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Chilean Miner #21 -- Greeted By Mistress

10/13/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chilean miner #21 was rescued moments ago -- but his problems have just begun -- because his wife wasn't there to greet him when he made it to the surface ... rather, his mistress. Awk-ward.

Chilean miner mistress.

According to reports, 50-year-old miner Yonni Rojas was greeted by mistress Susana Valenzuela at the San Jose Mine in Chile today -- while his wife of 28 years opted to stay home.

Check out the video of Yonni's rescue ... and all the awkwardness that ensues ... including that lovely side kiss the two lovebirds shared.


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If I was the wife I would have gone to see my husband of 28 years because of the blessing that he survived for 70 days under ground. I saw how he acted when he saw the mistress and he didn't seem very in love at all. She is nothing. He is still married and the wife trumps the mistress every time. (the mistress is a fat slob).

1471 days ago


The lady in the video is his mistress, his wife of 28 years opted not to go for the circus. By the way cool shade glasses by Oakley, great PR for the company, Good for Oakley I have a pair of them.

1471 days ago


Wait, did the wife know there mistress was going to be there or did she just not want to come?

1471 days ago


Well I feel for both the mistress and the wife. It's clear that he wasn't that excited to see the mistress. But would he be more excited seeing the wife? He's just a jerk who plays both women for his own benefit: that is why he wanted both of tem to welcome him probably to stroke his ego.
Regarding the wife: I doubt that she just found out that her husband was cheating. He probably has been cheating on her with a variety of women throughout those 28 years and the mistress was just the latest. They probably lived in the same village.
I agree with her for not showing up but I hope she's not acting like a drama queen who didn't know where her man's weewee had been...I hate when we as women put on those false pretenses. If you knew about it and put up with it don't act all surprise all of a sudden.

1471 days ago


nevermind I just read another article.

damn, asking your wife and mistress to come see you? that is ****ed up

1471 days ago


He and his wife have been separated for over ten years. The news media just wants drama out of a amazing story...

1471 days ago


Karen: that sort of makes sense because from what I see he didn't really hesitate. He didn't run to her arms but he held her like he wanted to be there... am I missing something?

1471 days ago


On CNN last night they gave an "in depth" report on this very topic. The miners themselves hand selected who would be given access to their initial arrival in the capsule. They could have up to 3 people and no one would be permitted who wasn't on the miner's list. CNN stated that huge fights had broken out among the family members including several situations where there was both a wife and a mistress. Apparently their was psychologists assisting in this planning.

1471 days ago

bring back recent posts    

wonder if Gloria Alred will be there for the mistress?????????

1471 days ago


#49..Each miner was allowed to ask three people to be greet them ..#21 asked his Wife and Mistress to be there...It makes a great story...Love all these guys they great stories...They now have # 28 on CNN..he did not tell his mother he was working in the mines..also his girlfriend just had their baby yesterday! Yes, I am obsessed with this story.

1471 days ago


His odds for survival would have probably been better in the mine.

1471 days ago

bring back recent posts    

Nice to see something happy on the news for a change, now the dog and pony show will start with agents/lawyers/politicians/and anyone else who can exploit them, gonna be hard gettin 33 to get along with who serves the purpose more in the media, and egos will get messed up, oh well, at least they are alive to fight in fresh air.

1471 days ago


She wasn't even crying! It's clear that all she wanted was her 15 min of fame. She just made a fool of herself on TV all around the world. He was disappointed not to see his wife of 28 years there!

1471 days ago


People get your facts straight!! It was his mistress who greeted him. His wife of 28 years had no idea he had a mistress for the past five years of their marriage. Apparently, he had sent a letter to both his wife and mistress asking them to become friends, so that both of them could greet him together once rescued. He said he "loves" them both. Maybe he wants a threesome? All three are ugly!

1471 days ago


He's going straight home to his wife I'm sure he did a lot of thinking in that hole. If the mistress had any class she would not have been there.

1471 days ago
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