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Lamar Odom

Big Mama Kardashian Is My Manager

10/13/2010 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

L.A. Lakers star Lamar Odom has officially exchanged vows with his own mother-in-law -- TMZ has learned ... dude has hired Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner to be his personal manager.


Odom's rep Eve Sarkisyan tells TMZ, "Kris Jenner now manages Lamar Odom.  He has asked her to manage him off the court a few months ago."

We're told the twosome already smell profit -- according to his rep, "Their first project together would be his and Khloe's fragrance which is set to launch next year."

We're told Kris' other responsibilities include organizing Lamar's paid appearances, setting up endorsement deals, and handling any other personal marketing activities.

So the big question -- if Khloe and Lamar break up ... who gets to keep Kris?

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No Avatar


First he marries the fat pig, now he's the one that's going to be slaughtered like a hog.
What an unbelieveably stupid move.

1472 days ago


Dumbass move of the year.

1472 days ago


she would not make a pimple on a good managers ass!!! that whole family is PATHETIC!!!!!

1472 days ago


Funny...Lamar is a "white-boy wanna-be" and Kris has a bigger di ck than her loser husband [Bruce Kardsahian].

1472 days ago


welcome LLamar to the Brutha's House of Stupid Azz, Please join Tiger, Hammer, Tyson, and every other NFL player at the bar. We have a large barrel on the dance floor just in case you would like to get bent over again before dinner.

1472 days ago


Bad move Odom. That Kardashian whore family wants your money

1472 days ago


I wonder about Kris' educational background. Has she studied accounting, marketing, public relations, etc....

1472 days ago


OMG..who would want to smell like a KarTRASHian or that sweat ape Klohe!!!!!!!!!!

1472 days ago


Can we just get over the Kardashians....they are headline, magazine cover hogs...we see way too much about the pathetic life styles of the useless Hollywood types, who just seem to party, do Cocaine, fly about the world and hang with other nitwits....

1472 days ago


Lamar's been bitch slapped.

1472 days ago


can we say dumb azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

1472 days ago


He SCREW$ the daughter while the mother SCREW$ him , sound like the perfect Menage A Trois to me.

We all know how this is going to end , But just maybe he is that mad scientist that knows something we don't.

1472 days ago

Throwback kid    

Maybe Lamar can make a sex tape with his fouth mouthed wife Kloe and Kris can broker a deal to sell it to Vivid?

1472 days ago


WTH is Lamar thinking?? Or should I say, what IS he thinking WITH???

The day he signed that pre-nup was the day he screwed himself for LIFE!! The day he was TOLD to sign those papers, didn't the dude realize klHOE was only with him for his money??? And guess WHO brokered that deal?? Yup, you've got it!! What a dumb ass!!

You watch. When that "marriage" is over with, PIMP MAMA is gonna try to scratch that pre-nup and ask for MORE!! I see she's still wearing Bruce's BALLS around her neck. He's another dumbass!!! It's clear that klHOE is the Bio child of PIMP MAMA seeing how both so called "women" have their man's BALLS around their necks. She sure taught her daughter well didn't she??? Now there's 2 lil ones left to teach. Someone HELP THEM cause the ***** they have for a dad sure isn't!!!

That WHOLE family is fake. If you stop watching their shows, if you stop buying the mags their in, if you stop buying their ****, if we all stop replying to these on line articles, they'll have no choice but to GO AWAY!! This is my last post on them. Please follow suit. That's what people did with Heidi and Spencer and you now see where they are so...... :D

1472 days ago


This clown has been an embarassment to the entire Laker Organization and Laker Fan's since the beginning. Then he get's a ghetto foul mouthed dirty sandcrab sewage slut, to further embarass himself, The Lakers, The Fans and now he has a pimp who is looking for a payday & eventual sit-n-spin session with Lamar! Just like her little slut daughters, Kris drools at the sight of a rich black man with money. My question is wtf did she marry Bruce for? Now the entire family are of sluts are nothing more than ghetto pigs with money!!!

Not to many mothers can proudly brag about there daughters with "18 wheeler drive thru" koo-ters!

1472 days ago
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