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Kelsey Grammer's Wife: Miscarriage of Justice

10/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife and star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," feels "absolutely humiliated" over Kelsey's girlfriend, and feels her recent miscarriage is all part of bad Karma.

Kelsey Grammer divorce.

Sources who interact with Camille on the show's production tell TMZ ... she feels "very bitter and the bitterness has been growing" over Kelsey's sudden decision to pull the plug on their marriage.

We're told Camille feels sad about Kayte Walsh's miscarriage, but believes it's all part of the cosmos -- what goes around, comes around.

And, we're told, although the show reveals some of the bitterness, "It's way deeper than people watching would know."


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I totally agree.

1440 days ago


Let's see how Camille's line of thinking plays out....
If there were no such thing as karma, then this baby would have been born, and possibly lived a happy and fulfilling life. But since there is karma, the poor baby never got a chance, because of something his or her parents did.
It is pretty reprehensible to think that way, IMHO. And I think this pretty much disproves the fairness of "karma".

1440 days ago

Ozzie X    

What an idiot, no wonder Kelsey left her. I'm sure Camille is fun to bang but that wears thin eventually.

1440 days ago


I figure this would be the next saga of an older man getting duped by a money hungry woman.

wake up men.

1440 days ago


She was a Playboy playmate. Did she think he married her for her mind? Grow up Camille. Someone else had your babies for you and I can only imagine the $ you've spent over the years. Yeah, a cheating husband sucks but it happens. You really should just go quietly - there's more dignity in that than being catty about a miscarriage.

1440 days ago


Maybe Kelsey got tired of judgmental, stuck-up, entitled, self-absorbed, selfish, gold-digging, bitter, make-up applied by the putty knife and which parts are not plastic type of women like Camille?

1440 days ago


It was very mean of her to say something like that and it just goes to show how ugly she really is.
This use of the word karma is really getting out of hand in the western world. Karma is just the word that describes the phase of causes and their effects. Every thought and act however minute has an effect thats all!. There is no god or being out there punishing and or rewarding people for trifles or serious acts that result from their thoughts! Does anyone think that there is some being out there,where ever, dishing out justice on behalf of the millions of us with our petty insecurities,hatreds and loves?
The woman miscarried because her body was unable to deal with the requirements of building up the foetus at that particular stage. It's cause could have been the alcohol or her emotional and or psychological state which could have caused damage somewhere or some genetic defect. Nature lays out the blueprint and requirements and the body follows. The body signalled a problem and Nature carried out the necessary solution for that problem.It had nothing to do with Kelsey and Camille but with Kelsey Kayte and her body.
A very mean and ugly statement by Camille.

1440 days ago


I can understand her feelings. I'm sure she's not happy that the baby itself died, but it's human nature for her not to have a whole lot of compassion considering the situation. For anyone to call her a phony gold digger is inappropriate. She was married to this guy for a while and stood by him through his difficult times.

1440 days ago


Wow Fred! Do you think you MAY have some anger issues here? You sound mean and just plain creepy. Good luck finding happiness with your positive outlook on life. I'm in my 40s and single and you would be lucky to be with me.... well- your nastiness wouldn't make it an option... but you get what I mean.
Kelsey is an idiot- his ex-wife has a right to her feelings.

1440 days ago


Hey, might try being a parent to your two small children before 'Big Jim and the Twins' try for another one! Pathetic!

1440 days ago


this is coming from someone who had a surrogate to carry her children because she didn't want to mess up her body, not because she couldn't carry them herself. Talk about bad karma.

1440 days ago


While I think it's horrible that Kelsey jilted her for a younger woman only a classless terrible person would make a comment like that about someone who suffered a miscarriage. Hope karma finds her in the form of her next face lift being botched.

1440 days ago


that ladies face is a mess!

1440 days ago


I think Camille stood by her man and he let her down. In my book she's a cool lady.

Kelsey! She took care of you dude! During a heart attack and everything!!! Are you crazy??? You left her for some 20 something who probably lied to you about being pregnant in the first place. What a dumb f*ck!

1440 days ago


"My husband had sex with you so your baby must die." That's a bit harsh.

1440 days ago
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