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Kelsey Grammer's Wife: Miscarriage of Justice

10/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife and star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," feels "absolutely humiliated" over Kelsey's girlfriend, and feels her recent miscarriage is all part of bad Karma.

Kelsey Grammer divorce.

Sources who interact with Camille on the show's production tell TMZ ... she feels "very bitter and the bitterness has been growing" over Kelsey's sudden decision to pull the plug on their marriage.

We're told Camille feels sad about Kayte Walsh's miscarriage, but believes it's all part of the cosmos -- what goes around, comes around.

And, we're told, although the show reveals some of the bitterness, "It's way deeper than people watching would know."


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For those of you that were "fans" of Kelsey before he cheated on Camille, you should read up on his personal life...
he cheated on his second wife with a hair/makeup stylist, who gave birth to his second child. He's no stranger to marriage problems.

1467 days ago

eyes r rolling    

@#10, Fred:

“Just remember men. If a women in her 40s - 50s and looks good... has a decent job. Money. Even fame and power AND SHE IS SINGLE???... …THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH HER”…

Not true! I fall within your profile, but I’m not single because there is something wrong with ME… it’s just that 90% of available men want a 20-something bimbo (no matter how foolish they look beside her), and the other 10% are just freakin’ wack job losers. Not much of a pool to tap. Ergo, I choose to be single rather than compromise with some uneducated meathead slob who thinks he’s all that and just wants me to support him while he screws around with the bimbos.

Don't even get me started on the disconnect many men seem to have between how they see themselves and the actual reality in the mirror. Truly amazing how a complete zero can think he's got it going on...


1467 days ago


#59 - Michelle
You said it best, no one really knows until it happens to you.
Thank you!

1467 days ago


I can honestly say that I understand Camille's bitterness. What Kelsey did to her mirrors what my husband did to me, except my husbands' mistress had the baby in June. It's a struggle with your inner feelings bc you hate bc your hurt and there is no immediate resolve. As time goes on, the bitterness is bearable, however you never really get rid of it. I do believe in karma myself. My husband's mistress KNEW he was married. She waited until I left for the day and would sneak into my house. Yes, my husband is s*** too but if these skanky, loose, moral-less females wouldn't make it so easy then maybe more marriages would work out.

1467 days ago


Kind of hard to believe that there are people defending Kelsey Grammar here. What he and his mistress did was tacky and classless and they made no effort to spare his family humiliation. If your marriage isn't working, man up and get out of it first. He wanted it both ways--family man at home and nooky on the side--and didn't particularly care who he hurt in the process. When his sperminating got him in trouble and the mistress ended up getting pregnant, only then did he feel compelled to make a decision. Yuck.

No one deserves to suffer the agony of a miscarriage, but no one deserves to be publicly humiliated by a self-centered jerk and his homewrecker, either. The whole lot of them appear to be people lacking any moral sense and karma probably made sure they would all end up in each other's lives.

1467 days ago


I can't say I blame Camille although the bitterness fades. It doesn't go away completely but it becomes more bearable. I've been struggling with bitterness over my husband of 10 years leaving me and fathering a baby with a 19 year old who KNEW he was married. It sucks bc the only reason I found out about her was bc she got pregnant otherwise, I'm sure he would've just kept cheating. Its an uphill battle with your inner deamons.

1467 days ago


It does make you wonder about "karma". Everything happens for a reason.

1467 days ago


Well I use to like Kelsey, now not so much. My God these people live in a bubble. The lips on Camille look like an anus getting ready for a bowl movement. I honestly cannot believe she looks in the mirror and thinks she is beautiful or even remotely pretty. What is it with Hollywood, they all want to look the same, blond/stupid... I may not have much but I wouldn't trade it for 1 hr. of their lives.
#14 - You made me laugh out loud and #15, dead on.

1467 days ago


Poster No. 9-Fred Farkel:

I've never quite seen a more stupid post. Should all of us middle aged women kick you to the curb when you grow impotent and want us to console you for it? Just sayin'.... Middle aged women unite! Leave these men for the failures they are. Put out an email blast allowing his coworkers to be in on the secret he so richly protects. Then get yourself a real man-one that can and is younger, charming and stiff. You will find out what you've been missing. Impotent men can be every so nasty...who wants them?

1467 days ago


put yourself in her shoes...if that's all she said..if she even said it...she's being too damn nice to the s-bag...if i pulled that on my wife...then paraded around shoving my misdeed down my families throat...publicly humiliating her and my kids...i think i would be murdered by now..

1467 days ago


Fred Farkel #10:

You did your (ex) wife a HUGE favor!! Guaranteed she is a much happier person without you, Mr. Sensitivity.

1467 days ago


All of you are exaggerating what Camille said. She is sorry for the loss but believes it's Karma. SO DO I! It has little to do with an innocent baby and more to do with a father who has done this to every single wife. Google him. He's a genuine azz. This poor expected child was collateral damage of this man's. As for the bimbo, she took Camille's husband freely. Are we supposed to console her for it? NO. Get real here. Camille is a victim, not some bully.

1467 days ago


"It has little to do with an innocent baby"

Sorry, but it has everything to do with the innocent baby. Assuming that God, or whoever is in charge of karma, wanted to punish Kelsey Grammer, don't you think that God could figure out a way to do it without also punishing innocent people?

Every time there is a major plane crash, I'm sure there is somebody on board who has cheated on his or her spouse. There's karma in action - kill 200 people, because the cheater among them deserved something bad to happen.

1467 days ago


She is the perfect example of too much plastic surgery. I hardly remember how she looked when they first married...................

1467 days ago


Go ahead my fellow middle aged men. Pick up a book (any book) on menopause and among other things - you will see the do***entation in black and white that VIRTUALLY EVERYTHING THAT COMES OUT OF YOUR MENOPAUSAL FEMALE'S MOUTH FOR PURE IS EVIL.
And there is NOTHING you can do about it... except pack your bags and get out.Just like Kelsey.

Posted at 2:15 AM on Oct 15, 2010 by Fred Farkel

Oh my goodness Fred. Let's see here ... You're a man complaining about a menopausal wife, so that puts you at about male climacteric age, or andropause. So Fred, statistically you are the same age or older than your wife. I can see why you're bitter. You see, she can always depend on some KY and you ... well, at your age "things" just aren't working quite as well as they used to and that's really hard to fake for an old guy like yourself. No wonder you've got your hate on blaming it on women. Poor Fred.

1467 days ago
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