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Octomom -- I'm Unevictable, Dammit

10/14/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has just rewritten decades of foreclosure law ... claiming on the Kevin & Bean show this AM that the guy who holds the note on her home has no claim against her ... and she ain't goin' anywhere.



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Are the home (deed) and mortgage in her name? If not, the case would be against the person whose name is on the home and the mortgage, and not Octomom. It seems like I recall her father or someone "buying" the house for her??????

1433 days ago

Tired of toxomom    

What Harmony "owns" is a mortgage. The mortgage holder is the one that formally owns the house until the note is paid in full.

1433 days ago


Every time octotrash opens her mouth it makes me want to gag. She may be the owner of the house but she needs to make the mortgage payments. She won't own the house outright until the mortgage is paid off. According to her line of reasoning I can stop paying my mortgage payments to the bank and there is nothing they can do about it.
I love how she always has time to make appearances while her 14 kids are at home. Must be nice to be on welfare and have the state pay for nannies for all those kids. And she has a corporation and can afford attorneys? I have been doing it all wrong. Should have had a litter of kids and then I could be living on easy street too and not have to worry about supporting anybody. She is a waste of human life. I hope they find all the money she probably has stashed away and make her pay back all the money she stole from the state of CA.

1433 days ago


DUDEZ!!! Oksana and OctoMom are twins, I pointed this out to some guys at the supermarket in the checkout isle and they lost it! Hilarious! Free talking point, take it Harry, run.

1433 days ago


This is getting beyond rediculous. I'll admit that I don't know the details but how the HELL can this piece of garbage pay off all these lawyers and debts when she's on frakkin' WELFARE? It's totally inconceivable and if she's doing any work AT ALL on the side, she's required to report that income. The courts need to appoint someone to watchdog and manage her finances so that every single penny can be tracked and accounted for before she receives ANYTHING from the state. Any money paid to her for appearance fees, interviews, donations, etc. need to be tracked and tallied and then any government support she receives needs to be deducted from that with the rest tossed into a trust to
ensure that the money is being spent on necessities for her KIDS and not luxuries for herself. The trust should remain in effect until the kids turn 18 and then an equitable portion turned over to them after taxes are taken out. She needs to stop pampering herself and purchasing luxuries with state funds and donations.

Furthermore, if there isn't already, legislature needs to be passed that states that people on government-funded assistance cannot have ANY children beyond those conceived before entering into such programs to prevent people like Nadya from abusing the system. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for ANYONE ON GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE to have more kids! You want more children? Fine. Support yourself and your kids WITHOUT the taxpayers' help. You can have as many kids as you want SO LONG AS YOU SUPPORT THEM.

I honestly find it impossible to believe that there were no laws on the books to prevent this prior to all this. I can only assume that no one believed that anyone in their right mind would even attempt to raise so many kids without income and/or a second parent to support such a large family. Hell, even the Duggars own real estate and largely support themselves. Nadya relies on her self-created "fame" (on the tax payer's dime) and the sympathy of others to live on.

Great message to pass down to your children, Nadya.

1433 days ago


Mike, if you knew all the details, you would be sickened beyond belief. This woman is the worst of the worst. Laws have been passed about the IVF procedure, but that isn't near enough. No one should be able to have child after child with no way to support them as she has done.

It was all done to get a reality show. Her fertility doc goes before the California Medical Board on Oct. 18. The sorry details will come out about both of them in their quest for fame and fortune.

1432 days ago


in 3 days a prosecuter is going to eat dr. k's butt up on the stand and all the flying shiznit will finally hit the fan

1432 days ago


It's amazing how truly stupid this chick is. Let's hope her kids get their intelligence from their father (the turkey baster) rather than from their mother.

1432 days ago


hope she has 2 more sons, and their last name ends up being menendez :)

Posted at 3:41 PM on Oct 14, 2010 by Carter 123


The **** will hit the fan for this moron in about six years, when her oldest kid get big enough to kick her ass!

1432 days ago


Sammy, one can only hope. The oldest boy, Elijah already has no respect for her - throwing things at her and telling her to "f" off. Won't be long before he goes upside her ugly head. She has certainly humiliated and embarrassed him enough to warrant it.

1432 days ago


It was someone......cough,cough....that Jonah's cleft lip is not noticeable...unless one is quite close to him. Who exactly was the idiot who made that preposterous statement.??Ah was Kimba 10...regurgitating Madya's pigswill.
The video of Jonah,exposes that blatant lie. Spin it any which way that you wish, Kimba 10 is impossible to negate the fact that this cleft lip requires surgical intervention. To state otherwise would lead me to believe that you have never seen this child,you are blind,in denial,deceitful...or a moron.
Based upon your opinion regarding the degree of severity of the cleft..and Madya's lack of attention and corrective intervention ....I would have to say that I view each of you with disgust....
It is of no consequence to myself if you adress this post with your usual diatribe of ignorance and vulgarity........your labile rantings neither reflect nor affect my life.

Suleman has spent thousands of dollars upon plastic surgery for herself......What a waste...end result..? She is ugly on the outside......but even uglier on the inside.

Jonah ...with his blatantly obvious cleft lip far more beautiful than Suleman will ever matter any amount of money that she will spend upon her plastic beautification...

1432 days ago


bellestar sammy lucifer, you are all so right, the depths of this woman's insanity has been greatly understated and one would think that with all the lies she's spewed, she'd at least be good at it by now. jonah's cleft is so bad you can see his bottom teeth when his mouth is closed.

1431 days ago


@Bellestar, I know enough to agree.

Her parents came out of retirement to help her and were forced into bankruptcy as a result.
TLC, several former PR reps, and her own mother say she's absolutely nuts.
One of her lawyers said she's incredibly greedy.
She fired a volunteer nursing group after they filed Family Court charges against her; after receiving $168K for supposedly injuring her back on the job back in '99 (how the hell could she even carry octuplets if her pain were so great??), she refused to pay her parents a dime in either rent or food and instead spent it on "toys".
She claims she's not interested in money but in less than a week after the octuplets were born, she hires a PR firm who says that she's shopping around for projects that are willing to pay for information regarding their births including a nearly $2M book deal.
She claims she had no plans to go on welfare and yet seriously thought she could support 14 kids on a family counselor's salary. Then, she went on welfare anyway.
She claimed that when she underwent the final IVF treatments that she wanted "just one more" child and yet had SIX embryos implanted which - contrary to her testimony - were from fresh cycles and not frozen as she claimed.
She SELFISHLY refused to listen to her doctor's advice regarding the number of implanted embryos, suggestion to "selectively reduce" the number of growing fetuses, as well as the risks to not only herself but HER UNBORN CHILDREN (including permanent developmental problems) because - in her own words - "it's a gamble. There's always a risk involved".
She claims that her reasons for having so many kids stem from her wish to have a large family born out of a lack of self-respect and from being "an only child" (could that be any MORE selfish??)
She claims she lacked "self and identity" so she decides to make up for it by being famous and craving the attention she apparently desperately needs as well as feeling needed by her kids.
She also made numerous 911 calls threatening suicide because she claimed she didn't know where one of her children were and that she's the "type" that constantly worries every second about one of her kids being kidnapped, hurt, etc. SO SHE DECIDES TO HAVE EVEN MORE increasing the risk of that happening.

And now there are even pics of her using her cellphone while driving. Granted, none of her kids appear to be in the car, but it's still reckless and show a lack of respect for anyone but herself. It's always got to be about "ME! ME! ME!"

I'm sure there are plenty of other details I missed but that alone is enough to make me sick. Eventually, she'll lose those kids one way or another and what will she have then? She'll just be another nobody that no one cares about which is precisely what she deserves at this point.

1431 days ago


Octomom feels she can also rewrite Welfare, SSI, and other program eligibility rules, regulations and laws that only apply to her. Octomom even publicly announces plans of going back on Welfare as if automatically eligible and no questions will be asked in her particular case as long as she simply says she needs the resources.

1431 days ago


actually she's correct. He can't evict her. Because eviction is a rental issue. And she's not renting. She bought the house.

HOWEVER. If she is not making the payments, he can sue to have the loan foreclosed. At which time, he is the legal owner and she is a trespasser. And he can have her removed. And if she refuses, she's committing a crime. For which she can be fined or even jailed and her children placed with other family (who will likely refuse to take them) or placed in the system. Which frankly, might be the better place for them. Even though it means separation. Hopefully they will get foster families that will maintain contact for the sake of the kids.

1431 days ago
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