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'Wolfman' Benicio Sued over Hairy 'Rear-End'

10/15/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Benicio Del Toro has uno problemo -- dude is accused of rear-ending somebody on the streets of Hollywood a few months ago ... and now the alleged victim claims his spine is all out of whack. 


According to a lawsuit, filed Tuesday in L.A. County Superior Court, the "Wolfman" star was rollin' around in his 1992 Ford Bronco (the same one in the above photo) when he plowed into another SUV driven by a guy named Hassam Zarbakhsh.

Hassam's lawyer tells us ... his client suffered "a major spinal injury" during the crash including a bulging disc in his lower back.  We're told Hassam is suing for a judgment in the 6-figure range.

But it's not all bad news for Del Toro -- Hassam's lawyer tells us Benicio was "really nice" to his client after the crash. So, at least he has that ...


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Moule E    

This dude wanders around the west side and looks like a homeless person with a water bottle in his hand.

1470 days ago

Ozzie X    

@Moule E ...and your point is?

Benicio seems like a genuinely down to earth guy and doesn't suc***b to the Hollywood lifestyle. Let's just hope the plaintiff's claim is legitimate.

1470 days ago


This man is just looking for easy money. "Gee a celebrity ran into me, he has lots of money, I think I will sue him". Absurd! Get a job Haasam! Oh and people who post stupid advertsing stuff on here should really find another outlet to peddal their crap. No one here wants your stuff.

1470 days ago


Good Luck, Harry.

1470 days ago


in addition to the guys swollen disc problem, he has experienced wallet deflation since the crash and since Benicio has a swollen wallet condition, he things a transfusion of the financial fluids will equal things out.

1470 days ago


can the s*** bag smell money, What the slime bag found out who he really is
have a p i follow the dude and see how bad his back really is

1470 days ago


Hey ==^^^Spam Troll^^^== post on the topic, or stfu. Seriously. We don't give an F about your second rate sweatshop junk.

1470 days ago


no comprende una topico de esso articolo!! e te em zee, por favor translato el todo articolo para el hispanios, como no parlais englais!!! es discrimination!!! jo llame gloria allred!! en todo momento!! rasicmo!!

1470 days ago


I think I love him even more now knowing that he drives a 1992 FOrd Bronco around, even after he has dinged it up. You know he can be sporting whatever he wants to.

1470 days ago


I love Benicio. He was so good in Wolfman. He is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing him in his next venture..

1470 days ago


He's a nice guy. His mom and dad are attorneys, he knows what he has to do.. Love Benicio xoxo

1470 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

Gotta love that the guy drives a 92 Bronco and dresses like a homeless bum! Was he drinking a can of Colt 45 too at the time of the crash? Another of the Hollywood lowlifes and the guy's completely overrated. His acting is furchtbar! Yes his spine is all out of whack because he doesn't have a ****ing spine!

1469 days ago

LA Law    

Benecio knows what to do, he's a sweetheart can't wait to see him in that new Iceman movie.

1469 days ago


'Wolfman' Benicio Sued over Hairy 'Rear-End'

Oh, come on. Who thinks of these headlines? I knew that the headline was likely misleading and that the story was doubtfully related to Benicio's back side or hirsutism. However, I still clicked on the story.


1467 days ago

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