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Jasmine Waltz: 'Two Times, My Ass!'

10/13/2010 2:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman with whom David Arquette claims to have had sex with "once ... maybe twice," is indignant, telling friends, "Two Times, My Ass!"

Jasmine Waltz
Sources are telling TMZ ... Jasmine Waltz is indignant, claiming she had sex multiple times with David over the course of more than a month.  She's saying she met David through a mutual friend and started dating.

People associated with David tell us ... everything that happened between David and Jasmine occurred after he separated from Courteney Cox and after they reached an understanding that they could date other people.  Jasmine is backing up this story.

But ... Jasmine is saying she's "shocked" he spoke so openly about their involvement with Howard Stern.


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She does know that she's bragging about how many times shes had sex with a married man doesn't she? Her parents must be sooooo proud to have raised another gold-digging fame whore. .....then again I'll bet only her folks are keeping score. Maybe she'll find one stupid enough to get her pregnant and then she can retire?as a wealthy babysmomma.What does she "do" anyways? ( I mean other than married famous men ).

Posted at 11:05 AM on Oct 13, 2010 by timmay

No kidding!

Doesn't anyone have morals these days?

1478 days ago


What is with these show biz folks - getting screwed - advertising it - WHY?? I guess it is a matter of pride to boast how immoral or amoral one is these days out there in LA - how low down are these folks? - TMZ needs other subjects other than this one!! How about some real achievers!!

1478 days ago

Diane Hanes    

Arquette may be using President 'Slick Willy' Clinton's established method for counting sexual liaisons.

1478 days ago


This Jasmine must be the new Hollywood hooker skank and she looks like a gold digger to me.

1478 days ago

The Witness    

Sadly she thinks this great attention for her claim to fame.

1478 days ago

Bea Mused    


1478 days ago


Who cares what this chick thinks or her reaction to what anybody says? She's just a useless waitress trying to get famous the easy ****ing anybody who is or says they are a celebrity. She doesn't need talent or an education, spreading her legs seems to be working just fine for her, look how much attention she's gotten from TMZ already...they report on this ho but we hear nothing about what's going on with Courtney, now HER reaction would be better news.

1478 days ago


LMAO....she is “shocked” he spoke about this in public however would like to make the public correction that it was multiple times, not just 1 or 2...LOL, ok...I wonder if she is “shocked” about all the photos of her with multiple celebrities that have surfaced? Better get tested boys…

1478 days ago


Ummmmm - another bimbo - Think Tiger may be interested - she is better looking ( I will put my glasses on) than the previous batch he went through!!

1478 days ago

Mr Truth in my own mind     

What did this gier do wrong? What did David do wrong? THe assumptions that you ass hats are making is the real injustice.

This girl slept with a celebrity, thats it and so what? She didnt blab, until David said once or twice they had sex. She probably did that because David diminished the value of their fling by stating once or twice. I dont get the hate - calling her a slut. Ladies (mostly the ones stating this, please look in the mirror. You are soo qucik to put down another woman - stop your jealousy and hate.

Second, David was responding and DEFENDING himself after the rumors started that he was out galvanting aroung while married and together with his wife. Not true - Courntey ended the relationship and suggested they see other people. HE DID NOT CHEAT. by the way in many states you have to be legally sepreated for a year before a divoce is granted, so is that cheating? If your marriage is ober it waint cheating, regardless of what a piece of paper says.

1478 days ago

Mr Truth in my own mind     

my gramatical errors are horrible, sorry

- qucik typing unreadable guy

1478 days ago

Mr Truth in my own mind     

Oh and another thing: his candor was refreshing and welcome. We all want celebrities to be more candid and to stop with the "no comment" crap. Well here is it and you criticize?
More people should be this truthful and candid. Again, this story was already out and incorrect. David just defended himself.

1478 days ago


Truth, you must be his PR guy....

1478 days ago


And a very nice one, too, I will wager...if nothing else, the man has taste in women...

1478 days ago


Gold-digging hoe, go away! Go find some morals and dignity!

1478 days ago
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