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Kelsey Grammer's Wife: Miscarriage of Justice

10/15/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Camille Grammer, Kelsey Grammer's estranged wife and star of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills," feels "absolutely humiliated" over Kelsey's girlfriend, and feels her recent miscarriage is all part of bad Karma.

Kelsey Grammer divorce.

Sources who interact with Camille on the show's production tell TMZ ... she feels "very bitter and the bitterness has been growing" over Kelsey's sudden decision to pull the plug on their marriage.

We're told Camille feels sad about Kayte Walsh's miscarriage, but believes it's all part of the cosmos -- what goes around, comes around.

And, we're told, although the show reveals some of the bitterness, "It's way deeper than people watching would know."


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Kayte got what she deserves. Karma is a bitch and she lost her support baby. Boohoo, cry a river.

1429 days ago


Somethimes bad things happen to bad people. It's called life. The fact that the drug abuser, women beater, acoholic, serial cheater Kelsey and his whorish girlfriend had a miscarriage (if se was pregggers to begin with(divocre field in July, pregnancy announced in August, miscarriage happened in September)could be karma.
Not saying camile, herself is a saint (4 nannies for two children???) but Kelsy has a very l-o-n-g record of horible treatment of women. And any women who would spread her legs for a married man with children and delibeately break up a family and take the father way from is his kids (which happens when the fahter moves out of the house and in with the girlfriend)is no saint either. These are grown a$$ adults. Haven't they heard of birth control, unless that was Kayte pan all along . . .

1428 days ago


Regardless of feeling bitter, you don't say sh*t like that. She's an idiot good thing he's divorcing her. Sad for the kids, but have you watched that show she's on? She's completely self absorbed. The only "karma" is on her for wanting to flaunt Kelsey's wealth and thinking she was untouchable. I mean she doesn't even take care of her own kids, she has 4 nannies for 2 kids. Are you serious? She's a lazy **** and deserves what she got. What an evil person to make such a tasteless comment about an innocent unborn child.

1421 days ago


I think Camille is absolutely obnoxious! Between this horrible, insensitive, and down right cruel comment about a loss that would be painful to anyone--especially a woman, the things she says to help all of us see what an incredible human being she is ("I saved Kelsey's life-literally"...yack-yack), and the thing about paying a surrogate to carry her children so she wouldn't sacrifice her body by being knocked-up, this woman has some "karmic justice" heading her way, too. She's been drinking too much of her own "kool-aid" because she's delusional and loves to tell anyone with a camera and/or microphone that she's some sort of wonder-woman....Puh-leaze! Maybe she needs to hang out with that crazy "Housewife" bimbo from New Jersey and the one that flipped out from New York City! What a trio!!

1420 days ago


While I agree that her comment was cruel... she wasnt REALLY out of left field. Her husband has left her, and immediately after he's with a younger woman and then she hears shes preggers. Did you expect her to say Im so sorry for her loss?? Myabe they should try again??? I DO NOT expect her to be all sunshine and rainbows right now and I admire her for her honesty. All of you men who talk bad about her, I would like to see how 'well' you react to the love of your life leaving you for a younger, hotter, more successful man with a bigger package. Lets see how amazing your reaction will be!
To the man who states that women should be left once they hit menopause... what a piece of work you are. Women are people too, go through many different things and STICK by the man they love... Your ONE experience does not mean everyone is like that. Why dont you grow a pair and realize that...

1416 days ago


I'm surprised he didn't leave her a long time ago. She's too stuck on herself and fake as hell. She's washed up.

1409 days ago


How naive are some some of you people! Why shouldn't Camille be bitter? Why is it bad that she thinks karma caused the miscarraige? Why is it bad that she may be secretly pleased about the miscarriage? There is nothing evil about how she is feeling. WHY should she care about a woman who is sleeping with HER husband. People on here REALLY expect Camille to feel sorry for her husbands mistress! Unbelievable! I too would be pleased if I was Camille. I DO NOT feel sorry for the mistress. As much as I like Kelsey Grammer, I think he is terrible for the way he has embarassed Camille like this, sure she is a bit flaky and comes across a tad over the top, but she is harmless. Good luck Camille. xx

1404 days ago


have you ever watched the show Camille is on? Oh please! She is fake fake fake! She stuck by Kelsey in my opinion for the cash, baby! All the flirting around she does Gracious!

1402 days ago


If you are watching RHOBH watch how Camille interacts with Kelsey's best male friend that is just "keeping an eye" on her while Kelsey is in NY doing his play. I think he is doing more than just "keeping an eye" on her. Maybe Kelsey was not the only one with another.

1402 days ago


Until I actually saw her on TV Beverly Hills Wives show...I had her back. But seeing her on TV, I get why Kelsey left her and why she actually SHOULD be defensive...BECAUSE Camille is crazzzzy!@

1401 days ago


I agree wholeheartedly with what she said. People are angry because shes saying it was Karma.. Let's keep a bit deeper with it it's called you REAP what you SOW. Yes it's possible that this happened for that reason. Bad things happen to women who sleep with married men and vice versa. Get over it!

1401 days ago


Fred Farkel: Stay in your home, please! Do society a favor and don't involve us in your nutso perspective. Did it ever occur to you that your wife left YOU because you're a misogynist prick?? Just like Kelsey.

1401 days ago


There is NO justification folks for infidelity. If your so unhappy get a divorce. That's what people of integrity do. Having said that, after seeing her on the show, my word, what mental institution did she escape from? But then he was on the show acting like all was fine and dandy while having an affair! The ones I feel sorry for are those poor kids with those two for parents.

1400 days ago


Camille is crazy and projects her insecurities on Kyle...It must have made her crazy that Kyle was voted hottest housewife..and really, your going to fire her husband because you are jealous.
Kelsey- well done...she wouldn't even carry your babies and she says horrible things about the loss of a baby. sick.

1400 days ago


I VERY wise women says
"Say it, Forget it...Write it, Regret it"

1400 days ago
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