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Slash's National Anthem -- A Real Icebreaker

10/13/2010 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Slash strapped up and strung out last night during the L.A. Kings game -- ripping one of the most incredible renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" we've ever heard.

Slash National Anthem

Must have worked too -- because the Kings thrashed Atlanta 3-1 at the Staples Center.

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youdrink toomuch    

Pretty basic rendition; besides, how far can you stray from someone else's melody before it becomes your own?

1469 days ago

charley hardman    

some people are so gullible. pretty much any 2-year-guitarist with overdone distortion, wah, and vibrato could fool the TMZ music hacks. that was bleh.

1469 days ago


Hendrix copycat.... but no where near as good - No oomph.

1469 days ago


That was good Slash !! Maan, I miss the days when "Guns and Roses" were huge. He wasn't really trying to out do Hendrix. If Slash put in a lot of effort, I'm sure he could have done just as good as Hendrix did at Woodstock. Have Slash do the next Super Bowl and you'd see him create a national anthem masterpiece.

1469 days ago


Completely passionless version. First jack Hedrix's idea, then play it poorly without exhibiting any skill (straight notes and a little pedal effects, no interpretation whatsoever) and you are a hero. Slash, you're a dinosaur.

1469 days ago


It's a damn shame that Randy Rhoads died young like he did. He would have been a MEGA STAR guitarist. No doubt about it. He would have done outshined Hendrix in a solo of the national anthem.

Rest in peace Randy! It's a tragedy that you didn't get a chance to show the world even more of the talent that you had.

1469 days ago

Colonel Bleep    

"ripping one of the most incredible renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner" we've ever heard."

You can't be serious! What a dull act that was! Jimi set the standard. Years back Eric Johnson did a version on MTV that was genuinely moving and mind boggling. BUT THIS?? Seriously!! TMZ,YOU CAN'T BE SERIOUS!!! There is absolutely nothing here that even remotely has ANYTHING to do with ripping or shredding. Stick to your commentary on The Situation & Lindsey, because you know embarrassingly little about musicianship! PERIOD!

1469 days ago


A 2nd year guitar player with even an ounce of creativity can do that 100 times better.

That sucked.

Whoever wrote your article knows nothing about guitar technique and improvisation.

Slash sucks, he took part in ONE good album and he has sucked ever since.

1469 days ago


Really? Most incredible? Rather amateurish and boring. Try listening to Hendrix if you want incredible. Any high school guitarist can pick out the notes and probably with more emotion. It took a genius to make it truly sing.....

1469 days ago


I was there to hear Hendrix. He was of a different time and he was magnificent. The way he played that song will never be copied. Slash is of this time and he was very good, very respectful.

1469 days ago


These comparisons remind me of how people try to act like Justin Timberlake or Usher are the "next Michael Jackson". Seriously, comparing Slash to Jimi Hendrix is kinda goofy and as others have said, Slash (who is pretty humble) would likely agree. The other 2 I mentioned actually believe their own press. I actually kind of liked the "note for note" rendition, I don't care much for people who try to "jazz" up the SSB just to mess with it.

1469 days ago


You're kidding, right? Any teenager could crush that version of the SSB. Oooh... Slash knows how to pop a harmonic out! Just like all of his G&R solos, he has no concept of tempo, rhythm, pitch or style. I hate to be a hater, but just don't understand what the fascination is with this d0uche. I'd rather listen to the guitar solos on Ann Murray records than this poser.

1469 days ago


It was just a clean no frills Les Paul with a Wah pedal note by note rendition. That was in no way shredding and even Slash would agree. He kept it conservative to appeal to all people. he could have gone crazy on it if he wanted too.....

1469 days ago



1469 days ago


He needs to lose that retarded-looking hat.

1469 days ago
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