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Chilean Miner #21 -- Greeted By Mistress

10/13/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chilean miner #21 was rescued moments ago -- but his problems have just begun -- because his wife wasn't there to greet him when he made it to the surface ... rather, his mistress. Awk-ward.

Chilean miner mistress.

According to reports, 50-year-old miner Yonni Rojas was greeted by mistress Susana Valenzuela at the San Jose Mine in Chile today -- while his wife of 28 years opted to stay home.

Check out the video of Yonni's rescue ... and all the awkwardness that ensues ... including that lovely side kiss the two lovebirds shared.


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Reports said he left his wife "some time ago" to live with his mistress. He wanted both of them to be there to greet him (which says to me that he still loves his wife), but the wife said no way. Way to focus on the one slightly shoddy part of this story. No mention that this man was also the paramedic for the 32 other miners trapped in that shelter and that his actions probably helped keep all of those men in good health throughout this ordeal. I really am unbelievably stunned and happy that they all survived for so long and are finally free.

1478 days ago


That horndog did not look any too pleased to see the b***h at the mine, he did not go to her, she had to wiggle that staggering rack over to him and grab him. He must be blind. Apparently the camp was swarming with babymamas and hoochies all looking for the paychecks from the miners, it was rather funny! Low class peasants to the last!

1478 days ago


His wife was not there to receive him but she did show up to received a 5 million dollar check some company gave him. As soon as she had the check in her hand she ran and left the mistress to greet him. It just goes to show who she really cared for.

1478 days ago


His wife was not there to receive him but she did show up to received a 5 million dollar check some company gave him. As soon as she had the check in her hand she ran and left the mistress to greet him. It just goes to show who she really cared for.

1478 days ago


Ever been to South America, or any Latin country? Macho BS reigns supreme and they treat their women worse than donkeys. They profess to be Catholic but don't marry the babymamas, every girl has a bastard, starting around 12, they send the women out to work while the men drink and make more babies that they don't support. Oh, a lovely "culture", they are just savage peasants. Its funny how all this is coming to light now, with the camp full of women all looking for money.

1478 days ago


Karma is an ugly bitch, and so is the mistress.

1478 days ago


Why in the world did they even allow that fat mistress whore in there? That's wasn't right. His wife had the dignity to stay away because this trashy fatty has to show her face? The guy did not look happy to see the fatty either. I don't know why the authorities allowed her, she should have been told to stay away and not to be entered. She's NOT his family.

1478 days ago


If this mofo ever comes by the coast of Africa my pirate friends will hold him and his fat b!tches hostage for ransom for 42 Pesos!

1478 days ago


I hear that the wife's getting all the money
thats what he gets for being a cheater
karma is a B**

1478 days ago


Well so much for being a hero also one report aaid they were paid $500.00 US a week for working at the mine.Alot more than miners in the US and Chile has government healthcare.

1478 days ago


there was no real scandal, the miner and his wife have been separated for over a year and he began dating the woman in the picture some time after that.

1477 days ago


There are the true facts and then there are what my Dad use to call "Sh*t Starters", those who get sh*t started. TMZ really does take a "nothing" situation and creates this twisted drama. Playing around with peoples lives, and probably contributing to the ruination of them.
TMZ would have you believe this man kept a mistress while living with his wife in marriage. Wrong! The man and his wife have been estranged for some time, and this is is girlfriend. Nothing going on here, that warrants innuendo when there is none to be found.
The Media twists things around so much. I noticed this in the Oksana/Mel Gibson postings, and after months of trying to get the facts straight, I came to the conclusion that the public was basing their opinions of Oksana on what TMZ was putting in print, as if it were all Gospel Truth. Now I just no longer care. The truth lies always somewhere in the middle where couples and he said/she said are concerned.

1477 days ago


Yonni BARRIOS!! not Rojas... get your facts straight people!! the woman (Susana Valenzuela) wasn't really his mistress, he is separated from his wife, but not divorced. He actually lived with Susana prior to the accident. His wife didn't even show up for the rescue, she said it was his time to be with his new partner. If you're going to post a story, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE IT RIGHT.

1477 days ago


The 33rd miner is out and safe and that you Do Not post??? You are lowering yourselves even further to Perez Hilton. What a shame!

1477 days ago


His name is Yonni BARRIOS, fix it!

1477 days ago
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