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Christina Aguilera

Files for Divorce

10/14/2010 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Christina Aguilera just filed for divorce from her husband Jordan Bratman ... TMZ has learned.

Christina Aguilera divorce.
Aguilera cited "irreconcilable differences" in her divorce petition obtained by TMZ, which was filed today.  It's an interesting twist, since sources tell us Christina is the one who cheated.

According to the divorce docs, there is a prenup.  The divorce petition asks that "Earnings and accumulations of [Aguilera] before marriage, during marriage and from and after the date of separation" be considered separate property.

Aguilera, who is represented by disso-queen Laura Wasser, lists the date of separation as September 11, 2010.

The petition also seeks to terminate Bratman's ability to get spousal support. 

Aguilera is seeking joint physical and legal custody of their child, Max, who is 2.

Sources connected with the couple tell TMZ the marriage fell apart after Aguilera allegedly cheated on Bratman.  Aguilera's side refused comment.

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No Avatar


It was reported Cher gave her advice on their movie set (Burlesque ?)to stick with this marriage and work it out. Xtina should have listened, that Cher broad has been around the block more times than the mailman and knows a keeper when she sees one.

As for his looks, beauty is in the eye of the drunken beholder so whatever, Xtina seems like the needy me me me type anyway.

1473 days ago

Jeff Becker    

Why is it when a wealthy women files for divorce she doesn't want to pay for spousal support? She married him, she should pay just like a man is required to pay. I think it would be enough for him just to sleep with her, but the law is the law. They both should share all assets acquired during their marriage. Keep the stinking lawyers out of it.

1473 days ago


May I ask why the black mark on the child's birth date??

1473 days ago


The comments about Bratman's looks are disgusting to me. He always seemed like a beautiful person to me from the way he cared for and loved Christina. He seems like a stand-up, classy guy to me, which couldn't be said by many of the TMZ posters here. I'm surprised by their divorce b/c Christina always gushed about him, and he obviously adored her. I feel for their child...he's a cutie. Best of luck to all of them.

1473 days ago


No one knows what happened but I must say that I have rarely seen such a cheap looking woman. How could any husband put up with a wife who always looks like she is looking for clients on a street corner? Yes, she is talented but doesn't know how to behave at all. And seeing her without makeup was a BIG SHOCK. Believe me, her husband, who is not goodlooking, looked better than her without makeup.

And now she is running around doing PR pics with her little boy, trying to fight all the rumours of her cheating. Btw, this isn't new and reports have been circulating for months.

Sad for the little boy.

1473 days ago


see I told you guys you couldn't turn a hoe into a housewife lol

1473 days ago

your mom    

I thought DJ AM was dead!!!!!!!!

1473 days ago


Can't make a ho a housewife. I'd also love to see what all the "he's ugly" posters look like.

1473 days ago


Every celeberity husband, hell every spouse man/woman period, should be hating Tiger Woods right now. He tasted the forbidden fruit about 13 more times than he should have. Now you have every housewife/househusband Looking for anything that could lead to their own little scandle in whatever waspy country club they happen to be members of. AS for xtina and Mr. Agulilera... Im sure it falls some where along those same lines. Here we go yet again.

1473 days ago


yup she the typical American women that expects everything and does not pay her dues owed. If the tables were turned and he made more money, then he would be expected to pay. Its bull**** and a double standard. Furthermore, if I was married to her I would have communicated to her my expectations as her husband. First the prenuptial would have outlined that she would pay out the nose if she ended the marriage, and that if I did I would not get a dime as well. Second, I would not put up with her whining self-indulgent rants and our marriage would be based on equality. We both would not be allowed to hug and flirt with other people. Honestly, I dont know many men that would put up with her Diva attitude in marriage.

1473 days ago

Pound Sand    

TMZ how about evidence to support your claims? Oh yeah, it is always an "unnamed source". Bastards!

1473 days ago


What a witch, even trying to keep him from getting half of what she earned WHILE they were married! I understand not wanting to part with half of what you had when you came into the marriage or made after separation, but it is just being a vindictive bitch to try to keep him from collecting half of what she made while they were married!

1473 days ago


I don't know what the real reason for this divorce is but i really seen it coming, i didn't think they made a cute couple and he looks like he is all up on her money, maybe he is a great person inside and if it's true he will get back on his feet soon. But Christina oh comon she is beautiful she will have another him in a minute matter fact he will be there in a minute LOL. But she would look real good with like a guy that looks like Brat Pit or Tom Cruise wuuuuuw <33 I would so love her more (: good luck both of you if a break up is hard a divorce must be devastating :/ keep your heads up.

1473 days ago


She is my favourite singer and this is just crazy. I thought she was that person out of all of them that would always have a balanced life, good marriage, and etc.

I mean only a couple years ago she did the song "Ain't No Other Man" about Jordan! Her Dad was abusive to her and usually they go for the real nice safe older guy or something to be like a father figure to them... Who knows...

I dont believe she cheated though. To be fair though he got pretty lucky marrying her. Not only is she the attractive one. She is the rich one out of them too...

1473 days ago


nice try christina you adultress your no different than that hillbilly lee ann rymes, are you girls trying to out cheat newt gingrich and john edwards or is that charlie sheen and pic your male....... you can try to hide behind and prenup you want, your toast as you should be if mel gibbson had to give up millions for a fling imagine what your gonna lose after a 5 year marrage. By the way how much would you be demanding if the tables were turn..... hey Jordan stay away from Kfeds lawyer he robbed him. and somehow he still managed a good amount, do to her what they do to us, dont settle till your compensated for the best years of your life being lost.....

1472 days ago
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