there you story is pure nonsense.

1449 days ago

Quincing Snuff    

To #100. I came back and read your comments, (Yes, although I said I wouldn't).

I have been getting carried away. When I reread my posts, I was shocked out how angry I sounded. You hit a nerve when you said it was fourteen years ago. You're right. I think I was more angry with "Kate" commenting at me and reacted to that post. Whatever Camille was or is, is not up to me to decide. I may not be a fan, (believe me I'm not) but I shouldn't have been so mean. I have posted several obnoxious comments on TMZ about other celebsas well and am not proud of how they sounded.

I saw someone pass away on the street yesterday, right in front of me and it has affected me, and made me question myself. I got carried away with my commenting on Camille and others as well (although one of her friends wrote some pretty bad stuff about Kelsey) but regardless, it wasn't right, and I suppose I owe an apology.

TMZ brings out some bitterness in people and mine is now going to be checked. I appreciate your comments and will no longer be participating in TMZ. It has brought out a side of me that I am not proud of. I will no longer post about celebs or even read this stuff.

To any I may have offended besides Camille Grammer, I am sorry to you as well. I am going to work in my own character. Good luck to all...

1449 days ago


Wow, with all that money Camille couldn't have surgery to correct her crossed eyes?

1449 days ago


These women are train wrecks. Money means nothing if you are a plastic, brainless, shallow moron (like all six of these skanks). Strangely, they all look very much alike. Not one of them has anything intelligent or meaningful to say. Their favorite word..."ME". Stupid.....Bravo has hit an all-time low with this one.

1448 days ago


none of them , as they're all skanks

1448 days ago


Jim Ho # 14 - Can't stop laughing from your comments!

1447 days ago


...they all look alike---over processed and skanky...

1445 days ago


I think the show is hysterical, I guess the part I don't get is why these women put themselves on display like this. None of them are pretty or soft and sensitive like a real woman is suppossed to be, there are very hard looking and have big mouths among other things, there is nothing natural looking,ALL FAKE. AND WHAT ABOUT BEING MARRIED TO KELSEY GRAMMAR, ALL HE HAS IS MONEY, ASIDE FROM THAT HE IS UGLY.

1433 days ago

d brenner    

Lisa seems like a lady, and Adrienne seems pretty down to earth, considering she's probably the wealthiest by far of all of them. Taylor is not too swift, Kim needs therapy, and her sister is just plain mean to her. But the big tramp is Camille. If she's not boffing her tennis partner, she sure wants to. Kelsey Grammar has GOT to be so embarrassed.

1421 days ago


Hysterical #97, I googled "Camille Grammer prostitute?" and found your post! I just watched the show and was gob-smacked at the way she behaved, in front of the husbands of the other women and with her male 'friends'. Now THAT is a textbook skank, I knew she had been a professional. She could only have made it more clear that she was available if she'd nailed an 'Open For Business' sign above her snatch.
And my God, her psycho insecurities, "I am my own person, not just the wife of Kelsey Grammer"!... Am I missing something is he like the Brad Pitt of sitcoms or just a fay has-been from a series that ended 20 years ago?
Yick, I do not like having to watch her and her parade of f@ck buddies she pretends they are her 'guy friends". Because she gets so much air time, I don't think I'm going to be watching this show. But if any of you girls do watch, I have an idea to make it more fun... a drinking game. Down one every time this bimbo mentions "Kelsey", "I'm my own person" or "I own X". She's like a broken record no matter what phrase you pick you'll end up drunk every time. UGGGH!

1419 days ago


All these broads look like old worn out baseball mitts.

1415 days ago
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