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NY Knicks Star -- Mo' Money, Mo' Problems

10/15/2010 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Despite signing a $60 million contract a few years ago, NY Knicks big man Eddy Curry has once again been accused of flaking on a 6-figure loan.


Curry is being sued by a company called Mojo Development -- who claims they loaned the 7-footer $200,000 back in 2008 ... but Curry never paid it back.

According to the lawsuit, filed days ago in L.A. County Superior Court, Curry is also on the hook for a $25k "consulting fee" and $136,000 in interest from the loan.

Curry has a storied history of financial problems -- just a few months ago, a NY judge authorized a lender to seize 3 of Eddy's cars because he was behind in loan payments.

Calls to Curry's reps have not been returned.

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1468 days ago


60 mil and can't pay his bills! something is terribly wrong w/ millionaires....i'm busting my butt just put food on the table...if i had that much, i'd get a good cpa, a no brainer!

1468 days ago

Moule E    

More mooleh more prob'emz

1468 days ago


Let's see... 60 million.... take out 10 million for his agent, 10 million for his manager/attorneys/people... that leaves 40 million. Take out 15 million for taxes... that leaves 25 million. Take out the money he spent on bling and 3 (three!?) cars, mansions, servants, "fly" clothes, vacations, strip clubs, booze, weed, and supporting all 126 members of his family, and that leaves... $4.19.
Is it any wonder this continually happens with these guys?

1468 days ago


TMZ, you really need to stop with these articles on unknown black men in various stages of wrongdoing. No one knows who they are nor do they care. It's turned into an almost hourly thing.

You should just start a new subsection of the site that's called "Random Black Dudes You've Never Heard Of" and state their crime or misdeed.

1468 days ago


God the garbage TMZ is unable to stop from posting is unreal. Other sites have a way of filtering out the stupid ads that have nothing to do with the subject at hand. I suggest you filter it first then post it. The remark about the Negro is just wrong and should not have been posted. Therefore I have nothing else to say except this guy can't manage money.

1468 days ago


Man, Eddy Curry gotta be the #1 worst financial horror story in the NBA, right now. Dude's parents were so dumb, they couldn't even spell his first name right...

1468 days ago


1st this has to be false because Eddy Curry is in his final yr of that 60 million dollar contract which he is due 21 million this season so TMZ get your facts str8 he is simply doing what other rich people been doing for year getting thing ahead and feel he shouldn't have to pay for it. You never hear about that big house in Illinois in jeopardy dude had a multiply million dollar contract with the bulls before he got the 60 million dollar one. I can say at the rate he is going he will be broke but not yet

1468 days ago


he is not get 21 mill this season. Hes uneducated. It is what it is. Thats ok though, vh1 will give him a reality show. Because this is how the world we live in today works. Do stupid bad things and you get rewarded. Get a college degree and live your life the right way and you get screwed.

1468 days ago


please! please!! i really need more problems!!

1468 days ago


25K 'consulting fee'??! some jaskaszs with a goodwill pair of dress pants, shirt and a tie, who regurgitates some pyramid scam brainwash, charging 25K for a mass print out form review. lol, how retarded.

1468 days ago

yahri rhodes    

a fool and his money soon depart

1468 days ago


all of you need to spell check!!!

1467 days ago


okay this is so funny! That ghetto mentality of leasing and renting is obviously how this dude thrives. When you have that much money, why not go ahead and BUY your cars or your house, don't do a payment plan with interest. That is how finance professionals get rich! From the dumbazzess, and the poor!

1467 days ago


When you hear of these young people making all of this money it like wow. But if you think about it these young people who are now millionaires didn't have a lot of money from the beginning, they grew up poor no father's in the homes a bad neighborhood mother's working three job's just to get by. When these young people become rich everybody from cousin's to the people you grew up with feel's like you owe them some of that money and they will let you know don't forget where you came from. You should never forget were you came from but you should also know that you can't take care of your whole family and the neighborhood. And also these young people need's someone with their head on straight to say to them you can't take care of these people and be firm with he or she.

1467 days ago
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