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Murdered Woman's Kids: Answer Us, Hilary Swank!

10/14/2010 1:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Swank has disrespected the children of a murdered woman ... so claims Gloria Allred.


Gloria just held a news conference with the children of Katharina Brow -- the woman whose 1980 murder is the subject of Swank's new movie "Conviction." 

The movie focuses on Kenneth Waters -- who was convicted of Brow's murder and served 18 years in prison ... only to be released after his sister fought and ultimately got him released based on DNA evidence.

Gloria and the kids are mad because Hilary -- the star and Executive Producer of the film -- didn't consult them before making the flick.  Gloria says she's sending a letter to the actress, asking for a sit-down with the kids.


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Gloria is the last person that would capitilize on other peoples pain ..... F*!k you Gloria

1409 days ago


is it wrong that I wish Gloria would fall down a flight of stairs? ..... HARD

1409 days ago


The film is not about this woman's mother! It's about the poor bloke who was wrongfully accused of murdering her. And, why put all the focus on Hillary. She is not the only producer. What a scam!

1409 days ago


These folks have some nerve.

Do you have any regrets about how much time this man spent in jail? None? For a crime he CLEALY has not committed?

To get a attention seeking, camera hog like Gloria to do your dirty talking is making you look like the bad guy. Duh.

Talk about Godzilla balls. I'm begining to think they have dollar signs in their eyes. Why else make a scene about all of this?
It makes no sense.

1409 days ago


Hilary didn't have to "consult" the victim's family, the story is about the guy wrongly convicted, it didn't matter whose family the victim was related to.

Gloria - retire

1409 days ago


This woman is out of control - she's a walking talking tabloid.
I guess this means James Cameron should have contacted all the surviving family members of people who died on the Titanic?
Anything to get that Halloween mask of hers in front of some cameras - the woman is laughable.

1409 days ago


Gloria Allred is heinous!

1409 days ago


This movie is not about the murder. It is about what happened AFTER the crime. It's about the arrest, prosecution and conviction of Kenneth Waters. It's about a sister's journey to free her wrongly convicted brother. While it might have been nice for the production team to have a meeting with the murder victim's family, it certainly wasn't an obligation as she and her offspring were/are not the central theme of this film.

Allred is a poor excuse for an attoney. She should change her business card to PR specialist.

1409 days ago


Thank God that Gloria isn't a publicity

1409 days ago


Gloria Allred isn't relevant in her own profession. It has been written everywhere that she has no credibility, i.e. when was the last time she won a case in court? The Media is what keeps her ugly freaking face in the news, now what she says. The more outrageous she is them more air time she gets to flaunt her ****!

1409 days ago


Harvey, I've got to ask... Does Gloria give lawyers a bad name?

Do a poll on that.

1409 days ago


You gotta be kidding me?

1409 days ago


Gloria is an irrelevant gargoyle who preys on anyone she thinks will get her horrid face in the media.

1409 days ago

Kris Carr    

To # 2: No, it isn't wrong that you wish Mrs. Allred would fall down a flight of stairs -HARD!. I too wish that would happend to her, along with Mrs. Paris Hilton and the whole Lohan Clan. Oh, I forgot to mention Miley Cyrus, too.

1409 days ago


--I'm beginning to think they have dollar signs in their eyes--

NO! Ya Think?

1409 days ago
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