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Christina Aguilera

and Boyfriend


3/1/2011 1:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera was arrested early this morning along with her boyfriend in West Hollywood, TMZ has learned. Christina was popped for public intoxication and her boyfriend was arrested for driving under the influence.

Christina Aguilera Arrested
Cops say ... Aguilera was a passenger in a car driven by Matthew Rutler when officers noticed he was driving erratically around 2:45 AM ... so they pulled the vehicle over. 

Officers determined Rutler was drunk and arrested him for misdemeanor DUI.

Cops say the deputies determined Aguilera was also "extremely intoxicated" ... and since she was unable to care for herself, Aguilera was taken into custody.

Aguilera was booked for public intoxication -- and according to the booking sheet, she was listed at 5'2" and 100 lbs.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department, Rutler's bail was set at $5,000.

However, the source adds, "If the driver had NOT been arrested for DUI, [Christina] would have never been in trouble."

Sources close to Xtina tell us they have been trying to get the singer into a rehab program for weeks.


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This is an outrageous violation of Christina's rights and I hope she will be suing the LA police and DA's office for false arrest. With this arrest, it should be apparent to all that the LA police and DA's office are out to make a political name for themselves on the backs of famous celebrities. Drunk driving is one thing, being in the car with a drunk driver is another. This out-of-control police department and DA's office need to be brought down a few pegs and I hope Christina has the cojones to take them on in court.

1276 days ago



1276 days ago


Didn't Paris Hilton pull the same thing? Current boyfriend driving she was holding.

1276 days ago

red sox    

Okay I am 5'2" and 105 lbs, and I am a lot thinner than Christina - at least with her recent weight gain. There is no way she is below 135. I'm guessing they just ask your weight, and she gave em 100 lbs knowing every media outlet would be able to see her weight.Funny though cause even at her skinniest, I bet she'd be over 100 lbs because of her breast implants

1276 days ago


Nice to see balls/and/or/Kooky is's hoping Christina's ex gets custody of her son until she gets herself together...she's been a mess for a long time now

1276 days ago


Another ho, another ho

Another ho bytes the dust, yeah.....

In reality it was a bogus arrest. The officer at the scene thought she was drunk and asked her to repeat the words to the national anthem. Christina bombed. The officer was unaware that for Christina those were the correct words.

1276 days ago


@Sheila: I am not a celebrity and I do not live in Cali, and I too have been arrested for a PI while I was a passenger in a car! I never thought that could happen... You always hear "get a designated driver" and you think you'll be safe, but NOPE! You can still go to jail! :(

1276 days ago


Chris, Surely you are joking, right? Deputies decided that Aguilera would not be able to drive safely on her own and, using a provision of the law that allows them to hold individuals in protective custody, took her to the West Hollywood sheriff's station and booked her on a misdemeanor.

Officials said the law allows them to keep an individual in custody for safety reasons. Would you have preferred they leave her, drunk and unable to stand, on the street?

1276 days ago


OOPS... my comment was directed to Chris not Sheila... :) Sorry.

1276 days ago


She should have been arrested immediately after her Super Bowl caterwauling!

1276 days ago


Hmmmmm, maybe that explains her falling (almost) at the Grammys and the National Anthem debacle.

1276 days ago

red sox    

Why are people finding it so hard to understand how she was arrested for public intoxication while being a passenger in a car? Makes perfect sense to me, the booking report says she was extremely intoxicated and unable to take care of herself - she likely was extremely incoherent and made a scene about it, yelling with the cops and being a 'nuisance'. You can be drunk in public no problem, but as soon as your behavior is out of your own control it becomes an issue of public intoxication.

Cheers for being 30 years old and plastered on a Monday night! Classy, sounds like you've made it to the big time Christina!

1276 days ago


Enough already, cut the cops a break. They were pulled over for a reason.

1276 days ago


Christina get well, if rehab is there for you go there.Remember you have a child to worry about and you are still young enough to get it together. Good Luck,sweetheart!

1276 days ago


Not myself tonight? Seems like Christina Aguilera hasn't been herself for awhile. Her real fans are desperately wanting her to snap out of it. Yes, she's going through a divorce but damn girl, get a grip! lol.This so called shocking news comes on the same day as "Burlesque" is released on dvd. Way to market Christina! Soon, Jordan will have Max and Christina will be bald.( I know, I know, enough with the Britney jokes.) It's so hard to see this when Christina Aguilera has always been my favorite singer. I wish she would get back together with Jordan Bratman and make another awesome album. We miss you Christina. Dump your boy toy and put your big girl panties on and deal with it!

1276 days ago
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