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Chilean Miner #21 -- Greeted By Mistress

10/13/2010 3:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chilean miner #21 was rescued moments ago -- but his problems have just begun -- because his wife wasn't there to greet him when he made it to the surface ... rather, his mistress. Awk-ward.

Chilean miner mistress.

According to reports, 50-year-old miner Yonni Rojas was greeted by mistress Susana Valenzuela at the San Jose Mine in Chile today -- while his wife of 28 years opted to stay home.

Check out the video of Yonni's rescue ... and all the awkwardness that ensues ... including that lovely side kiss the two lovebirds shared.


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Coal Mango    

TMZ - shouldn't you emphasize the fact that this man along with 32 others survived an horrific 69 day 700 meters underground? Even better, don't even touch this story because all you will do is degrade it. I check in with you to find out what stupid crap celebs are up to, not to get gossip on heart wrenching situations such as the Chilean men who were trapped in a mine.

1409 days ago


Very touching story, I found a tribute to the miners on youtube.

1409 days ago


This stupid for media to be reporting this story in this manner. This man has not been with his drama queen wife in over three years and moved on with his life long ago. No doubt the wife is one of those bible thumping idiots who declares she married for life and has held the divorce up. Now her sorry ass wants to play the victim.

1409 days ago


The information is not correct, he has been apart of his wife for many many year, but not legally, so the relationship with his new partner doesn't have anything terrible!

1409 days ago


I think its pathetic that you "TMZ" are giving news about something you know nothing about.

It wasn't his mistress, but his spouse. He has grown children (teens) with his spouse and has been separated for years from his actual wife. They have never legalized their divorse. because until recently, it wasn't a common thing in Chile.

Why would you try to put your American drama, into Chilean Pride. This isn't Lindsay Lohan on drugs, or Tiger woods with his mistresses.

1409 days ago


the guy is married but has been separated from his wife for years. so its not that dramatic as the media is playing it out to be.

1409 days ago


must every story be put into a tabloid format??? this guy spent 69 days trapped a mine, 90 degree/90% humidity every single minute of every single day for almost two months, starving i am sure, and some of you are spending time trashing him??? what kind of people are you? and for your info, he has been separated from his legally called wife for about 3 years. don't judge until you have walked a mile in someone elses shoes.(or boots!!) shame on all of you. only 1 can judge..

1409 days ago


Regardless of his current relationship status or infideltiy, the guy was just rescued from 70 stressful days spent 1/2 a mile underground in a studio apt sized room shared with 32 other men, one of whom they feared for their first 17 days in darkeness and hunger that they might have to eat to survive and you guys have to do this? This isn't LiLo and her drug habits we're talking about. Show some respect.

Can you imagine how fragile his mental health is right now? How will you feel if TMZ and it's fans are the cause of putting him beyond what he's mentally capable of dealing with.

Cut the guy some slack and let him get his head together, would you?

1409 days ago


Wuajajajajaja, grande viejo Verde xD

1409 days ago


his name is YONNI BARRIOS ,and she is his mistress , but he was divorced years ago the your wife ...
jajajjaj this is very funny!!!

1409 days ago


Did you notice how he could barely look at her? He was ashamed. He was under conviction b/c his mistress was there, not his wife. He probably wanted his wife there so he wouldn't get the taunting that he would more than likely recieve. The Bible says "all secrets shall be revealed". Now the entire world knows what he is. He is an adulterer.

1407 days ago
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