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Octomom Delivers Miracle Payment, Saves Home

10/14/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom's labor has finally paid off -- TMZ has learned the part-time bartender, garage sale saleswoman, and human photo prop has raised enough money to stay in her home ... for now!

Amer Haddadin -- the guy who owns the note on Nadya Suleman's L.A. area property -- tells us he had a "very constructive meeting" with Octo's attorneys yesterday ... they finally handed over a check for two months of back payments.

As for the additional $450,000 balloon payment that Octo still owes -- Haddadin tells us he's agreed to grant Nadya an extension ... and the two parties will establish a new deadline in the next couple of days.


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Posted at 12:58 PM on Oct 17, 2010 by Annette

I know it's weird, I didn't post "#97. Posted at 3:39 PM on Oct 15, 2010 by Kimba10" Looks like one of the Nadya haters have way to much spare time on their hands and playing around with people sign in names-- being impostors.

1469 days ago


Why are Nadya haters so angry? LMAO Can't believe they actually wanted Nadya and her kids thrown into the street. Can't believe it's been nearly two years and they are still on blogs talking about putting the kids up for adoption and into foster care. Don't you clowns get it? Nadya kids aren't going anywhere, they are going to stay with their mommy. So get over it! LOL And you can forget about Nadya losing her home too. Because she's not! HAHAHAHA!!!!

(shakin head) love how Nadya and her kids always get the last laugh! LOL

1469 days ago


from the footage aired on national tv it looked like lots of screaming,crying,aimless wandering, violence and misery. the only one getting the "last laugh" and every maniacal cackle in between was you

1468 days ago


So, court testimony today. She had 12 embryos implanted, has 29 frozen in storage but never used frozen embryos for herself. Had 13 IVF at appox 18,000 ea. For those of you who are math challenged like Kimbutthead Scamya thats $234,000 when she was on food stamps. FRAUD! Got ya Nadya. Poor Kimbutthead Scamya. What in the world will you do now the everyone knows the truth and you or Nadya can't continue your lies?

1468 days ago

My Little Girls    

In response to post #31... Where is the video of Elijah asking who's my Dad and she lays on her bed giving interviews. What a piece a work.

Can we all say SCAM SCASM SCAM........
She's not losing her house, it's all a big front to get money out of people. This want to be Mother is the biggest SCAM artist ever.

All of these people need to wake up and see this child for what she really is...... Selfish.. It's all about "ME".

The worker's comp doctor's did her an injustice by not committing her to a mental hospital for real help, instead of some fly by night.... doctor, just to increase the settlement of her case.

She had to C/R the settlement in order to get the big pay-off, didn't she Kimba10/Octomom. You'll never get it.. Karma will come and you will reap what you sow.

In order to get private schools and welfare/special needs, all the children would have to be classified as disabled. I bet this one is in the works or have they been deemed disabled. Thanks to you and your doctor, these poor little one's don't stand a chance of a normal life.

How can you get welfare for the children when they have trust funds in their names? Sounds to me like double dipping.

By the way, I say the doctor testified today that 12 fresh embryos were potted into you. You better get your story straight before you open your mouth again. The doctor probably didn't want to take the chance of having other disabled babies delivered.

These are my OPINIONS ONLY.... just like KIMBA10...

1465 days ago


LOL don't you just love it how the name Nadya Suleman get some folks all worked up? And I do mean SOME because we all know there's one or two people posting under 4-5 different names just to get their jealous, stupid rants across. JSYK--Your user names may change but your style of postings, never. Dead giveaway!

Don't worry your silly heads none tho, Nadya is not thinking of any of you nor is she asking you for cent/oops sense you don't have. :) But I do understand why some of you come down so hard on Ms. Suleman. Half of you don't have jobs and probably living with granny or some other relatives and on disability and welfare yourself. Oh deny if you must, you are not lying to anyone but yourself when you do. Oh yeah... and the guilty parties to whom I am referring too will definitely apply to this post, they always do.

Now get angry, get mad and start helding insults! See if I care hahahaha!!!

1418 days ago


I'm out! But before I go let me just say... Somebody on here have way to much time on their hands. Bore, depress and lonely obviously. Digging up October posts and copy/pasting them on here. And you say Nadya Suleman is the one with the head problems? Please...

Buh bye dummies! LOL

1418 days ago


I'm no Octofan but I really don't see how she can ever support this large group of kids! This is the perfect time to find a new, afordable home, there are a lot out there now. If she's open to where she lives she could find a nice two story with room for all the kids and grandma for around $250,000 in CA. Maybe someone would even buy it for them. The kids have done nothing wrong and don't deserve to be treated badly by the public. Especially when the Goslin brats have gotten Everything and their parents are the Worst! Even though you don't like the Octomom, people should send usefull items for the kids. They look like little waifs in the picture while she sits there with her expensive plastic surgery! That's why you can't send money, just clothes and gifts for the kids. Look in your heart and you know that would be the Right thing to do.

1396 days ago

Linda Lox    

Enough now. Oprah showed us another side. Let's wish the best for her and her 14 kids.
That includes you, TMZ.

1379 days ago


Needless to say, I'm happy for her children that Octomom didn't lose the house. How in the world could afford to find another house for her and her 14 children. Not my fav but it must be a relief for her.

1052 days ago


Honestly, who would want this house back after having all those children growing up inside? I had 8 brothers and sisters and even though mom was around all the time we were really busy kids. Hard on homes.

1029 days ago
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