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Octomom -- I'm Unevictable, Dammit

10/14/2010 12:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Octomom has just rewritten decades of foreclosure law ... claiming on the Kevin & Bean show this AM that the guy who holds the note on her home has no claim against her ... and she ain't goin' anywhere.



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This is a lame story to get attention. I don't care if they take her house or she stands on her head and her you know what spouts wooden nickels.

Everyone who has a mortgage is really 'paying rent'. Till you have the title in your hand, you don't own your home. When your mortage is paid off, they give you the title which you then put in a saftey deposit box.

If you are far enough behind on your mortage, the owner of the title (and therefore the owner of the house) can take the house as it is the owner of the title's property. That is the reason for 'a title'.

If she put down 150,thousand (maybe), then if someone gets behind, there is more incentive to take the house back. Even if they trash the house, the 150 thousand will more than cover the damages. It is much more profitable to forclose on a house that has some money (150,000.) in it, than one that someone has nothing more in than a small down payment.

This woman is retarded in her logic. But we already knew that didn't we.

This will be my last post about Octo. She is now doing what we call swinging over hell on a rotten corn stalk. This is the kind of seedy came she decided to play, and that is the way it is playing out. No one is interested in her anymore.

1433 days ago


I think that this woman should just shut her mouth and worry more about taking care of her 14 kids. I dont think she should even have custody of them. She makes me sick. I feel so sorry for those kids to have THAT as a mother.

1432 days ago


I said I would never post here again. I'm sorry, I just read the last 2 days of what has come out of the Dr.

Is this Dr and Oct insane?

Do you understand these children are the ones who will pay with the messed up lip, mental retardation, etc.?

How could you? this isn't funny.

This reminds me of when gypies or Indians, 60 years ago would purposly deform their children and put them in side shows.

I'm sick to my stomach. I hope God deals with you both!

1432 days ago

My Little Girls    

Can we all say SCAM SCASM SCAM........
She's not losing her house, it's all a big front to get money out of people. This WANT TO0 BE Mother is the biggest SCAM artist ever.

All of these people need to wake up and see this child for what she really is...... Selfish.. It's all about "ME".

The worker's comp doctor's did her an injustice by not committing her to a mental hospital for real help, instead of some fly by night.... doctor, just to increase the settlement of her case.

She had to C/R the settlement in order to get the big pay-off, didn't she Kimba10/Octomom. If you C/R your settlement, who's paying for you medical bills now? The taxpayers... Someone needs to look into this.. More Fraud...
You'll never get it.. Karma will come and you will reap what you sow.

In order to get private schools and welfare/special needs, all the children would have to be classified as disabled. I bet this one is in the works or have they been deemed disabled. Thanks to you and your doctor, these poor little one's don't stand a chance of a normal life.

How can you get welfare for the children when they have trust funds in their names? Sounds to me like double dipping.

By the way, I saw the doctor testified today that 12 fresh embryos were potted into you. You better get your story straight before you open your mouth again. The doctor probably didn't want to take the chance of having other disabled babies delivered.

These are my OPINIONS ONLY.... just like KIMBA10...

1430 days ago


PUBLIC RECORDS SHOW: Her lawyer is the owner of Harmony Enterprises, which her father granted the deed to. Changing that does not remove a lien on the property, no matter what she or her lawyer says. Amer carried the loan as a favor to her out of his kind heart, and this year must have been a nightmare for him. Without his generosity, where would she have been? She agreed to pay $450,000 early 2010. When she didn't pay the agreed balloon payment or monthly payments, it really hurt him financially. She is deluded if she thinks that she "owns" the house in the name of her "corporation." I think it's just crooked law trick to see if they can fulfill their expectations of entitlement. She should get a mortgage and just let Amer loose, instead of continually taking advantage of him. What a stinking shame! She is so out of touch with reality, it's a heartbreak. The house looks like a prison, with a secure gated section in front of her front door. Went to that area the other day and saw some of her kids pulling back the blinds to look at the street. Looked so sad! Also, her poor neighbors have to deal with this craziness all the time. It was a small quiet cul-de-sac before she moved there. Just a really sad situation.

1427 days ago


I am not concerned for Nadya. She made her choices. I am deeply concerned for the 14 children this woman is neither emotionally nor financially able to raise.
Those babies didn't ask to be born, but now that they are here, the state needs to step and adopt those children to responsible homes.
This is so, so sad. It is as if the mother has this sense of entitltlement. So, so sad.

1361 days ago
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