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Michael Lohan --

I'll Become a

Drunk for Lindsay

10/14/2010 8:36 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is telling people he's going to intentionally fall off the wagon and check himself into the Betty Ford clinic to be near Lindsay Lohan -- and stage his own arrest if necessary to get his daughter's attention.

We're told Michael is going to show up at Betty Ford and demand admission.  He will stage his own arrest -- to show everyone how much he cares about his daughter.

Michael is saying he'll make one more trip to Betty Ford to attempt to see Lindsay.  If she won't let him in, he's going to get all drunk and then go back and make a scene.

Wasn't this an episode in "I Love Lucy"?


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Make it stop    

Yeah.....somehow I think TMZ is just making stuff up now. Why do I think I'm 100% correct on this thought.....And I would love to NEVER have to hear about any Lohan again.

1470 days ago

Carol C    

Lindsay has problems, she doesn't need to worry about her infantile Father too.I must say he has been constant, a constant pain the BUTT.It seems as though he is somewhat jealous of his daughters attention, so he has to do something even crazier to keep "HIM" in the spotlight.The Media should LEAVE HIM ALONE, then maybe he will back to Long Island & try a different approach with his younger daughter.OOP's thats right she doesn't make enough money yet. Forget Aboud Dina, LOOSER across her forehead, the 2 daughters were really delt a BAD hand. I guess I had much to say, Sorry. sunshinesrein.
Carol C.

1470 days ago


Wait for it...he's going to deny this. Poor Papa Douche. Nothing ever works out the way he demands it. What happened to his conservatorship ultimatum? I guess Lindsay said, "FU Pops, I still don't wanna see you."

He must feel so lonely without Lisa Bloom standing by his side. And where's his young preacher dude? No paid blonde bimbos by his side? No Kate, no Erin, no Sonya. Did California run out of skanks for hire?

I said it before and I stand by it...he's gonna go postal. Grab your kevlar vest and stay far, far away from this dude.

1470 days ago


Good grief, this guy just doesn't get it. He's a part of the problem. It's people like him that refuse to let Lindsey get better, he screwed up and caused her to have issues in life. The best thing he can do is stay the hell away from her and let her get better.

1470 days ago


His meal ticket is slipping away. Another drunk will rot in prison. And they will take care of him until he festers away. Then they'll bury him. And TMZ will continue running "stories" long after, until people say "Who?" or stop thinking "It must be true, it's on the net"....

1470 days ago


It would serve him right if he gets drunk and instead of getting into Betty Ford he get a stay at the gray bar hotel. Michael get over yourself.She does NOT want to see you.

1470 days ago


Hopefully the cops will think he's resisting arrest and then shoot him. A dead Lohan is the only good Lohan.

1470 days ago


Really? I think all that'll get him is a good night in jail. Dumbass! Wow! Listen up kiddies. ..this is how NOT to be a father. . .LOLOLOLOLOL

1470 days ago


@Nikki On this point I agree with you. Michael seems genuinely mentally ill and obsessed and I think Lindsay at times displays similar traits with Samantha. I think its possible that Lindsay possibly inherited Michael's sickness, but it's less extreme. The other 3 kids don't really display it (but aren't as much in the public eye though Ali is to some degree). Ali so far seems stable but is 16 and from 17-21 will really show if she's OK or not. Hopefully she is. This definitely shows how far Michael will go and what Lindsay and Dina deal with is probably way, way worse than the public could imagine. He's probably tough on his whole family, but Lindsay and Dina are his main obsessions. This certainly demonstrates that Michael is more damaging than Dina and shows why all of their children support their mother over their father.

1470 days ago


jade was here

1470 days ago


He should read all of these comments and get a clue. He's scary. Ali is doomed.

1470 days ago


Was Michael Lindsay's first lover? Seems like way too much in the weird feelings/actions between these two.

1470 days ago

Pound Sand    

Wait. Is he looking for a way to get close to her, or a way to make her not want to even look in his direction forever?

The manboy has s--t for brains.

Posted at 5:22 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Me

Now on this topic I totally agree with you!

1470 days ago


This man is a serious mental case. Maybe he too should have gone in for acting, since he's a huge drama queen. PS: Michael AND Dina, leave Lindsay ALONE!

1470 days ago


This idiot is desperate and will to do ANYTHING to get his filthy hands on her money!!!!!! Slime-bag!!!

1470 days ago
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